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  1. At this point you gotta make a change. I see no signs pointing to us winning this game. You invested this much in a qb and you’ll ruin him if you don’t do something like give the playcalling to a McVay disciple. There’s no other option left. We are all sitting here calling out what plays are coming next. It’s bad. Bryce is not physically gifted enough to compensate for horrendous playcalling.
  2. Playcalling and who we are utilizing is fuging painful. Ian Thomas gets hit in the fugin face that would’ve been 6. Shenault should’ve been ran at the 1 yard line but we got a highly paid miles sanders running straight into offensive lineman while chuba is getting hot as well. Please pass the playcalling to Thomas this is so fuging bad.
  3. Remember how you wrongly posted that our receivers are getting open insinuating it’s just Bryce’s fault but in reality it was just a busted play? Yeah that’s why I responded to you. Youre not smart. You just run on pure emotion. I want us to win because I’m a fan and I also don’t want the bears to get a top 5 pick in our conference.
  4. I legitimately wouldn’t be opposed to this as long as the upgrade the receiving core and the offensive line starts to gel more.
  5. Sometimes children need to be put in their place. You expected a 400 yard 3 td performance and didn’t get it so you lost your mind and blamed the wrong person.
  6. It’s so weird it’s like Cam in reverse. We had posters on here saying Cam wasn’t a franchise qb after year 2. It’s pure emotion because the qb doesn’t look or play the way they want. You support qbs by their traits. Cam had a 1400 yard all pro receiver, two solid TE’s and two pro bowl running backs with a solid offensive line. These offensive pieces are fuging horrible. The #1 goal this season should be to not ruin Bryce at this point. And fitterer should be fired.
  7. 15 yards? You’re a child. He’s had two opportunities. One quit on the route and he overthrew one. 2 games for a rookie. Again the most emotional poster on this board. This offense is a fuging mess. He’s not a physical freak like Richardson. We’ve known this. We chose to support him this way with THIS playcalling as a rookie.
  8. I was one of the biggest proponents of us drafting stroud or taking a chance on Richardson. But I’m not fuging blind on what is happening.
  9. It was a busted coverage. You’re the most emotional dumbass on this board
  10. Yeah man totally Bryce is gonna be good. He’s a rookie. We’ve set him up to fail.
  11. Just remember that fitterer said we could drop a qb in and go. He needs to be fired.
  12. No more blaming Bryce. Very obvious Frank needs to hand over playcalling and fitt needs to be fired. It’s why some of us were banging the table for a dhop or someone Bryce could throw up to as a security blanket since we traded DJ. this franchise is absolute trash.
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