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  1. Corral doesn’t have the arm strength Rodgers had coming out but that quick release is fuging sweet. I posted before the draft that I liked him a lot so I’m hoping he works out. He’s got a fire about him. Something to be excited about. Hope it works out even though the odds are stacked against him.
  2. Waldman’s channel is great. They were really high on Trey Lance and Herbert too fwiw. edit: and actually said 9ers would be the perfect spot for Lance.
  3. He got Allen, Mahomes and Lamar right so.
  4. I agree and you’re always looking to upgrade. So if corral isn’t it you keep looking even if he’s still on his rookie deal.
  5. I agree he needs to start 6-8 games next year in the last half if he doesn’t beat out Darnold to begin the season. Just assuming Darnold is gonna implode by that point.
  6. History shows qbs drafted after the first round have an extremely low chance of turning into franchise qbs. he’s got some really good stuff about his game so I’m hoping we get lucky. I like his attitude kept saying the panthers wouldn’t regret drafting him. So it seems he’s gonna put in the work to be the best he can be. I’m just glad we took a shot. We gotta take our shots.
  7. Pretty sure he couldn’t last year. I feel bad for him. Drops to the fifth and goes to one of the worst run teams in the league with a mediocre HC.
  8. I mean I was pretty adamant if we went qb at 6 it needed to be Malik over the rest of the qbs but zappe getting drafted before Howell is legit insane and doesn’t make any sense. Weird draft.
  9. It’s not just mock drafts. Zappe doesn’t have an nfl arm. Howell does. Jokes aside it’s just shocking.
  10. Cam being a 10 is insane lmao. How many 10s have there been since they started recording RAS?
  11. I know it gets talked about a lot but his quick release is the most excited I am about his game. And the ball explodes out of his hand. Corral has a ton of work to do coming from an RPO based system and who knows if he will translate but the good ones have that. Rodgers comes to mind. Gonna be interesting to see him play in preseason.
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