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  1. All times eastern FRI 9/22: Lenny Kravitz - 10:34p TLC - 11:07p Sheryl Crow - 11:37p Tim McGraw - 12:41a Lil Wayne - 2:11a SAT 9/23: Public Enemy - 10:34p Foo Fighters - 11;07p 30s to Mars - 11:47p Kelly Clarkson - 12:22a Fall Out Boy - 12:57a Travis Scott - 1:32a
  2. don't get a coffee at starbucks #1. it's just a starbucks. there's better coffee in seattle
  3. We do like the Seattle food scene. Try the chowder at the Pike Place Market chowder house, located behind Starbucks #1 at Pike Place
  4. There's the obvious: get an Amazon Prime account. The local broadcast version: games on ESPN (and apparently, on Prime as well) are simulcast on a local broadcast station, accessible via antenna. BUT we know how well that worked out for some people this week for MNF The added bonus for TNF being on Amazon? Amazon makes the TNF games available for free on TWITCH https://www.twitch.tv/nfl . For those of you without a Prime account and problems tracking down a local broadcast, this might be the freebie option for you. Figured I'd share early, but will likely bump this a few weeks from now when the game gets closer
  5. week 1's Panthers reference made me chuckle. I mean, it wasn't about actual gameplay. But still
  6. Is it more an NFC/AFC North thing? We don't hear about scuffles happening a lot in other stadiums as often as we do for those locations
  7. Was that really an F around and find out shirt on the TV broadcast?
  8. For once I'm hoping the refs had called offsides on that play
  9. He's done a ton for restaurant and service workers In the industry, he has tons of respect
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