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  1. Reich is already showing signs of Matt Rhule'ness... disregarded play calling as being an issue to save face.. get ready for a lot of subliminal placing blame if things continue downward. I wasn't a fan of this pick for HC, so I absolutely would not care if he some how was canned by week 4.
  2. If Dalton performs well, it will be hard for a coach and GM who are expected to compete right away to put Young back in. We might very well not see him again until next year if Dalton actually proves he still has what it takes to start and racks up a couple W's. I know it's only game 2, but he shows 0 signs of being worth what we gave up for him, not in the slightest, imo. Not all QBs pan out... not all 1st round picks pan out... not all #1 overall picks who teams trade their WR1 and future 1st rounder pan out. We might have to accept that sooner than later.
  3. poo chart is poo if not including the time he has to throw. Including pocket time, this simply tells me he's not confident and is scared to make any tight throws causing hardly any first read passes. Dalton is about to show us if our WR's are trash or if Young is.
  4. Single mom household and poor test scores fuged his narrative... coaches and GM's would've hated to hear "the signs were there" if they picked him and he didn't turn out.... I'd rather draft the guy going against the odds, like Stroud, than the guy who shows literally 0 passion and has had little to 0 adversity in life so far, but that's just me..
  5. We're about to really see if those fan boys blaming "nO Wr sEpeRaTiOn durrr" and "hE hAs liKe 1 sEcOnD tO thRoW, bRo!" are right or if they're just blindly defending an unworthy of #1 pick midget bc he dons a Panther's jersey.
  6. Love the creativity(as always) behind the post and the optimism... but I'm not sold. Hawks rail us in the back of that PT Cruiser. Hawks 31 Panthers 10
  7. Coulda, woulda, shoulda... I'm afraid that will be Fitt's legacy with us.
  8. Trading for less or letting him walk… take a pick.
  9. This is what happens when you hire a coach who was just fired and is scared to make a mistake. It shows through the offensive play calling and QB play.
  10. The fact that he needs to be subbed on 4th and inches alone makes me really dislike this whole situation. It’s not the only reason, but it really irks me. I suppose Cam has ruined what I’ve come to expect from a #1 overall, especially one that we traded our WR1 and a future top 5 pick for. I just wish he showed some sort of separation from other QBs… accuracy, strength, speed, something, but I don’t see anything that screams to me this is what we traded up for and banked our future on. So far I expect us to be moving on from this project once his rookie contract is up, time will tell.
  11. Traded up for the wrong guy. I don’t see this trend of a poo passing game changing anytime soon.
  12. Love Burns, but Fet’s smart to not pay him…. I doubt he pays him come next season either… a top 5 DE needs to secure his side of the line AND apply consistent pressure, which Burns just doesn’t cut it for what he’s asking for. We can do a lot more for the team with that $.
  13. Watch his college film. Most of his throws are to dudes wide open. He doesn’t throw them open or thread needles. He can find the open guy, but they have to be super wide open. If he didn’t play for Bama he’d be a 5th round project. Stroud should have been the pick, but yano, single mom household with no super computer brain over analyzed bullshit.
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