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  1. I saw cmc do extreme work here and we definitely didn't have the best o line in the league in 2018 and 2019 when he was healthy Maybe miles doesn't suck per say but if he really was that dude he'd be doing a lot better than he has the past couple games
  2. We need Foreman, Corbett, and Christensen back. And Wilks lol. Realistically though, give Chubba a lot more carries. He's been doing better than Sanders but they keep sticking with Sanders. Also diversify the run calls. They keep running sanders up the gut like he's a power back when we don't even have 1 power back on the entire roster.
  3. We are absolutely fuged at cb man.
  4. Strongly agree but we also just need to draft better in general. Check my draft thread most of our drafts in the last decade have been horrible
  5. Yea some of those are debatable. Chin had a good year but recently hasn't done much I kinda struggled to justify adding him. I guess by my lower standards he's been a consistent contributor but idk how good he's been outside year 1.
  6. I almost didn't even include this year's draft. But from the early signs it could possibly be the worst draft the panthers ever had if Bryce and Mingo fail.
  7. Are we really almost 500 despite all the losing we've been doing since 2018??? Worst are Jets, Browns, Jags, Giants, Bears apparently. Didn't realize the jags was that bad yeesh. They've got the worst losing percent by a landslide
  8. We've been generally terrible at drafting for several years and its an huge contributing factor to our losing mostly since 2017. Let's go over last 10 years: Either a pick is a hit or miss given, I consider a pick a hit if the player was at least a good or great contributor for more than 1 year to the team. I tried to be a little lenient in the sense they don't have to be super stars or pro bowler 2019 to 2022 in particular are extremely bad and those probably have the highest impact on this current team. 2013: 3/5 hits (Star, Short, AJ Klein) 2014: 4/6 hits (KB, T.Turner, T.Boston, B. benwikere) 2015: 2/5 (Shaq, Funchess) 2016: 1/5 (Bradberry) 2017: 3/7 (CMC, Samuel, Moton) 2018: 2/8 (DJ Moore, Donte Jackson) 2019: 1/7 (Brian Burns) 2020: 1/7 (Derrick Brown) 2021: 1/11 (Brady Christensen) 2022: 1/6 (Ickey Ekwonu) 2023: 2/5 (Almost impossible to grade but, maybe Bryce and Mingo.) **a little hard to grade due to KB being a bit controversial but he definitely contributed to the team for more than a year ** 2021 is a little debatable but Horn has been comprised due to injury, I don't think Hubbard has been that good just decent. These drafts are much worse if you grade more harshly. A lot of people don't think KB or Funchess were worth much
  9. 4.0 ypc vs Falcons 3.1 ypc vs Saints 2.7 ypc vs Seahawks Pretty underwhelming considering what we were doing with Foreman last year. It's also sort of baffling they don't even try to use the other backs much. The panthers have made so many shitty moves from draft picks to free agents man. Jesus Christ man.
  10. I compared him to cams rookie performance you could argue that's not fair but I call bull poo . We traded away a lot more assets to get Bryce, Cam was our last #1 overall pick and he balled from game 1 I just hate how divided the Bryce pick made our fan base. And it's going to get progressively worse until he improves his performance, regardless of the reasons why he's been underperformed. I was griping that we picked young and I think I was almost banned here in the off season so I just stopped. All was trying to say is people here just didn't even consider the possibility that Bryce would fail and thats why everyone here is reacting so badly to his underperformance. Almost everyone got sacked up in to the hype train and it was a tsunami that drowned out any dissenting voices.
  11. What the actual fug is this season Watch Dalton actually play some competent football win if he starts. Then poo will really hit the fan here
  12. He's an injury prone bust he can go home permanently for all I care
  13. Funchess did way more than Marshall has done
  14. None of that matters if you can't score points.
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