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  1. 2015 Championship game vs Cards. I was fortunate to be the DJ for that game and it seemed every song I played was great because the game was so magical. Man, I miss those days.
  2. Corral isn't ready (see game). PJ is 2-0 as a starter when being the main back up. They need to see - IF - they trade Sam, can PJ do the job more than just a game (this season as every player is different every year, unless you're an all-pro). They are ALL getting the mental reps. Corral is learning the lingo. He doesn't need to run for his life with 3rd stringers to get game situations. If this was the last preseason game, then I see your point but it's not. I think playing PJ wasn't about showcasing him for the league but for themselves. If Darnold plays well during preseason it opens 2 doors. A possible trade (even if we eat most of the contract and it's a low pick) and maybe having him as a quality back up is better. I don't see how it's ruining camp?? Corral was obviously not ready and they weren't playing Baker or Sam with the 3td+ stringers.
  3. I think you're all missing it. They need to know "if Darnold gets traded" can PJ be a good enough back up this year, because they don't want to play Corral. IMO they tried to get a quick read on PJ yesterday. Maybe they wanted tape on him for a trade. If the Panthers keep Baker and Sam, that's a good starter/back up situation as any where in the league and what only 12 teams started QBs for all 17 games. Need a quality back up.
  4. I (hope/wonder) if Matt doesn't do so well, everybody won't want him to start or be the main back up. I actually think having Sam as the back up (if not traded) is smart. You gotta pay him anyway. Matt should be red shirted. It did some young QBs good in the NFL getting mental reps, developing without getting the crap kicked out of you. I hope he's our starter in 2023 unless Baker jumps into the top 5 QB rankings, but that will cost us big time.
  5. The longer Sam does good through the QB competition (even though he probably won't win it) helps his value if a team is in need (like maybe the Rams).
  6. Just posted on PFT "On Wednesday, McVay explained at the outset of a press conference that Stafford won’t be participating in team drills, for now". If he doesn't start throwing within a week, just maybe they start looking for an experienced back up/fill in.
  7. I don't think they'll just dump Sam or trade him for a 7th round pick and pay his salary just to get rid of him. He's a solid back up and you can truly red shirt Matt. If needed, Sam can win you a game or 2. BTW, the back up is always the most popular guy on the team.
  8. It's not Sam's fault they picked up his option. If they didn't maybe he would be competing for the starting job signed to a 5 mil a year prove it deal. The Panthers took a chance just in case he had a solid year. Last year was bad all around. And they continue to show (and say) they will keep swinging until they get it right with a QB. If it takes 5 swings (or more) to hit on a franchise QB, at least they hit it because they keep taking swings. Give them some credit. And if Rhule is adapting his college building program ways to the NFL (it can take time), we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If he is not playing for his job and the future of the team, then let's give him slack and see where it goes. Everybody is so critical of everything. They did say when they hired Rhule it could be 5 years to build a winning program. And the 1st year had Covid disrupt it. I'm not a homer but a realist.
  9. In all honesty, Sam is a talented QB, who has his struggles (especially consistency), but it's not all his fault. Last year, he was only part of the problem (O-line and no CMC for starters). The Jets, nuff said. He may not be an alpha, but he is we'll liked by his teammates. He could be a Tannehill one day or a solid back up in the future. I do think he would do much better this year with this talented team (especially the O-line) around him. A 2nd year in the offensive system would have been a fair shot too. But, it is what it is. Traded or not, the team has better options for this year and the future than they did the last 2 years.
  10. Why not? If McVay can get Goff to take him to the Super Bowl, why can't he coach Sam to just a couple of wins if needed. He's got real NFL experience.
  11. Just posted on PFT: "Will that mean not practicing at times in the regular season? Maybe. The fact that McVay felt compelled to keep Stafford out of practice so early in camp surely will be spun for the benefit of fans that want and need to see the glass as half full. It’s nevertheless a cause for concern; there’s a major difference between Stafford and John Wolford." The Rams have a history of giving picks away for players. If the Panthers pick up a huge portion of his contract, I can see them trading him for a mid round pick. The Rams are all bought in for the year and need an experienced back up. This could be the reason why Sam is still competing for a starting job. To show he's close to being a starter (didn't say good or not), or at least a top back up and he is better than 1/2 the back ups in the league.
  12. If Sam was costing about 2 to 3 mil, he would be a solid back up plan. Why wouldn't a team trade for that? We got Baker for 3.5 mil. The Panthers will pay most of the salary and get a mid to low pick. That's why a team would trade for Sam.
  13. Let's hope no injuries and maybe we trade someone to a WR needy team than just cutting them. I wonder if they would let someone beat out Robby or just automatically give Robby the job? It's a good problem to have. Having 4 WRs and CMC out in routes with a good O-line can be killer. With any QB, just saying.
  14. Even if it's a slightly competition, it's mostly good things. The better Sam is or feels, being our back up or traded, it helps the Panthers. If Baker has to try a little harder to really outshine Sam, and not just be handed the job for doing slightly better, it's good for the Panthers. It's also less pressure on Baker this way to get acclimated to the offense. Yes, more reps with the 1's is helpful but not looking at the bigger picture IMO.
  15. 2 thoughts. 1, How can a QB have great stats and the team only wins 4 games? Are they garbage yards and scores after the game is lost? Or don't he not have what it takes to win it at the end? It doesn't add up. Yes, the team was bad but to be that great of a QB, aren't you suppose to elevate the guys around you?
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