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  1. What about the alternative "Chugga-Lugga Choo Choo Choo"?
  2. Agreed. that's in the OP: FIRST: this goes without saying --- "good for them, and we wish them well. Obviously what they have works for them".
  3. If you need one ---> "The Roku Ultra 4K HDR streaming device is $30 off at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon today, which drops the price to $69. This is currently Roku’s high-end model, and it apparently has 50 percent more range than the previous model, with a faster quad-core processor that makes channels launch faster" I suspect that there will be similar/more streaming device deals as we head into Amazon Prime Days
  4. As seen in https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/10/business/starbucks-shortages.html This 33-year-old is treating his 3yo with a $5 Starbucks sandwich to go with his own $5 coffee habit. No word on whether she's also getting a coffee order, or how often they make this trip. If it's once a week as a Sunday morning treat, that's one thing. If it's every day, then we have a problem. Most retirement stories talk about how you should stop (minimize) ordering out the fancy coffees. What isn't talked about are stories like this one that bring up how young parents are also using their expend
  5. I'm curious about how it took 9 years before the twins arrived. Maybe she had said she didn't want kids until she was 30? He has a 20-year old son, so maybe they were waiting until he was 18 to take that step. He's going to be the 75 year-old at the twins' graduation, fielding questions about how proud a grandfather he must be, with his 20 year old son having to continually say that he's not their father. In their favor, they must have enough in common over the past 11 years to maintain the relationship to the point where children are a thing.
  6. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/im-59-my-wife-is-33-we-have-2-year-old-twins-i-pay-for-my-mother-in-laws-rent-the-time-has-come-for-me-to-cut-the-cord-11623314458 While the entire Q&A may be interesting to those who are enjoy reading money/retirement-related "Dear Abby" type columns, let's focus on the opening paragraph: The author says that he's 59, his wife is 33, and they've been together 11 years. No word on whether they've been married that long or anything regarding how they met. I don't know if that's even relevant. They've been together since he was 48 and
  7. SmartTV makes things "easy", but is starting to become problematic for consumers. Vizio announced with their most recent quarterly filing that they made almost as much money that quarter by inserting/selling advertising and viewer tracking info on their SmartTV platform than they did selling hardware. https://investors.vizio.com/news/news-details/2021/VIZIO-HOLDING-CORP.-Reports-Q1-2021-Financial-Results/default.aspx (approx $38m vs $48m) Roku, which started as a set-top box (OTT, or Over The Top), has gotten into producing their own exclusive content in addition to trying to be the best
  8. Here is an outdated calculator that will provide that answer to you - all services = $121 monthly. https://www.theverge.com/a/online-tv-stream-price-guide From Bloomberg a few months ago: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-26/disney-netflix-hikes-bring-cost-of-cord-cutter-package-to-92 Per the article: Nearly a third of households subscribe to four or more streaming services, and that leaves out the majority of news and sports content
  9. I didn't say you'd have to switch providers - but that you may have to switch plans under your provider. It all depends whether your provider can/will apply the credit to any plan they have OR if they will only support the credit under specific plans. Some fineprint I've seen from individual ISPs suggest that they may not apply the credit to unlimited data or higher-speed plans, but it would apply to some of their lower-service/lower-cost plans.
  10. Note: It may require you to switch plans, which may not end up being a desired outcome. After you received a notice that you have qualified for the program, households must contact a participating provider to select an Emergency Broadband Benefit eligible service plan.
  11. Content creators are focused on reaching a particular target audience. It's that target audience that's being sold. CBS has a particular demographic vs MTV's demographic. NPR podcast listeners have a particular demographic vs Joe Rogan's podcast. The advertisers aren't buying into the content - they're buying into the audience that is being targeted. A production company (whether it be Warner Brothers' FRIENDS, or Sony's JEOPARDY, or Dreamwork's VOLTRON .. whatever) sells the program to a network/channel with the right demographics to be distributed. That's how the production
  12. Broadcast TV isn't free (it hasn't been since.... well, practically forever). *somebody* has to pay for the creation of the content. If not advertising, then how?
  13. Except Discovery+ and HBOMax have determined that they can't compete with Netflix and Amazon, so they're merging forces into a single package deal (similar to the Disney+/Hulu/ESPN package, I suppose) I see more broadcaster (heh, "content providers") doing more consolidation until we have streaming-only packages that will be (roughly) the same price as what you originally had with a traditional cable bill. The only difference is that by separating out to smaller (but still separate) packages, that will give you some concept of ala cart. Only want ESPN+ during football season? Done.
  14. For those of you with cable subscriptions, do you like that you can log in and access any of the streaming/on demand versions of channels like History, Starz, or Showtime if they're part of your package? Is keeping the cable subscription worth that convenience of "you've already paid for it, so go and watch it?"
  15. We'll start easy. Which services do you personally pay for or subscribe to (if they're free), and why do you like those services enough to pay for 'em? We can cover those services that you "borrow" or otherwise obtain under the table a bit later... Some of the options should be (in no particular order).... Netflix HBO Max HULU ESPN+ Paramount+ Disney+ AppleTV+ Amazon Prime Peacock Free: Crackle Crunchyroll Plex Tubi IMDb TV PlutoTV VUDU TV Alternatives: (pick alm
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