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  1. I'd still gladly take him or Lance if they dropped to 8. Keeping all our other picks would be huge. It's looking like Wilson is almost certainly going to either the Jets , Falcons , or some team that trades up high.
  2. That's not really surprising given their QB options available otherwise. Problem is his shoulder just shot? I saw him just inexplicably ground several balls last season . They definitely need some more WR talent but Cam needs to improve too . Having a mid round pick isn't that great of a position to be in. Not sure how they are looking cap wise but if they were smart they'd draft a couple wr high and sign a marquee one in free agency . I think their oline is pretty good and RB are solid .
  3. Honestly Id love to have Watson but I wouldn't be happy trading several years worth of draft picks and high profile players for him. Your throwing all your chips in one basket and if you fail you may be screwed for a while . Just wish there was a way to get him on a reasonable deal . Because the signs are pointing to us giving away way too many assets from a REBUILDING team to sell out for a QB . You'll have to hope Fiterrer will be striking gold on those mid to late rounders for years in a row . Because we wouldn't be able to afford Hurney esque post round 1 draft classes because yo
  4. Why would you try to heckle a athlete at a public event I'm not sure. Just mind your own business if you got nothing good to say. Especially in the age of social media people still haven't learned anything they say or do is instantly recorded .
  5. Would gladly take either draft. You can replace Wilson and Ellinger with whatever QB the Panthers decide on is their guy . There's some insane value in a trade down not going to lie . Could basically rebuild the whole oline and shore up the rest of the d in one draft . And if you suck again in 2021 then you draft or trade up for a pat mahomes / watson esque prospect with a much better team around them .
  6. Not really . Only future pick being traded is next year's first and we keep our 2nd rounders this and the following which is huge
  7. That's not bad at all draft capital wise . They should do that if they really believe in Fields . Or Wilson if he's there . Alot is riding on what the Jets end up doing at 2
  8. I'd honestly be worried about our ability to rebuild the oline and reinforce the D trading that many high picks away in two consecutive years.
  9. This has to be the first mock I've seen thus far by a non fan with a Panthers trade up senario. Would you be okay with this ? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/three-round-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-jets-trade-out-of-no-2-overall-pick
  10. Remmers got toasted by shaq barrett
  11. Trading a first for him at this point would be incredibly stupid. Trading anything else though and kicking the tires wouldn't be terrible I guess. It's hard to say how much of his woes were due to the Jets organization being inept and how much was him just being a bad QB. I personally don't want any projects like Wentz , Darnold , or Trubisky. I'd rather draft someone or get someone you know is good like Watson. Just docking around with medicore to bad free agents may have us in a perpetual 4-12 to 8-8 seasons until we get a good QB
  12. There was really no reason to win those 5 games we won this season. I wouldve loved to get Lawerence
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