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  1. Goddamn. Anyway point still remains. Weird poo.
  2. He’s honestly played about what I expected. Said he’d have statistically the best year he’s ever had because of Brady’s system. The thing that surprised me is he took over that Texans game when I legitimately thought he’d fall apart when cmc went down. He made big time throws in big time moments. Those off platform throws were throws I knew he was capable of but not in those moments where it’s needed. He’s trending up for sure. That said he needs to stop fumbling the damn ball in the pocket. He’s holding onto the ball with one hand instead of two. I’m not sure if this is something that can be fixed in year 4 and he never sensed those rushers which is concerning to me.
  3. La’el has had a weird time in four years. Goes from 1st round prospect to undrafted on a bogus association to a double homicide the day before the draft and now this.
  4. The bears, jets, chargers i like watching the young qbs. I think Herbert is gonna be an mvp down the road. And if they build the team around him the right way possibly super bowl champion. Green Bay and 49ers for nfc and obviously Dallas and philly Monday night
  5. I’d shut horn down for the season. He’s a rookie. We’re building something here not just this year. No reason to rush him back.
  6. I’m guessing he’s gonna be out 3-4 weeks. I hope he heals up and doesn’t reaggravate it down the stretch when we need him most.
  7. His body was not this way going into the nfl. I’m not saying he’s used hgh but it’s obvious that he’s formed his body to try to take this workload and he’s now on the 4th injury in 1 year. Doesn’t feel like he’s naturally built this way. If I’m the staff I’m telling him his role is going to be much different next year and he needs to hit off-season work outs to reflect the role change. if his role doesn’t change he’s gonna be washed shortly.
  8. It’s been 3 games. Robby will get his production.
  9. I don’t think it’s a bad comparison. Samuel was always a hybrid runningback at osu that we tried to force into a strictly receiver role when we first drafted him. When we used him properly I.e. running back touches, screens and slot. Crucial 3rd down plays he got 1000k yards from scrimmage and 6 or 7 tds can’t remember. Like think of that terrace Marshall bubble screen we have been using. Use cmc in roles like that. Maybe Edelman or Harvin is a better comparison for people but Samuel isn’t far off.
  10. And just for reference cmc would be on his 5th year option right now if we hadn’t signed him after his 3RD YEAR. These are decisions dumb franchises make.
  11. Yeah I’m not understanding the hate on this post. Use him like a Percy Harvin/Julian Edelman/Curtis Samuel type player. Run him out of the backfield a handful of times a game and work him out of the slot. He can lengthen his career this way, earn that huge contract and still do a lot of damage. His body is not holding up as a pure rb. The huddle has this weird fetish with cmc instead of looking at and understanding reality. That’s 4 injuries in the span of a year. That’s really fuging bad. You go to a committee and the coaching staff is still gonna run him into the ground. You go with hot hands. They won’t take him off the field. Injuries rinse and repeat.
  12. Not really. We ran Curtis out of the backfield a couple times a game, ran him on screens and out of the slot. Problem with committees is coaches tend to go with the hot hand. They will still overwork cmc that way. His role needs to be redefined. I’d rather get a rb in here who can go 20 handoffs a game and use cmc in other ways. He can still be used as a safety outlet in the receiving game. Give him a couple touches at rb. He’s taking too much abuse. If his role doesn’t change his career won’t last long. Dude can be deadly in the slot and will lengthen his career.
  13. The injuries are piling up. And before you say we don’t know how bad the hamstring injury is, it was enough to sit him for basically this entire game. Cmc is a freak of nature. If we want to get the most years out of him we need to get a full time rb who can handle a workload and use cmc primarily in the receiving game with a handful of rb touches a game. He can be one of the best slot receivers and his career will last much longer.
  14. Agreed. These are the types of games I was talking about Sam needing to show. Texans are an ok defense but he stepped up and delivered. Hope he continues to get better.
  15. Just sit him the entire season. Don’t rush him back. He’s a rookie. Let that thing heal.
  16. David Newton just reported it’s a broken foot. It’s David Newton but hopefully it’s true and not an achilles
  17. If it’s an Achilles he might never be the same. That’s really depressing.
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