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  1. We've all heard Rhules thoughts but what are yours? Is it mostly offense or defense or do you lay equal blame I blame mostly the offense..They try to play the entire game with no urgency like they have a 28 point lead and they wait until late in the 4th to play well. That and the 3rd quarter problems in particular lead me to believe it's primarily a coaching problem. We see the offense Actually light up late in games but they are lackadaisical otherwise. It think its bs that rule is blaming the defense so much. They kept all opponents not named Dallas or Minnesota to 21 points or less. Even against Dallas and Minnesota they kept these teams to low point totals through the entire first half of the game and I believe they got gassed by an inept offense constantly putting them on the field. They aren't totally exempt from blame (I'm looking at that big drop-off in sacks and run D in particular) but given the circumstances the defense has been mostly good imo. And do they allow Vikings and Dallas to score that many points if the offense wasn't committing egregious turnovers and constantly going 3 and out? Probably not .
  2. The boards not going to melt down if we lose lol. The last 3 losses have people depressed as opposed to passionately angry. If we lose its just more of the same and exactly what most would expect to happen
  3. We could win but after the last 3 weeks I'm damn sure not expecting a win
  4. If we finish with less than 5 wins rhule should be canned immediately at season end
  5. And yall dummies crucified me for bringing up cam the other week
  6. I'm a hard-core fan and even I'm questioning whether I want to keep watching this team . Wow
  7. I'm turning this game off if the panthers don't score this drive
  8. Watching this team on Sundays is ruining my weekend
  9. 3rd and long and throw if behind the LOS. Are you shitting me Joe Brady???
  10. If anyone's wondering why the fan presence is so bad.. this is why. Nobody wants to watch s.h.i.t. football every Sunday
  11. I think I can find something better to do on Sundays than watch this clownshow
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