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  1. If he's released, he still gets $10 mil. Do a contract that lowers his cap and he get bonus of like $12 mil to do it with backloaded fake years. Something that if traded, the new team has a cap hit of like 2 or 3 mil. Then everybody wins and maybe we get a decent draft pick in return (3rd or 4th)? But realistically it's probably a 5th or 6th.
  2. Teddy gets $10 mil if we cut him.... so do a 2 year $12 mil with $6 mil this year (for trading and cap purposes). All guaranteed and next years $6 mil paid by the Panthers (as a bonus this year). Then I can see someone trading a 3rd to 4th round pick to get him. Teddy makes an extra $2 mil plus what he can get next year. Best scenario.
  3. If you figure 1/2 the moves so far will work out, then we are in better shape. Some won't, so why complain about each one or praise each one. They're all "taking a chance". Then if 1/2 the draft works out, then we are better again. We couldn't swing for the fences on a QB and afford to strike out, I get it. Take the base hit and get on base. Build a solid team is something they can control and are doing a very good job of it. In looking what the Panthers have done, very smartly is give themselves quality depth. Injuries will happen and that's when even the best teams can be exposed (see C
  4. If we get a 6th I would be happy as we unload Teddy's contract... and could still draft a QB if they fall and give them time.
  5. It could be that LT Sewel falls to us. Then I would trade a 2nd along with Teddy (they take his contract) for Darnold or just a 3rd.
  6. I would trade Teddy for Darnold along with a 2022 1st, 2nd or 3rd round next year, meaning it's based on how Darnold performs. If Darnold comes in and puts up great numbers, I would give a 1st. If he does just good, a 2nd and if he's OK, a 3rd. The reason is the Jets have to take Teddy and his contract. That's worth something. A trade for Darnold alone, then maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick, this or next year.
  7. I'd take Slater at 8 and have a damn good O-line. CB in the 2nd or 3rd and this team will be a lot better all around, except QB but we'll get there one day. Who knows, maybe they hold tight and trade for Watson later on for only 2 1st round picks later in the summer or something (if that mess clears up).
  8. from PFT: It isn’t often that a tight end is a Top 5 pick in the NFL draft, but it also isn’t often that a tight end is as good as Kyle Pitts. Pitts, who won the John Mackey Award as the best tight end in college football last season at Florida, turned in a sensational workout today. Afterward, he said the Falcons have shown interest in picking him with the fourth overall pick in the draft. “I did talk to them on Zoom a couple times,” Pitts said. “I talked to them again today. They said they have interest in me. After today we’ll get together on another Zoom and they’ll try to l
  9. we had guys open deep because the other team knew Teddy wouldn't go deep. If you have a gunslinger, they will take that away, like TB did again Mahomes in the SB.
  10. what happens if Jags HC Meyer takes Wilson. Do you do the trade for Trevor?
  11. Drafting Slater LT or a CB if he's gone.
  12. Unless you have all superstars, any decent QB can beat you when they know what your scheme is on defense and who's covering who. But when you can disguise coverages buy having guys who can play multiple ways and positions, you tilt the scale towards the defense by keeping the offense (QB) guessing. And that extra second of hesitation is why you have a good pass rush.
  13. I don't believe Mac Jones is worth an 8th pick but maybe later in the 1st or 2nd. But, with teams really wanting a young QB, anything is possible. Unless Rhule has some insight from working with him a couple of months ago at the Senior Bowl that he can tell he will be great with good coaching.
  14. I would rather trade for Darnold if the Jets draft Wilson. They'd take a 2nd and maybe a 4th or 5th. Maybe they'll take Teddy as a mentor for Wilson. I don't want Tua.
  15. Trevor, Field and Wilson are gone in the top 4 to 5 picks, either direct or by trade. I've said it before, I don't think Lance or Jones are worth a 8th pick or more I think the risk is too great for them. Trade down a few would be nice and get an extra 2nd or 3rd rd pick or take LT or CB. Both will cost us a lot in FA. If you trade down and Lance or Jones are still there, then maybe.
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