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  1. Not sure what that has to do with him being ok with Carolina.
  2. I’m just shocked Rodgers would even want to come here
  3. Rodgers wouldn’t even want to come here.
  4. I have a feeling Cam is gonna ball out this year. They loaded up their offense and they’re getting key pieces back on defense from covid opt outs. if he doesn’t and is pedestrian there is no excuses coming from me. That might be one of the more talented rosters Cam has had to work with.
  5. I know he had the job because of his relationship with fits but this is a really good hire regardless.
  6. I’d rather pay an LT then an RT but the reality is Moton is the only good known we have right now. Which is why I thought drafting an RT might have been a good move for us. Use moton money to target a vet FA LT next year and let the 2nd year RT start.
  7. Yeah. I think it’s ok to be looking at what happens with Fields in chicago compared to Darnold here. The staff made a decision that they’re gonna have to live with but it was a big decision for this franchise. Tbh fields landing in chicago might ease the doubts because that org is terrible with qbs. This isn’t something we are gonna know for certain after year 1 or even 2. We’ll see.
  8. This is absolutely NOT why they call us “whine and cheese” fans lol
  9. Tbf Gase did not want bell and it showed. They didn’t run him the way he needs to flourish. Like a square peg in a round hole. Gase had major issues with play design and play calling.
  10. I think it was. There was a lot of talk about Simmons around that time that kind of matched up with what Rhule had said. Like a bunch of people came out and said “that sounds like Simmons.” Who really knows though.
  11. Rhule had mentioned there was a top pick that he had talked to on an elevator ride and said after like a minute he mentally took him off the board because the guy didn’t fit what the team wanted.
  12. I think Simmons was the guy Rhule talked to in the elevator
  13. There was a “dorm room incident” 2 years ago and that’s all I could find. He was apparently cleared of all wrong doing.
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