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  1. Oh, please. NFL Network has the Texans president on, and he said the Texans were first in the NFL to do the augmented reality thing. let’s say it’s true. That Bear of ours is better.
  2. I believe that was the last game of the season, number 16. somebody check my notes, probably wrong.
  3. Espn2 just said that Tyrod Taylor has been ruled out for Thursday… hamstring. don’t know if this is NEW news or if we knew it already.
  4. Did somebody say butt implants? (from today's news) https://www.thedailybeast.com/mom-and-daughter-libby-adame-alicia-galaz-killed-adult-star-karissa-rajpaul-with-butt-implants-lapd-says
  5. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-in-the-power-rankings-before-thursday-night-football
  6. Technically, The Famous Group (the same folks who did the Raven a few years ago for baltimore)
  7. General DTWS Rule: Never mock the *effort* put into the dance, but everything else is fair game (choreography choice, costume design, sets/props, the excessive amount of confetti every performance, bad camera shots, boob grabs [intentional/unintentional], etc) Also: Tyra needs to go.
  8. My prediction: Martin Kove will be first out. A paso with no cape work? That's just crazy talk. I know he's 75, but still...
  9. PanthersATL

    Peyton and Eli

    Didn’t watch week 1, but flipping back and forth between DWTS on DVR and the Peyton/Eli show…. They’ve been pretty, pretty good and entertaining. pat McAfee is an interesting guest here in the 4th.
  10. Torico is better than Booger.
  11. Drinks were 3 for 1 before Katrina, too. If you’re planning NYE in the big easy, plan ahead and find a $$$$ hotel package
  12. The Miz was better in week 1 than expected. as always, it’s pretty easy to figure out whose going to stick around towards the end of the season. Carrie Ann may need to double up on the double sided sticky tape, she’s thisclose to popping out
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