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  1. A new coach is probably gonna want his own guy. Not a late 3rd round rookie. This staff is doing corral zero favors. There were some practices where he didn’t get any snaps at all or like two. Meanwhile the two other 3rd round picks on the falcons and titans got tons of snaps in camp and in preseason. They faired much better. I’m not some huge corral fan but they are setting him up to fail.
  2. Dude has had barely any snaps at practice and y’all are acting surprised. Matt Rhule is a horrible coach.
  3. Meanwhile malik Willis started an entire half. This coaching staff is a fuging joke
  4. I mean our dline depth is not good. There should be some concern
  5. Great play by Sam but we all know what the fug is gonna happen if he starts in the regular season
  6. Robby should’ve had that it was a good defensive play though
  7. I kind of get icky not being out there but Bozeman not at center? Lol
  8. But it’s why I like taking chances on these high IQ raw athletes with a drive to be great. Willis and Lance have it. Josh Allen and Mahomes have it. I think Corral has got some things going for him except for his height/weight. He’s slender and needs to bulk up.
  9. He has a tendency to throw high. It’s something he’s gonna have to continue to work on. But this season is essentially his first. He’s got so much room to grow and he’s in a great spot.
  10. This is key. Willis landed in a perfect spot. There is no pressure and he can sit and learn and be coached up. He has all the intangibles and ability.
  11. Malik is gonna be special and all the haters will act like they didn’t talk poo about him for months predraft
  12. I’ll be surprised if corral looks good. He’s had barely any snaps throughout camp.
  13. I still think his best work was with the drive by truckers but his solo stuff is very very good.
  14. Robby is a 1k reciever and showed what he could do with Teddy who doesn’t even have an arm to stretch the field which is Robby’s strength with his speed. Darnold is the worst starting qb in the league. I know it’s in fashion right now to hate Robby but I expect he’ll be back to form with a more competent qb. I think dj is a superstar with a good qb. WR play is heavily dependent on qb play and we’ve had terrible qb play. tmj is a wildcard I have no clue what he’s gonna do. But that 1/2 punch is a strength. We need a qb.
  15. He’s not at all but the qb is what is holding this group back. This group is a strength on the team imo.
  16. The QB is the problem not the WRs.
  17. Just cut Sam already and give corral those reps.
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