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  1. Really good way to start a draft but you know the draft never goes exactly the way you expect it to go
  2. Tepper is the direct cause of this downward spiral the teams been on for the last half decade
  3. If he was pick 33 that would be straight up trolling by Dan Morgan. With any decent WRs Centers/Guards or pass rushers on the board. No fuging way.
  4. I don't know If that's a good thing. At the very least these rumors of an overly obvious obsession/early reports remind of last draft. Debate what you will but everyone saw the year CJ had vs Bryce. Going by what we've heard thus far it would seem like they're locked in on Legette Not sure that there is any threat of him going in R1 unless someone makes a surprise pick.
  5. The best one from last year was DJ Johnson. Every panther channel I followed who reacted to it live were genuinely thrown off by it and I was too. Even among some of the draft heads this pick seemed to come out of left field. Also to some degree not many were expecting Mingo either. Bryce was a boring pick because there had been too many different rumors 3 weeks and less leading to draft day. I do remember seeing a dude there on draft day wearing a Panthers jersey with "Stroud" on it, people were laughing at him but in hindsight its not so funny anymore.
  6. Not a big fan of any of these pairings I find it interesting that a lot of places have us taking WR and CB instead of WR and Center
  7. My favorite WRs are Franklin, Worthy, and A.Mitchell. Not a popular take I guess. Almost everyone else is lusting over the Mingo clone.
  8. Makes no sense at all https://www.profootballnetwork.com/pfn-consensus-2024-nfl-mock-draft-april-13/ 33 Kool Aid McKinstry CB Alabama 39 Trey Benson RB Florida State 65 Malachi Corley WR Western KY 101 Spencer Rattler QB USCarolina 141 Hunter Nourzad OC Penn State 142 Braelon Allen RB WI 240 Eric Watts Edge UCONN Two RBs??? No o line until late. What is the logic for getting a RB at pick 39 instead of a C, WR, DR, or LB?? Corley seems like a project.
  9. That was a really good write up. I'd love those first 2 picks but it's so hard to not see one of them being a WR. I guess in a way that would seriously say something about how highly they value those dudes if neither are a WR.
  10. Blah Not a big fan of that one. Maybe a decent CB, and then Coleman is probably the least exciting pick we could make at WR. The mid round picks are solid at least.
  11. I really want one of the picks to be a center unless Barton, JPJ, and Frazier are all gone I guess. And if that was the case that probably pushes someone down to us at 33 who isn't supposed to be there .
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