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  1. Just curious with the extra playing time if he's doing good or not?
  2. I wonder how much BC being next to him last year made a difference? BC had LT experience and that might have helped him big time. VE
  3. Yes, I am a homer and fan and will root for the team no matter what. But I believe I see things from the inside giving me a different perspective. I am a Scott Fitterrer fan, so let me get that out the way. I believe he has a direction but probably is dealing with an owners perspective, a past coach who wanted things a certain way, a new coach with a much different POV and is being judged on 5 games. 5 games with injuries with some top players on a team that was turned over (1/3) and entire new coaching staff. A rookie QB, who I really believe will be a top 10 QB in time. And draft picks are a chance no matter who you are. The team is struggling, they are pressing and hopefully it's just a matter of time where we all start to see progress. But it's 11 guys being in sync for 5 seconds. Coaches being in sync with players for 20 or so seconds before the play, reacting on the fly. BTW, millions are watching and judging. Most of the fan base would never handle that kind of pressure. Nobody wants to lose. The argument is they are paid millions and it's true. But don't you think they want to play better and win? Certain people can perform or even excel under pressure, but most don't. But from a players perspective they only have 1 or 2 contracts to make some money before their careers are over. The money, the fame will be gone but the side effects (long term injuries) stay with them forever. They love the limelight and are made to be gladiators as a spectacle and that is pressure not matter how much you get paid. But trust me, they do want to win. Nobody likes losing. I say this to say they have plan. A young QB, an O-line (that is struggling because of injuries and maybe a new blocking philosophy) and the loss of our #1 WR in the trade. Injuries on defense (just Horn, Shaq and Ajax) make a significant impact. They need a couple of players and a decent draft or 2 for them to become an annually solid team with a chance to be in the playoffs every year. But FA has put a dent in the typical development plan. It's a win now league from players wanting a lot of money, the fans (and ownership) wanting to win now. It's also become a business (owners and players). Fans can complain about their team but they'll play fantasy football and pick other players from other teams. No loyalty either. Everybody is out for themselves. Like others, I really liked CMC. I understand the trade. He did have injuries and we got what we could when we could. Now, he's healthy and playing great again (and I am happy for him). It's hindsight. What happened he got hurt again and then the trade looks great. It's a chance no matter what you do. What happen to the traditional fan that just liked the team no matter what? If we suck, still root and hope it changes. Complain, I get it. The team had struggled for years. But just like age and injuries (Cam) changed our team projection, it's even tougher now. I see the possibility of this changing. Getting a few guys back from injuries and hope that some young guys take the next step. BTW, the draft is a gamble no matter what slot you get. Look at Brock Purdy and for that matter Tom Brady compared to all the first round busts or ones that just didn't pan out. Is that on the guys/team that drafts them? No. It's a gamble and if it was full proof, everybody would be getting it right. The glass is a 1/3 full and we probably weren't going to the playoffs this year but we wanted to start playing better, or at least consistently. That's greatness - consistency. It takes time and maybe it doesn't happen, but I believe it will. I like to think i see the 5 steps process (nut things have to fall correctly to get there). I just don't know when and nobody does. Bash me all you want, I spoke my mind.
  4. I think they call 2 plays on every down. The QB has the power to switch out (kill-kill) when he sees a certain defense. That means the defense shows they are playing the pass when we're in shotgun, they'll probably switch to a run play. But it seems defenses are setting up the QB to do that switch IMO.
  5. So I misquoted, it's rookie QBs that starts opening day for their team. Not a rookies first start. David Carr is 2002 won his 1st game as rookie QB and it was the teams opener. Everybody wants everything now and like I said I wouldn't have put too much into a victory either. the whole team needs to find it's groove to see if we have a 5 - 6 win, a 7 - 8 win or maybe even a 9 - 10 win team. They don't know yet. That's all I'm saying to all you high paid experts out there. A fan is fan and will say what they want, but a true fan supports the team until it's obvious and then you're either rewarded or disappointed but that's what being a sports fan is. Enjoy the ride, don't complain about as it just starts.
  6. The last time a starting rookie QB won his 1st game was in 2002. No DJ Chark, a hobbled Theilen and probably Marshall. Horn goes out. It wasn't that bad. 3 TO's hurt. The O-line did better. 1st game for Sanders. It's gonna take time. There were some positives. But it looked like a rookie playing in a new system with new coaches and a lot of new faces.
  7. I don't think well see what we're capable of until at least 4 or 5 weeks in. Too many new things (Players, coaches, plays & systems, etc). If we win the first 3, I wouldn't get too excited, maybe the rest of the league didn't figure us out yet. If we lose the first 3, we didn't figure ourselves out yet. In fact I don't think we hit a stride (what ever that is) until mid season. Let's just hope we're in decent shape to battle for a playoff spot. I'm gonna be a fan and root hard no matter what. I believe in the staff and QB Young. It's gonna take time.
  8. What I heard it was moved to Wednesday as the Beyonce concert needs more set up time in advance.
  9. It's a 2 way street. It starts with the teams performance, but I have seen us playing good and the crowd doesn't get loud on defense. I've been to other stadiums where they are loud and proud no matter what. We have to see it first (some good play), but being optimistic will help the fans. When they see we can make plays when 3 & long or stop the other team on a 3rd and 1, they will get loud. And then when the team needs to the crowd to help drown out the other teams QBs and the signal calls, the fans need to help. Bring back home field advantage. From 2013 to about 2018 we had a 75% home field winning %.
  10. Cam brought life to BofA. In 2013 he started to give input to the music that he and the other players liked. As the stadium DJ we went away from just jock jams to a more variety. Winning made the energy higher and the music sound better. The last few years (different bosses) and with losing and with NO Cam, the energy was gone and music is different. Can't play happy fun songs while losing. Fans lost interest in the game as it went. Winning will cure it for sure but it also starts with the fans. Don't sell your ticket to opposing fans. Be loud when at the stadium no matter what. Then you become part of the culture. The music/audio when on defense has to stop no later that 20 seconds left on the play clock. It's up to fans (through video prompts) to keep the noise level up and the last few years we have not. 3rd down should be deafening. New team, new players, new coaches and a new attitude. Hopefully the fans come back loud and proud and give the team a chance.
  11. I think Barno will take a big step being in a 3-4 and rushing from a stand up position then a hand in the dirt.
  12. Seriously? He said he was learning the 1st year and a 1/2. Then Covid hit and he couldn't get in the building. Last year he gets in an Evaluates and starts making the changes necessary. Sounds like a smart man who learned a new business.
  13. a DE will take a year or 2 to contribute or be a star. A WR the same. But a quality CB could be good immediately. I also like LB but would they be a difference maker at 39? I also see TE almost as much as CB.
  14. I really think they traded up for Young, with CJ as a plan B if the Texans wanted Young so bad they made a trade. Young is generational. Listen to the interviews. He played against some serious competition. I like both, but Young is Peyton Manning smart, just in a small body. They way they protect the QBs these days I don't think it's an issue (anybody can get hurt on any given play). Like I said, I think they like CJ if they had to draft #2 and got some picks out of it.
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