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  1. I think Barno will take a big step being in a 3-4 and rushing from a stand up position then a hand in the dirt.
  2. Seriously? He said he was learning the 1st year and a 1/2. Then Covid hit and he couldn't get in the building. Last year he gets in an Evaluates and starts making the changes necessary. Sounds like a smart man who learned a new business.
  3. a DE will take a year or 2 to contribute or be a star. A WR the same. But a quality CB could be good immediately. I also like LB but would they be a difference maker at 39? I also see TE almost as much as CB.
  4. I really think they traded up for Young, with CJ as a plan B if the Texans wanted Young so bad they made a trade. Young is generational. Listen to the interviews. He played against some serious competition. I like both, but Young is Peyton Manning smart, just in a small body. They way they protect the QBs these days I don't think it's an issue (anybody can get hurt on any given play). Like I said, I think they like CJ if they had to draft #2 and got some picks out of it.
  5. Personally, who cares. Both Young and CJ will be successful with this staff. I trust who they pick.
  6. I don't, but in watching some per draft specials and other tidbits, it's sounds like Young is mentioned more with Texans than CJ in what fits what they want to do. What that is, IDK.
  7. Why? When they got the pick they said they were open to a move. The Texans are known to like Young more and the Bears hoped to get the Texans to trade with them when they had the pick. If the Panthers like both for different reasons, why not get some picks and still get a guy you like. It might not happen but it does make sense with those scenarios.
  8. Or... They like both and know the Texans really want Young and they're trying to nudge them into a trade swap, get a couple of more picks and then take CJ. Think about it. If the Texans want Young and they feel we'll take him and not fall to them, then they just might jump. Who's got the best poker face?
  9. He was good with the Cowboys (as a 3rd WR) and is about 7 mil a year. Good stats the last 2 years with the Cowboys, just didn't do much with the Dolphins. Would he be a good option to make drafting a WR one less thing to worry about?
  10. Fitterer is very smart. He has a value for each position in the grand scheme and he won't go over. That's how you make it all work. It's a long term plan.
  11. It's a Pioneer RZX (almost identical to CDJs).
  12. Like many players I get to know, DJ Moore was cool. From texts about what music he liked to having fun teaching him a DJ trick to seeing the way he was with his family. Cool dude, solid player, good family guy and fun teammate. Fans don't get to see the human side to it and as it stinks to see him have to move his family and go. I understand it's a business and will always support the team and I always be a DJ Moore fan. The screen of a text from him was before I knew his number and I had no idea who it was.
  13. Just comparing the Tenn game vs the GA game, I would take CJ. I trust Fitterer and staff to make the right call based on the offense they want to run and what pieces they put around the QB.
  14. Let's say the price is too high to move up to 1 or 3. "Look at what SF gave up to get Lance and he's done nothing in 2 years". It's a risk. If the Bears don't get a huge haul they can just take a great player - not a QB. Maybe we get in at 5 or 6 and take Levis as CJ Stroud and Young will be gone in the top 4. But if you stay put and AR is at 9, do you take him and build around him, like a TE and WR in the 2nd through 4th? Is 9 to high for AR. He is a project and I can't see teams moving up to get him that high. If you look at Fields who dropped to 11 and he had more production on tape. Even if you resign Sam for a year, give Corral a shot to develop and AR some time, you can still have a playoff team with a good draft and a couple of good FA pick ups and then go for it all by 2024. I trust in Fitterer and the FO to do what is best so I'm just thinking out loud.
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