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  1. You may not like who we brought in, which is obvious from this posts. But it will not change who we DID bring in. I guess you are another one of those not so happy Panther fans. The team just isn't doing enough to make you happy. You don't care that it is only year 2 of the Rhule regime. You ain't happy. And by George you want folks to know. I love how you say. "Only time will tell how good those draftees will be." AFTER you rant about who we brought in. lol Like that makes your post just a little more sane.
  2. IMO, it is going to take some kind of trade to get someone that can knock PJ out. Rhule loves him. He won't be replaced by some teams castoff. A QB good enough to overtake PJ is just not going to get cut. In regards to PJ. We have what we have. Now Grier? He's just lucky to still be drawing a check.
  3. You're gonna fit in really well around here. I tell ya what.
  4. I say cancel that practice. Keep that stink away from my team.
  5. Heck of a throw, from a not so normal position.
  6. Have you seen what is going on in NO? The Cap came back to haunt them. They lost some good talent this year because they couldn't pay them. Even in NO, the Cap finally bit them.
  7. Orrr...They drafted a QB hoping he would become a Franchise QB.
  8. First. Damm I hope he has a great year. Second. I hope that if he does have a great year, he can wind up retiring here. You need guys like him on a normal team. We are still trying to achieve normality. I have faith we will eventually get there. But until then. We need guys like Jones.
  9. That may be true. But it does fit the profile. IMO, he is a narcissists, who cannot stomach the thought of his name not being associated with winning. And in the NFL, he wasn't winning enough.
  10. Your cavalier attitude towards life is appalling. You are a reprehensible human being, who will endanger everyone around you. Please go away, and spew your ignorance elsewhere.
  11. When it is a civil conversation, I'm in. When It gets crazy? I watch from the sidelines. lol
  12. Unfortunately, that is how it goes around here. Folks disagree with you and try and change your mind. When at first it doesn't succeed, they double down. They just have to convert you to their stance. And Viola, you get this. At least it's been civil. So you got that going for you. lol
  13. Rhule wanted to build a culture, and he wanted to win games. Rolling the dice on Teddy was a calculated risk. It didn't work. Nothing nefarious about it. It was Hurndog that gave out the contract. Not Rhule.
  14. The first bolded is just your opinion. Which is fine. Everyone should get the opportunity to air their opinions. That second bold? Are you saying your opinion is simplistic? Because a lot of us Huddlerz don't understand this notion of yours. That Rhule just all of a sudden understands the nature of the NFL QB? That he came into the league a naive College Coach.? You've got this notion. And you are selling it hard. Problem is. Not everyone agrees with you. Rhule is too dang smart for this notion to have wings. Lastly, it is a tad disingenuous to use Temple, and Baylor as measuring sticks against the top teams. That it somehow diminishes Rhules record because he couldn't beat teams that vastly out talented his.
  15. He's been pushing this agenda for two years. At least he's consistent. lol It is truly amazing how this works on the Huddlez. Someone chimes in, and the Goal Posts move. Someone else chimes in, and they move some more.
  16. You'd think I would have learned that by now. But nooo. I'm too hard headed I guess.
  17. Globally, as of 6:17pm CEST, 29 July 2021, there have been 195,886,929 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 4,189,148 deaths, reported to WHO. This isn't a choice of whether to get a tattoo or piercing. This is a Global killer.
  18. I''m sorry, were you talking to me? I quit listening when you said "As a constant Devils Advocate." You are only in this for the attention. I refuse to play that game. Bye Bye.
  19. First you say we did far too little. Now you want to quantify that by say we didn't bring in anyone worth having. Moving the ol Goal Posts are we? lol Also, we brought back Miller. So that's 3 FA Olinemen.
  20. IMO, our Red Zone ails were mostly on Teddy. As a 6 year Vet, he should know when a play is doomed to fail. Instead he'd run that play, and have an excuse. If he had balls, he would have run an audible to a play he actual thought might work. As a Vet, you have to be the man. Either, call TO, or change the play. But by all means. Don't run a play that is doomed to fail.
  21. We brought in 3 FA Linemen, drafted 2, and brought in 1 UDFA. Care to reevaluate your claim?
  22. Dis on a good pass. Imagine what happens if/when he has a bad day? Way too many Huddlerz, who are supposed to be Panther fans by the way. Are way too eager to dis on our own players. One has to wonder why?
  23. Not gonna lie. This thought has been percolating in my brain ever since we traded for him. The talent is there. The question is, can we get the best out of him? Everything I have heard or read, this kid gets it.
  24. So...You went from this. To this. To finally this. Must be windy. Cuz those GoalPosts moved quite a bit.,
  25. When I first saw it, I blamed DJ. Then, the more I watched it, I blamed Sam. Point being. Not sure who to blame. But it WAS a pick 6. That is the one play we cannot have, or defend.
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