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  1. Stroud has the frame for 220lbs. He is a prototype at 6’3”. Young does not have that frame. He will be playing 190-200lbs at 5’10”. It just is what it is. I’m not arguing for either one at this point. Be happy with either. But acting like size/weight is not a concern is stupid.
  2. Are you really comparing Bryce to zach Wilson lol
  3. Don’t care between Bryce or CJ. We’re gonna get a good qb talent.
  4. It’s definitely better because we’re not the worst team in the league which you usually get with the #1 pick.
  5. Something tj said about stroud is that he will make the #53 guy on the roster feel like he is just as important as the #1 guy on the team. Said he builds relationships with everyone. Raved about him as a person. if I had to bet cj is the guy.
  6. I’m sure that’s the case sometimes but on sundays if you want to win championships you need a qb who can make off platform plays in crunch time like we’ve seen from both qbs, bryce more regularly.
  7. Bryce does this poo on a regular basis. CJ has shown he CAN do it + he’s the best passer in this draft. I dunno man. Tough decision for the FO.
  8. Georgia game kinda shattered this. I’m sure there are stats backing this up but if that Georgia game is any indication on what he can do he has a high ceiling. I’m to the point where I literally don’t care who we decide between stroud and young though. Ill be excited with either.
  9. I think a lot of this is them lobbying for him to join the panthers not necessarily that a deal is gonna get done. I wouldn’t be surprised if we signed him at this point though.
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