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  1. dont know why it said that

  2. Howdy, how've you been?

  3. that picture of the helmet is the Charlotte Cobras. It's the Charlotte Police Departments Football team. We are a semi pro team made up of cops and firemen from around the area. We play in the National Public Safety Football League. Against teams like New York, DC, LA all over the country. www.npsfl.com Check it out. Our new site will be up soon with this seasons schedule and game info. We start playing in March.

  4. Anytime! I'd never accept a request like that. I can't even fathom why someone would WANT that...

  5. I bought the pants from Dick's Sports.They came with pads in them. I had a seamstress put the stripes on.Then I hot-glued the panther logos ,I cut out of a couple old hats I no longer wear, on the sides. Disclaimer;no babies were hurt in the making of this picture!

  6. I don't think we're going to have either one any more.

  7. cool, cool. do you know if they are bringing rep back? Or are we just going to have this levels thingie?

  8. I hain't gone nowhere

  9. same poo different day, i was wondering where you had disappeared to

  10. Howdy! Zod is right, you two are a good lookin couple!

  11. Thanks dude. If she didn't like the Panthers, I'd clip her.

  12. good lookin couple!

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