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  1. The rumor I’ve heard and what I think his agent put out is that he’s “double jointed in his thumb” so it doesn’t matter. That’s even more suspect to me lol
  2. Agreed but so was Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. Patrick was so raw. Same type of draft questions and people thought he could drop to the second round. Mechanics were wacky. The arm talent just splashed every game. He went to literally the perfect situation. Allen similar things. Very inaccurate. I said before if we knew for a fact rhule was gonna be here for the next two years that might change my personal decision. He’s just not gonna get proper coaching and development it seems like. willis runs a sub 4.4 40 and is incredibly shifty in and out of the pocket with an absolute cannon. He’s had to work with a shitty line and make things happen off script. And can drop huge passes on a dime. I was just watching some of his games and he flicked a 60 yard td in stride to the receiver off his back foot. He’s the most talented qb in this draft imo but also the biggest bust potential. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. If I had to pick one qb it would be him just to swing for the fences type of deal. I’m using Allen and Mahomes as a litmus test with the way the nfl has changed into a qb driven league. We need someone crazy talented that can be molded. But of course I’m not sure if we have the staff capable of that.
  3. I hope If we draft Pickett the first question a reporter asks is why they picked a guy with way below average hand size that can’t be overcome by technique but passed on slater because he has shorter arms that can be overcome by technique and just made 2nd team all pro.
  4. Yeah this isn’t the same as LTs with short arms who can make it up with technique. There’s no technique to make up for small hands throwing the football. I was corrected the size of the nfl ball is bigger than college and he wears a glove because of this makes it that much worse. I didn’t want this guy out of the rest of the qbs to begin with and now I really don’t. Willis and Corral should be the only ones worth discussing with a first round pick regardless of a trade down.
  5. I don’t think college balls are smaller anymore. As far as op. Mahomes and burrow have an inch larger hand than Pickett. That is significant. The dude wears gloves literally because he has small hands for grip. Like Teddy but even Teddy has larger hands.
  6. I saw Willis throw a 60 yard bomb to a receiver in stride off his back foot. He’s the most talented qb in this draft but again, crazy raw.
  7. Imagine having to play a play off game in January snow with a guy who has 8” hands. All that stuff about burrow having 9” hands I thought was stupid. This however is a real concern.
  8. His agent definitely put out that double jointed thumb bs lol
  9. They’re so small that it is a reason for concern. You hear it come up from time to time with prospects and this dudes hands are like an inch shorter than those prospects that have worried teams. For perspective he has the third smallest hands of any qb prospect in the past like 40 years lol. That’s kind of scary.
  10. If you’re looking for the next Mahomes/Allen in this draft you take Willis. Best arm talent in the draft, dynamic playmaking ability but super fuging raw. Mahomes and Allen were both of those things coming in. if you wanna take the next Carr/cousins it’s Pickett imo. I’m just gonna assume Rhule is gonna lean towards the Pickett types which I think is a big mistake. I’m not one to look at measurables because if you can play you can play but this dudes hands are fuging tiny.
  11. Bet you didn’t watch that Texans defense in 2020
  12. They are a billion times better than that 2020 Texans defense. Just remember a lot of these defensive pieces are in there 1st 2nd or 3rd year. Room to grow more. And the last part you don’t know yet. But I’d be ok with packaging burns as long as we resign reddick. If we don’t package burns then don’t resign reddick.
  13. I already did. They had the worst defense in the league. Watson kept them in games only losing by 8 points or less except for 4 games. They only got blown out once. He is a total freak show putting up over 5k total yards and 35 tds and he’s not even hit his prime. We however don’t have the worst defense in the league with a very strong core of young talented pieces that plays well with a lead.
  14. Could be. Another team could emerged. If I’m Watson I wouldn’t pick here but don’t know what kind of options he has left. If if the team Flores gets hired to even wants watson. If he isn’t traded again this off-season I’m out. Just keep trying to get the guy through the draft and there’s a big chance we won’t have a playoff caliber team for another 5-10 years if not more. These types of qbs are super rare. And if we wanna win championships we’re gonna need a qb that can go toe to toe with Mahomes, Allen or burrow (eventually).
  15. The only thing that makes me feel like we have a chance is Miami is out of the running. He wouldn’t waive his no trade clause here because that gives Houston leverage to pick between the two. He preferred Miami. Houston probably would’ve taken our deal to get him out of the AFC. There were reports we had the better offer.
  16. There are ways to make it fit with how you structure it. Don’t look at this as a single year either. This is a long term acquisition. We don’t need to sign another corner to a long term deal when we have 3 young corners with talent on rookie deals. and either trade burns or don’t resign reddick. I wouldn’t keep both if we did this.
  17. And anyone saying look at his 2020 season when they went 4-12. That defense was the worst in the league and they still only lost by 8 points or less for the majority of those games because of deshaun. This after trading their best wr for a second round pick. He still put up 5k total yards and 35 tds. Dude technically isn’t even in his prime yet. Still has room to grow. this defense is good and even elite at times and are built to play with a lead. We have enough pieces on defense and skill players on offense right now. Only thing we’d need to do this upcoming year is figure out a way to get one or two FA olineman so it’s not a complete mess. But I even think DW is one of the few qbs who could make the line work like joe burrow. He is elite inside and outside the pocket.
  18. The only point that concerns me is the last one. If his legal stuff is straightened out the rest are irrelevant. He apparently didn’t waive his trade clause to us because of Miami. He wanted to go there and that’s not happening anymore. point b is nonsense you can make the contract work for next year. As far as c we absolutely could field a competitive team and this isn’t just about next year. It’s about the next decade plus. 3 firsts is actually 2 because deshaun would be our pick at #6 this draft. You’d be getting a known 25 year old elite franchise qb. Wouldn’t be us gambling on an unknown qb in the draft because dw already is a known. the debate shouldn’t be about it making sense. It does make sense. The debate should be if this path is better than another path. Do we have a better chance at building up the team and securing a legit elite qb within the next five years or do we have a better chance with deshaun without two first round picks in that same time frame of five years?
  19. He has been bad this year with questionable calls and decisions. talk to some bengals fans they’re already comparing him to Tony dungy in Indy with Peyton. Elite talents that carry mediocre to bad coaches.
  20. Ask bengals fans what they think of their HC. They win in spite of him.
  21. Bengals do not have a good head coach and they’re in the championship game. We need an elite qb.
  22. Brady and Rodgers are not hanging with these dudes. Herbert can.
  23. This is what people are not understanding. The time is now. Trade for Watson, get some FA olineman and go compete.
  24. Watson is legitimately the only qb that could hang with Allen and Mahomes right now.
  25. Bengals are gonna get wrecked lol
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