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  1. Actually our expectations are much more realistic then yours.
  2. I have the ability to whistle so damn loud I have been warned by security before because of people complaining. I almost passed out last week doing it. I plan on doing it more this week.
  3. Happy fugging thanksgiving errbody!!!!!!!! 11 and 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You have already posted stupid shat about a veteran poster here and a real Panthers fan. Opinions are welcomed here. But don't get pissy when your stupid comments are treated like every other halfass troll that shows up with an inflated opinion of themselves. Poor attempts of passive aggressive wit only expose what people like you are. Simple, silly, bandwagon, trolls. So start posting relevant non insulting football discussion or gtfo. Troll
  5. So you're a troll. Great. You will be respected here I'm sure. Troll.
  6. Most of the things I read on a daily basis are poorly written and dumbed down for the masses. Reading that was stimulating and entertaining. Well written, descriptive and emotional. Thanks Philly. The artwork so elegantly explained is amazing. That being said I'm ready to read a SCP poop on green bay thread!
  7. Will be the greatest Panther of all time! As well as one of the best ever to play the game. And he is OURS! @‌mccnasty75
  8. That link keeps taking me to an old smack thread 2008
  9. I'm a WVU fan. Im from WV. Bashing a school and a state you dont have a fugging clue about is embarrassing. I don't know where you're from and don't care. But you need to stop with the ignorant crap you're spewing. Its making you look Alice stupid and I don't think you are like that. Besides I have a rule here that I wouldn't get into it with another Panthers fan. I've already done that so I'm done with this dumbass conversation.
  10. He is a great follow. If you want to go throwback Jeff Hostetler was a super bowl champion quarterback. I'm not of a fan of this guy but Adam "pacman" jones has had a troubled but talented career. As far as the ivy league ACC goes, WVU chose the Big 12 over the ACC. The competition and success of the Big 12 colleges exceeds the ACC and Financially it was more profitable. I'm OK with WVU being on par academically with the universities in the big 12. Those established, academically advanced programs accepted WVU with no issue. Besides WVU wanted to compete in a league dominant in Football. That is something the ACC can't match.
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