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  1. I think he kept a low profile early in the season figuring out the best way to address it, plus the rock hill debacle probably took his attention away a bit. He may have just suffered from a bad sense of timing rather than reluctance in admitting the obvious.
  2. I doubt they'll force us to go to Europe this season, knowing we're doing Germany next year.
  3. it was tough watching the Amazon Prime season of ALL OR NOTHING, feature the Cam vs Pittsburgh game. Ugh. (up to then, the show is terrific)
  4. All teams get at least one primetime game. It may be Thursday. But it's still primetime.
  5. Thurs, for sure. Right now, mnf or snf only if flexed later in the season. Still unproven to guarantee scheduling Might get better national coverage, lead games with Greg Olsen announcing though.
  6. I'm surprised King even knows how to spell "Panthers". He certainly hasn't spent a lot of time writing about us over the years.
  7. The telecast is just too darn long. There's no reason for them to joke every year about the length of the program. 25 awards? Each speech is a minute, we're looking at 30m just for this. The category/nominee list? If they can keep this to 90s total then that's about 45m. Throw in some fluffy other material, and you're at a solid 90m by itself. Let's add 4 minutes of commercials every half-hour, and you're basically hitting the two hour mark. There's no reason this needs to stretch more than 30m over that timeframe. No reason for the Oscars show to last longer than an NFL football game. On the plus side, they let most of the recipients actually give reasonable speeches without playing them off this year. Was able to watch the entire Oscars starting at 8p, pause it to watch the LAST OF US. Pause again to track down and watch one of the nominated Shorts -- and STILL catch up enough to watch the final four awards be given out live.
  8. yup was announced before the Pooh copyright ran out (which happened earlier this year) and went to public domain for most (not all) of the characters There is some question about whether they can get away with a Disney-stylized character reference (which ARE protected by copyright) or if they can utilize characters in the original pen/ink styles They're already working on a sequel as people seem to have responded positively to the concept.
  9. CMC wanted to stay in Carolina forever, if i recall his words from a different interview correctly. Fans wanted him to stay. The NFL had him in their promo package (and how often do we see Carolina in NFL promo pieces?). But from our play calling (at the time), he was a liability. Pretty much every play we did was "give CMC the ball, because he's our best player". Trading him to SF was a good move for him, season-wise. He was put into a better team, better situation. As for us, taking CMC off the roster allowed other players to step up and add a bunch of different options to our playbook. If we had traded CMC one or two weeks earlier (and gotten rid of Rhule earlier as well) -- our season likely would have ended with a better record overall. I don't think we would have done as well as we did end up this season if we had kept CMC the entire time. Totally no hard feelings about the trade -- there really only was upside for CMC in the end. Luke's retirement hit harder for everybody, I think, in terms of "which player leaving was a gut punch" answer.
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