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  1. OMG, I called one of your comments silly? That upset you? You can't be serious? Silly is now considered an insult? My God this place is kindergarten. Yeah, I get crap for "Silly". Seems legit.
  2. You're speaking to a deaf crowd. They don't care how they treat you. They only care how you treat them. People in general do this nowadays. It's not what I do, it's what you do to me. No taking responsibility. No empathy. It's all me, me, me. "And there's so many of me." I truly love this place. As I have no life, these dweebs keep my mind occupied. The mental gymnastics they use to make points is adorable.
  3. 1. Lol Yeah sure. My posts are never called into play. What a joke. 2. Lol Hyperbole much? Every post I make is a form of combat. lol That's a flat out lie. But you know, who cares right? 3. Where did you get your degree? It must be fun to call out someone's mental health. But hey, you do you. You never take responsibility for any of your actions. So why would this be any different? By the by, we just had a civil conversation earlier. You must have forgotten that already. But that doesn't fit your narrative.
  4. Find one post where I insult anyone? Go ahead. At least I don't make crap up to make others look bad. But I'm not in the negative club, so that kinda explains that.
  5. Rent free. And there's lots of room. I just put in a jacuzzi, and a wet bar. lol
  6. See, that's the deal you negative types don't get. I'm not alone. Then how come my opinion is being censored? Because I'm not negative, my opinion means less? Seems right for this place right now.
  7. Lame. Oh no, Mr. take no responsibility has rebuffed me. How will I ever live with myself? lol
  8. lol Sure dude, when you do. I enjoy my time here. I love how the Cult of Negativity has a problem with me. I'm a happy guy, that loves watching folks fall all over themselves telling me how I should act. lol
  9. You seem to be laboring under the belief that I care about what you say about me. It couldn't be further from the truth. I see something. I say something. It truly amazes me who the folks are that complain about me. The never take responsibility crowd is in control. Oh Hubby, it's a message board, everyone has a right to say what they want. Well...except you of course. lol
  10. Asking folks to take responsibility for their actions is taboo around here. You can say anything negative around here, and it is shrugged off as fine. You say something to the negativity, and you get called into HR. This place...
  11. Ok then. So the next time I get called out for saying something silly. I'll just say I was musing. No harm, no foul.
  12. Sad. Truly sad. Mr. Personal Attacks won't take responsibility. Why would we think he would.
  13. So let me see if I have this straight. For eons, football fans have picked a guy from the bottom of the roster to root for. Every time he makes a play, they get excited, they can dream of him making the team. It is a time honored tradition. Now you come along and want to tells us to stop. All because of some numbers? Numbers that almost every football fan already knows. That's a whole lot of hubris right there. I bet you tell kids there is no Santa, or Easter Bunny as well. The Cult of Negatvity don't want you to be excited folks. Their mission is to sap every ounce of optimism from the fanbase.
  14. There are a myriad of ways this can go. But Baker demanding more money? That ain't one of them.
  15. Can't be any worse than your smug obnoxious belief in your own superiority. Now that's sad. I bet anything you have never owned a dog. Or if by chance you did, it probably ran away. But hey, you've got that Cult of Negativity thing. So you have that going for ya.
  16. Yeah, you are a beacon of civility. But hey, you've embraced it haven't you?
  17. You know who justifies there malicious behavior? Not normal people, that's for sure. Oh, so you feel it is perfectly alright to throw out personal insults. But it is beyond the pale to talk about someone's posts? lol What a joke.
  18. You seem to think that demanding more money is his way out. I believe that it would not only not work, it would damage his already shaky reputation. The longer the season goes on, with no movement for Baker. The better the odds are that some team may come up with an offer the Browns will take. But as of right now? The Browns are not moving off their stance.
  19. So you want him to add fuel to the fire that is his reputation, by demanding even more money? Way to torpedo your future. Face it. You made a silly comment. It happens.
  20. You sure do like to use that don't you? I mean, it truly is one of your go to sayings. You're one of those do as I say, not as I do types right? It's things like this that show that there really are no rules anymore. Calling someone pathetic should not be allowed.
  21. Again, why? What are you trying to accomplish? They can't cut you. They can't trade you. They have no choice but to pay you. They have no incentive to pay you more. Oh well, chalk this up as one of those things that make you go hmm, ok then.
  22. I still use that way too often. I guess, if I quite making mistakes, I wouldn't need to use it as often. lol
  23. Um, that's a bot you're talking to. Just an FYI
  24. I can see that bolded part playing out. He has to be there to get paid. They don't want him there. The answer? Pay him to stay away.
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