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  2. You can't equate valuation with success. From Mar 2021, this listing has the Cubs and the Dolphins in the top 20 valuations. Both teams don't exactly have a history of championships under their belts. Dallas didn't position themselves as America's Team -- that was a phrase that was bestowed on them by sports announcers in the 70's as commentary of how often they were being aired on TV. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/America's_Team ) But you do bring up a point about good marketing: one aspect of high quality marketing today is social media. And the Panthers' social media team, as led by Amie, was often referred to as being the best in the NFL in terms of the quality of the Panthers' creative content vs what other teams were doing. The schedule announcements of recent years are a great example.
  3. Kinda explains why it felt like this week's Panthers social feed felt a little quieter than normal this past week. Amie will be sorely missed by lots of us, but can't hate her reasoning. Amie Kiehn, the wizard behind the Panthers’ entertaining social media feeds, stepped down from her coveted job last week to spend more time with her 3-year-old son. We wanted to give her a little space to say goodbye. https://charlotte.axios.com/285099/farewell-message-for-panthers-fans-from-social-media-guru-amie-kiehn/ (original story here. Thought it was previously shared on the Huddle, but can't find it quickly -- https://charlotte.axios.com/255917/the-woman-behind-the-panthers-social-media-and-her-miracle-child/)
  4. Which fanbase is the most miserable? According to a survey of NFL fans across the country, it's the Detroit Lion fans that are viewed as being the most miserable about their team's achievements (or lack thereof). #2 was Cleveland, and #3 was the Jets. Somehow, the Cowboys ranked #4. The Panthers fanbase was viewed as being the #26th most miserable (or 7th least miserable, depending on your viewpoint. In the same survey, respondents were asked if they ever got emotionally upset about their favorite team. Which NFL fans are most likely to cry over their football team, whether if be because the team lost a game, won (or lost) the Super Bowl, favorite player left the team, or other scenarios...? #1 was the Cowboys (makes sense, I suppose), with the Patriots and Packers at #2 and #3. The Panthers ranked at #25 on this list. https://www.lineups.com/articles/saddest-nfl-fans/
  5. I think it's more Olivia, and CMC just happens to be there. (Maybe he's the one taking the bulk of her photos?)
  6. with Olivia, of course, to the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedrgal (sounds fancy, but I think the two of them can afford it) Always the gentleman, Christian sacrificed his sweatshirt so Olivia wouldn't get kicked off the plane for "inappropriate attire". https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10408305/Olivia-Culpo-flaunts-childhood-sculpted-abs-red-bikini-cruise-Sea-Cortez-squad.html Then again... looks like the sweatshirt look was only temporary...
  7. The game WAVELENGTH sounds interesting group-play eligible. Kinda like a verbal/codenames version of Price Is RIght's CLIFFHANGER game from what I can tell.
  8. Gave that to a niece, but hadn't heard back on whether she's enjoyed it or not. What's the premise, hows the gameplay?
  9. If they're better then what we had, why not?
  10. Both teams look to be playing better than we did yesterday.
  11. Seen on the twitter: Which suggests that the opinion shared back in November might still be valid.
  12. Funny, funny stand up. Booo.
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