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  1. True statement from the article: Choosing to use black in any fashion, if not part of a team’s color scheme, is lazy, boring But then there's this: Here’s a list of teams that can wear black in their main unis or in an alternate, because black is part of their original color scheme: . . Carolina Panthers — only because no one cares . . I think we can all agree -- blue jerseys or black jerseys are where it's at. White jerseys are questionable at best Source: https://deadspin.com/teams-should-be-outlawed-from-wearing-black-1849825452
  2. Why are we talking about drafting another young QB when we have Corral on the roster? Sure, he's unproven right now - but couldn't we build around him? Or do you want a 2nd young QB to partner with him and build from there?
  3. If Baker had gotten the play off, we would be in better shape. You know Aaron R would have. Football awareness is critical
  4. Mark Sanchez is not a good commentator
  5. PIE for being a win on a short week.
  6. “The TNF schedule is looking pretty good from here on out” thanks Al, for the compliment
  7. Game is on local WSOC and WAGA , no need for Amazon if you’re in the local viewing areas
  8. Needed to do this at halftime when the refs asked for fresh flags
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