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  1. Part of me wants to see how badly the huddle implodes if we draft AR or Levis
  2. I like our current ones but I just hate how often they wear white. Panthers are fuging black cats... You notice any of the edited images of Stroud or Young wearing panthers unis most of them are in the blacks or blues? That's pretty telling
  3. I've been on the huddle since 2010 iirc. I've only had 2 avatars. I had one of an anime character for several years, I got excited about CMC in 2017 off-season and changed it that once EDIT changed it to a CJ Stroud in in black panthers uni
  4. I've been noticing this a lot this off season. I don't understand how the Bears are almost universally praised while all the moves the Panthers made are unilaterally dismissed by non Panther fans (fans of other teams). Is it because we've been irrelevant for so long for 5 years? Or what? It's like they find every possible flaw or negative possible in our moves and think we'll still find a way to suck. Maybe our team just has to prove it on the field to get some respect. But I remember during 2015 people still fugin hated the Panthers what is the deal man We need multiple winning seasons and super bowl wins for some street cred. Apparently. I think if you gave our situation to almost any team that sucked last season they'd be hooping and hollering . fug man. What team in the NFC really striking fear in your heart right now? They might be laughing at us maybe they should be laughing at themselves.
  5. There's always good teams every year that are much worse the next year and bad teams from prior year that get much better Most predictions are jacked up due to this imo in the off season. Most people aren't good at predicting the good and bad teams. Example the NFC east basically went from bottom feeders to winners. Packers shat themselves, Broncos shat themselves. A lot of people were fairly low on the cheifs bc of Tyreek leaving. Also the draft is really going to shake things up. For the Panthers particularly I think it's mostly dependant on health. Our CBs in particular keep getting injured every year, if they were both healthy last year we could've even won a playoff game or two, and that was with questionable QB play, interim coach without his own selected players, and Macadoo at OC. With everything we got already in the off season even just starting Dalton I think we could easily be a playoff team. If Young or Stroud is even remotely decent you're definitely looking at wild card + unless we get some critical injuries. I really think at minimum 8-9. Maximum 13-4 . Yea that's extraordinarily lofty for a new coaching staff and rookie qb but roster is stacked if healthy. Getting bunch of injuries you could throw all that out though. Injuries are usually key.
  6. I can't change it to assuage all the cry baby's in this thread so you're stuck with it. I've already explained multiple times but people like to be selectively aggressive and ignore everything else. At least some people tried to see the point I was trying to make instead of assuming the fetal position and crying about good or great qbs.
  7. That wr argument is bull after burrow did what he did.
  8. I just analyze the top QBs selected in pick 1 to 12 in 2000 to 2022. More often than not its the 2nd qb selected that ends up being a bust vs how often the first selected qb is a bust 12 out of 19 years (in 3 particular years no qbs were taken in top 12 picks), the top QB was not a bust.
  9. Is that going off of what you consider as great or what the original post listed as great? If it's the original post, ignore that and consider all good or great qbs as "good"
  10. I think we can all agree non of them are ideal targets for our WR#1 but they're all still free agents for a reason . They've all struggled with injury lately but have good talent/capability when healthy. I'd gladly take Beckham or Chark, prefer Chark he's younger and probably cheaper than all 3 listed. Probably not trading for one with us being in a draft pick hole starting 2024 but if they do, I'd gladly take Hopkins or Jeudy. We definitely need SOMEONE that's capable of explosive plays. Right now we might have 0 WRs capable of that. I'd pick one of those listed dudes and draft a WR in R2.
  11. I'd make a disclaimer or change the original post into just good and not good vs great but I can't. That was my mistake now everyone's just going to hyper focus on the wrong thing, the good vs great qbs isn't my point. My point is the busts vs non busts especially as it relates to first QB taken. The biggest take away is #1 QB selected had about 63% of not being a bust. That seems to imply taking QB first overall is less of a crapshoot then some people make it out to be and might assuage some people's fears of it not working out.
  12. In fact reclassifiying the good and greats into 1 "good" category makes it more concise and less prone to mockery from the peanut gallery 23 busts 5 average QBs 18 good QBs 23 busts vs 23 avg or good QBs #1 QB 63% chance of being "non bust"
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