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  1. I would love for them to draft Neal or Cross at LT with the 6th pick, but I see them trading back and getting a 2nd and/or a 3rd. Hopefully still getting a top OL but maybe A QB mid 1st round. Then using picks to draft OL and DL. I think they feel with BC he can play LT or LG and Elflein at C in case they don't get somebody to start day 1. Depends on FA and who they sign. Since DL takes longer to develop I see a vet there (a space eater/run stopper).
  2. All the negative posts are BS to read. This forum use to post football logical stats and opinions. You can beat up Rhule will stats, I'll read and understand. But the over exaggerated negative one line junk posts ruin what use to be a decent forum to talk football. I am a frustrated fan, but I still look and hope for the positives. I will say when it's bad, back it up with stats. Rhule and Panthers didn't ruin this forum, the people in it. Maybe Rhule will stink another year and get fired or leave for a job in college, so be it. All I want is what they do now while in the job are positive moves that make us better next year. Can't we just talk about what we hope happens, or who we draft and why, backing it up with football logic?
  3. This is a tough crowd in here. Bengals coach Zac Taylor had like 6 or 7 wins his 1st 2 years. In his 2nd year, he lost his best player for most of the season (Burrow). We lost our best CMC for most of the year. The 2 upsets yesterday were won with defense and running the ball. We have a real good defense. All we need is a couple of breaks (health wise) and players to play up their ability (Anderson, Brown, etc) and we might be decent next year. Fingers crossed.
  4. She kept the posts real and fun while understanding the role as the media arm for the team. She even helped me get blue checked on IG a few months ago. She was a class act and a really good person.
  5. That's what made me think that.
  6. Looking at how good Burrow was with Chase and knowing all the other top players on that team, maybe Brady had nothing to do with their success. Same with many OCs out there. Having great players is a big part of their success. A truly great OC can make any group of players and adapt his playbook and still win.
  7. He's being honest. Now we don't want him to tell us the real reason why? In hindsight, every team that didn't take Mahomes should be shamed. What about when the Giants took Eric Flowers several years ago. He was a can't miss tackle and he was a bust. Nothing is for sure. Is he making some mistakes, yeah. But who's perfect? I think Jaycee will be great for the Panthers. I think Mac Jones will be successful in NE, more than he would have been in Carolina. Fields is a wait and see. What did Sewell do in Detroit? Is it him or the team. Hindsight is a beautiful thing to learn and move forward, not dwell on the past.
  8. In the last game, they commented how TB's O-line only 1 guy missed 1 game and we had like 14 different line ups for the year. If Sam had their O-line, he would be better. Not Brady level but just better. We have nothing to lose for next year as we're probably not going to trade or sign high end FA QB. It's gonna be a draft pick, probably a 4th or 5th round pick to develop behind Sam. Then either sign or draft a 1st RD QB in 2023 with a better team around him. I hope we trade back a few spots, pick up a 2nd or 3rd and take the Center Tyler Linderbaum. Even if it means passing up on LT Neal from Alabama (who I really like). I would rather go with Brady at LT then Eflien at Center. Sign a Top G and play Brown at G and it gives us a chance. We need the middle of then line to hold up even more than the tackles as a QB needs to step up to avoid pressure.
  9. So every team had a new HC, new OC and new DC and turned over a good portion of the roster? Be freakin real with your answers.
  10. So a new coach to NFL takes over a team in the middle of a complete world shut down, can't interact with his players and even scout guys, so he relies on past college players to get him up and running. Then with no fans or real player interaction, starts with the daft and rebuilds a defense that sucked. I don't count 2020. And on top of it, we got out of cap hell. What happens if Luke doesn't retire or CMC doesn't get hurt? Is Rhule doing everything right, no. But I don't think everybody can lump it all on him. Even drafting Horn was a good move but he got hurt (same day as CMC). How is that on him? The O-line is on him. Taking a chance on Sam was a good move when the other attempts didn't pan out. Picking up his option, not good. Giving Robbie more money or thinking Erving can be a starting LT also didn't work out. Luvu and Reddick worked out. Fox has been decent. But some guys show up great in practice and crack when out there. I'm not defending him but I don't count 2020 as a real year. Between Covid and the cap and everybody being new, it was a screwed up year. I'm just trying to be logical. Tepper (IMO) is not looking for quick results, he's looking for long term gains as in a consistent winner. He's hoping Rhule can do what he did in college. Nothing is a sure fire full proof winning formula. It took both Brady and Belichek to turn it around in NE and stay that good. Npndy has a franchise QB for 15+ years.
  11. I saw the entire team on Friday and they looked loose. I even watched some of the defensive walk throughs. They looked like normal, getting ready for a game. It doesn't feel like a bad environment. I truly believe when people don't know the real story, every story put out there is believed. They have work to do and people have to make steps in the right direction so we'll see. Some things obviously didn't work out. Some did. Since we all can't do anything about it, we have 2 choices. Support them no matter what as a fan or jump off and find a new team to root for. It's like at a company, some people love the new boss and some don't. I am just gonna give it time. Maybe in college it took 2 to 3 years to turn around a program, but learning the NFL and its ways may take a little longer. We've got nothing to lose but to see. It's not like we were doing anything really good since 2016 on anyway. Tepper did say it could take 5 years when he hired Rhule. There's no reason to not believe someone who's had success at 2 different colleges couldn't do it in the NFL, he just may need a little more time. We don't want a flash in the pan, one great year and then back to square one. They, and fans want a consistent winner.
  12. Don't we get 2 conditionals (a 3rd or 4th round pick) or 1 or each? Reasons: Burns is identical and Gross is a future (stronger DE). If Gillmore signs and we like Taylor, we have Horn as our #1. Get the picks but not doing anything.
  13. Good article. I think when Rhule wanted his guys, he wanted guys who knew his process, especially during 2020 and Covid. I don't think it was and idea it just didn't work out. OC Brady was good but they didn't give him time with Teddy or the team to develop. No CMC. At the end of 2020 we saw something with the defense. They would have been better keeping Teddy, as that was their big mistake. By the end of 2021 (now), we would have solid defense and we could have drafted a QB or signed one while building the O-line and have the cap space to do it all. Having no CMC hurt Sam and Brady. Dallas exposed us in week 4 and we never recovered. Maybe they mean the process is working as in the coaches starting to figure out what they have to do all game long, not just the first series. I like Snow and I think Rhule will get it or at least I hope he does. He built 2 programs up and yes that was college, but success is success and maybe he just needs little more time in the NFL than in college. I'm gonna see the players tomorrow so I see the mood.
  14. What if Brown is sucking at practice is the reason he's not playing? If they put him out there, he'll be worse than what's out there, what if? IDK the answer but if the kid hasn't shown a solid glimpse in practice does he deserve to get a shot to just please the fans?
  15. Idk you can completely change an offense mid season. So for next year, I can see more under center play action plays.
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