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  1. You never know. Somebody gets hurt, maybe a couple of guys go down, you need people before camp just in case. Maybe we find a gem (extra body we can't keep) and trade him instead of cutting him (that has happened in the league before) and get a 6th or a 7th for someone.
  2. Top 3. Playoffs vs Cards, after Luke gets the pick 6, the stadium was so rocking from everybody jumping to the song "Kernkraft 400", my booth was shaking like I was on a boat - very surreal. #2. 2013 when Ted Ginn scores with 1 minute remain against the Pats on MNF. that's when the Panthers and the city came alive for the next several years. #3. Against NYG when Gano hits a 62 yard FG to win the game that nobody thought he could make.
  3. My only expectation for last year was to show improvement, even if it didn't translate to wins. And we did, especially on defense with limited talent. Robbie Anderson another surprise, along with DJ Moore getting better. But we battled and we're in most games and we couldn't say that for years. I hope for a 8+ win year in that 9 to 10 wins will be my real expectation. But if we lose a few heartbreakers because a fumble or Tom Brady did a classic TB 1 minute drive to win it at the end, I won't be down on the team. Just show improvement and don't get blown out. I want to see the rookies and 2 ye
  4. I've had talks with Mrs Tepper and others and they are really trying to turn the massive ship of an organization around one piece at a time. It takes time to do it right and not every move will work out, but they are trying very hard. They see the big picture and they deserve our respect and support in helping get there as it will benefit us all. I look forward to the future.
  5. How does he know the FO people or the business side of stadium ops did good things right? He doesn't know if they're good people or not. Some parts of the operation needed to be fixed, he evaluated and then started making moves.
  6. It started in 2018 when Tepper bought the team and he sat back and watched the 2019 season play out. He wanted to see what he had before he did anything, a very smart move. Going into 2020 we hired a new HC with a long term rebuilding plan, cleaned house a bit and started over. But a pandemic slowed the rebuilding a little. In 2021 we hire a new, progressive & talented GM and he takes a much different and analytical approach to the draft we've never seen. Yes, they passed on drafting Fields and IMO did the right thing. Fields got talent and maybe they weren't as high on him as w
  7. I thought we did great. So much potential for a 10+ win team next year and possible playoffs. That's all we can ask for. Keeping getting better with no steps backwards. To be a perinal winner.
  8. The more the better. Competition to play the best and have depth in case someone gets hurt. Not just have 3 good guys and hope nobody goes down.
  9. After the Teddy trade, how much cap room do we have this year now? How much do we need for rookies?
  10. if Sewell or Slater or Pitts are gone, I would take a CB or drop a few spots and get a CB. I would not take a QB but what do I know.
  11. Wasn't this chart made before the rookie salary structure was in place?
  12. We can't change anything now. Darnold is our QB for at least 2021 and probably 2022 if they pick up his option. I don't see us drafting a QB. If somebody they want (non-QB) his there at 8, they'll take him. If not, trade back. I think this move was more about not paying a kings ransom for a QB and Darnold has a lot of potential (yes that's an if, but they all are). How knows, maybe Watson gets cut after a while and we sign him for 2022 (he's not an if). Anything is possible. I trust in what the FO is doing, building us a team that will win every year. I would rather be 10-6/11-5 every yea
  13. good back up LT/LG behind Scott, Erving, Miller, Daley and who ever we draft. But if somebody wanted to trade a 6th or 7th rd pick for him, I would think they would take it.
  14. A great O-line can make an average QB look good. So if you have a good QB, a solid O-line can make him look great. Time is key. Time to let receivers get open. Time to let big plays develop. Time to improvise until a receiver breaks open. Time to see the field. I hope we draft a LT, OG/C and a CB in the 1st 3 picks (not necessarily in that order). With the guys we signed in FA, 1 or 2 have to have decent year.
  15. They will work out a deal with Teddy. Teddy will get his $10 mil, maybe a little more from the Panthers and then be traded with a lower cap hit for the new team. Everybody wins including Teddy. They probably are bluffing to keep him to get Teddy to redo his contract and get out. That's huge difference and they don't want TB signing him.
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