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  1. He’s never getting another nfl shot and he knows it.
  2. I was literally about to post this. The guy was all about image instead of substance. Heard a few things about him being such a control freak that he even got involved in panthers media stuff. Remember in some of his press conferences him talking about watching players interviews to see what they said. I think this is because he really didn’t know much about football. He was just a rah rah preacher type coach. Which I said from day 1 wouldn’t work in the nfl.
  3. Definitely not getting the top 2 picks. Maybe we get lucky with Levis or AR15
  4. Denver has to fire Hackett to see if they can get a coach to salvage Wilson. It’s honestly shocking to me how bad he’s looked.
  5. Imagine simping for Sam fuging Darnold and throwing shots at the best qb this franchise has ever had by a long shot.
  6. Wait have we really not scored a td in the first quarter all season? Lol
  7. I wasted 30 min watching. It’s what you would expect. Blames covid since he’s more of a rah rah guy instead of X’s and O’s it was hard for him the first year and some of the second. Doubling down that what he does works. Thinks what he does would’ve worked eventually but understands he had to win quicker. Mentioned our record in the NFCS. Said he’ll learn from this experience in whatever level he’s coaching in he’ll use it to be better. Mentioned high school coaching a lot so I have no idea if that means he’s not getting a lot of calls.
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