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  1. Kalabrya Gondrezick ... what a name
  2. There's pretty much no excuse by now. He's the only great Olineman we have. The Panthers have been notorious for not being able to field a continuous good oline for a long time . What not re signing moton and not prioritizing oline in a draft that was absolutely stacked with talent , tells me the current staff thinks they can just cobble together a bunch of poorly performing or oft injured cast aways from numerous different teams and somehow make it work while relying more on their skill position players and coaching. If we have a predictable poo show at oline next year ? Wouldn't be surprised but it's 100% the staffs fault for not putting enough effort into fixing it.
  3. Dudes going to be 34 by the time the season gets going and he's going to be playing a position he's never played before ? I'm just curious if he gets any playtime or he's just there to be some sort of cheerleader
  4. The problem is when people adopt the mindset that if you aren't optimistic then you aren't a fan . People obliterated me about being negative on teddy early and I see how that turned out lol
  5. I feel like it'll be really difficult to make schedule predictions when I have no clue what to expect from either Darnold or the Oline
  6. I hope he starts on the oline this season. I'm still upset the Lions got Sewell. I actually made a thread not too long before the draft that multiple mocks had the Lions or chargers getting Sewell right before our pick and that's exactly what happened. Christensen is alot older that's a pretty big downside if he isn't good or starting out of the gate. I had the feeling the staff was treating addressing the oline as an afterthought this draft and possibly they are way higher on Elflien and Erving than almost everyone else is (really you could say the same for Sam Darnold). Needless to say the excuses are now out of the window. If team is somehow bad next year I'll be pissed because it'll be in the back of my head we could've got Fields for nothing and drafted oline high twice in a row.
  7. The fug out of here with that poo . I'm just saying I don't have much faith in oft injured free agent olineman (who have a history of poor performance on previous teams they were on) we've been bringing in for quite a while now . If they actually stay healthy and play lights out of course that's a good thing.
  8. I'm really hoping Christensen is a day one starter. LT was a gigantic need and Fiterer / Rule took their sweet time before trying to address it. If he can't beat out Elflien or Erving then that is a big problem given all the LT prospects we could've gotten R1-R3
  9. We definitely massively improved the roster overall from last year and we were in every game besides two of them . With good qb play we could be in the playoffs . With bad qb play well get another mediocre record like we have been getting for the past 3 season straight. We have too much talent overall to win less than 4 games or so .
  10. I think the team is good but everything heavily depends on how well Darnold does. The early 90s cowboys definitely had a much better oline . We got several new pieces this offseason so maybe it'll be good ? Big question mark right now though . Darnold and the oline need to work . Everything else is looking pretty good. Lots of young talent on offense and defense .
  11. Relatively big name OGs Trey Smith and Deonte Brown are still on the board . Would be ecstatic with either of them with R4 Pick 4. Other picks I'm not sure I didn't do alot of research into the very late rounders. Likely won't make the team but you never know I guess. Antonio Brown was a 6th rounder .
  12. Draft is simply a crapshoot R4 and on. If we get even one consistent contributor from 4-7 round picks it's a steal.
  13. Yeesh Meinerz would been an insane value at our last pick in the 3rd. Hopefully the tremble move isn't a Hurney esque project
  14. If Christensen actually ends up being a Gross level LT then we can shuffle LG and RG until we find serviceable dudes I guess. Can't have all stars at every position it's not realistic
  15. Have to agree. We traded down way too much . I would've personally picked up Radunz in R2 and Humphrey /Meinerz/Cleveland in R3
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