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  1. No reason we can't at least win the NFC south for the next 2 years, minimum.
  2. Stroud covers every criteria for a #1 overall QB. He has 0 questions... nothing over durability, nothing over height, nothing over mechanics, nothing over character. Everyone else has AT LEAST 1 question, whether it be height or proper mechanics, etc. If it's not Stroud, we're wrong.
  3. Teams started to target Chinn in coverage mid-late season. I wouldn't be surprised if he's traded, but I hope we just adjust his positioning so he's not forced to cover shifty players as often.
  4. I dig it and I'm with it. Stroud will run the South for years to come.
  5. Because they're the Texans and they do Texan things.
  6. Keeping our name tied to AR15 is strictly strategical. Stroud is worlds ahead of this guy. If the Texans want AR15 and are afraid we'll take him, we could possibly use this to our advantage to trade back a spot... because no way on God's green earth does anyone think AR15 is better than Stroud.
  7. QBs win championships. If CJ is your guy and you see him taking you to the promise land, which picks we give up shouldn't matter. If CJ isn't that guy, don't trade up for him.
  8. Take this trade now? I saved this from a rumor circulating back in 2020.. supposedly this was being discussed. You know what they say about hindsight.. but would you take this trade knowing what you know now about those picks and Joe?
  9. Michael Jordan shouldn't be on ANY roster next season.
  10. I can’t imagine we’re playing this game to win. We’re retards if so. I’m not even mad at anyone, I hope we play even worse the 2nd half!
  11. My dad told me Hydrox were put in oreo blizzards at DQ when I was a kid... i didnt believe him... next time he bought me one there was a huge piece still in tact in the blizzard... I ate crow as a youngin.
  12. You trade Burns to draft a player to replace Burns who may not live up to the same skill and then you're out a difference making DE. He has good character and is a team guy, you just don't trade that away because you see draft capital. It's ok to pay players guys! Good teams keep core talent AND hit in the draft. We can do both.
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