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  1. At 3-4, we should not be trading any future picks for anyone. I don’t care if it’s Tom Brady.
  2. Rhule and Fitterer had the kid as an Elite 2nd round Guard and 3rd round tackle. LMFAO. Two Clownes that have fooled the entire Panthers fan base.
  3. Rhule Should go ahead and do us all A favor and resign. Go back to the college ranks you idiot.
  4. Just because you’re a great hedge funder doesn’t make you a great NFL owner. Football is football, not analytics. It’s sports, not math you dumb bald idiot.
  5. College coaching staffs coaching like a college coaching staffs
  6. Go get Watson!!! Those women can suck the D. They knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. They just want some money.
  7. Rhule and Fitterer wasted a 2nd rounder on a QB we all knew sucked.
  8. Yeah I’m ready for this to happen. Darnold can suck it. We need a franchise QB and player that will get fans back inside the stadium. I know what Watson did was wrong but those women knew exactly what was going on. Now, they’re just trying to get some free money. Watson is actually the innocent party here. He was used to them gold diggers.
  9. That team and coaching staffs got us Cam Newton
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