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  1. Are you always a bully? Or is that something you reserve for us here on the Huddle? Oh noes, the big bad Fudude insulted me. Whatever shall I do? lol @ u I know you think you are oh so clever. But you have the rep of a condescening ahole. You know that right? Of course you don't. That would take self reflection. And we all know that ain't happening. Green Bay has had 2 HOF QBs in the last 30 years. And has a whopping 2 SB wins. Quit being lazy, and follow the entire thread. As a Lifelong Lions fan, I am following a team in my Division. Being a dumbass is talking sht about folks when you know nothing about them. Dumbass. lol Why don't you go be a Packers fan then? You obviously hate the Panthers. All you do is whine, bitch and moan over every little thing. Truthfully, it is getting a little stale. If you ain't crying over some perceived Panther mistake, you are throwing insults at fellow Huddlerz. Mommies boy syndrome.
  2. Just another in a long line of lame azz posts? Damm dude get back to football, or leave.
  3. Not quite lol emoji, but it could work. You have to actually quote someone for those to work though. But thanks
  4. I'm sorry, but mid major QBs with iffy stats, are not usually invited to the Combine. So we'll see you next year. I mean, what's wrong with being a General this year? You need this year to see if you want to join next year or not?
  5. Take a look at what came up. Then tell me it doesn't look like you quoted yourself. lol
  6. I think you know exactly how this would work out. A mid major QB, with those stats? Yeah Come on, be honest. Tell us how you truly feel?
  7. Did you actually just quote yourself. You must be really proud of that little factoid huh?
  8. I mean, if you can't trust a fellow Huddler. Who can you trust? But yeah, we should be pretty dang good up front. This D has the potential to really shine. I tell ya what.
  9. Oh look, it's the grammar police. You lose on merits. So your recourse is this? lol Face it dude. Your insults are as lame as your arguments. Maybe there are some 5th graders around you can practice on. Then come back and try again. It's okay, I'll wait.
  10. Truthfully? This would explain a lot regarding your post history.
  11. It's posts like this that make me wish we had a LOL emoji.
  12. Once Training Camp starts Thur., things should change. There will be lots more actual football things to discuss. We hope anywho.
  13. Damm Skippy. You gotta get up awful early in the afternoon to fool me.
  14. That's all well and good. Except we are talking about the Packers. You were the only one to bring up the Panthers. Damm dude, you really are bad at this aren't you?
  15. Is somebody jealous of interwebz rep? Here's an idea. Try posting some content that's worth actual pie?
  16. If you are trying to call someone out, you may want to be a little more specific. There's a bunch of us who fit that description. lol
  17. I would like to say. The Packers have had 21 winning seasons since '95. With 2 HOF QBs. And won a whopping 2 SBs. Not the hot shot Franchise some would have you believe.
  18. Vikings: 13 losing seasons since '95 Bears: 18 losing seasons since '95 Lions: 19 losing seasons since '95 Packers: 21 winning seasons since '95. Yeah, lot's of competition.
  19. We never even noticed you were gone. Oh, and name me 1 team that has had only 2 QBs in the last 30 years that only won 2 Titles? C'mon Man. I'll wait.
  20. Not sure where the idea that he can't play Centerfield came from? He has plenty of speed to play in the back end. Plus, he will hit you. We haven't had a thumper back there is more than a few years. But I do know Rhule would love to have a complete D. Allowing him to play Chinn wherever he is needed.
  21. They have had 2 QBs in the last 30 years. Both HOFers. They should compete every year. Period. Hellz, one could argue they have underperformed considering. Also, have you seen the Division they play in. People poo on the Division the Patriots play for them getting half their wins. But let's not use that against the vaunted Packers. Nobody said anything about laughing at anybody. Nice spin there.
  22. In the last 30 years. GB has had 2 QBs, both HOFers. Yet won a whopping 2 SBs. Not sure how they get the rep of being some great place to play? As a lifelong Lions fan, I can tell you this. Brett was a much better foe than Rodgers. It's almost like Rodgers never got over the perceived draft snub. During weekly interviews he was snarky, and terse with opponents Press. A Detroit Free Press writer called him A-hole. He lost his job, but he was a hero around the Detroit area.
  23. They have done a fair job of putting pieces around Arod. The RB position is always a ? They can never seem to quite figure out the WR position. They had a great D for years, lately, not so much. They did well with what they have. Stockholders. They never spend their Cap. They under pay anyone that let's them. And now they have lost the last great GB QB. We'll see how they fare, now that they don't have a HOF QB.
  24. That defiantly is one, of many, possibilities. Or nothing could happen as well. I know the staff loves Sam. I guess we shall see how much. If we don't bring in any S help, it says a lot about how they feel. Or maybe they are willing to roll the dice, and play with what we have. Saving that money for next year. Dang, ain't teh NFL fun?
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