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  1. They also haven’t been drafting well at all.
  2. This is actually pretty interesting. To just forgo our entire draft in 2021 and be done with it. Start working on building the team around him in 2022.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/49ers/.amp/news/why-the-san-francisco-49ers-cant-trade-for-deshaun-watson-until-june-1 I found this article. Not sure if it is correct but seems that way.
  4. The only way I’m taking a linebacker in the first round is if it’s a pick in the 20s and we already have our positions with the most value locked up. And even then I’d still be hesitant unless some freak of nature drops in a draft. this franchise has been obsessed with rbs and linebackers and it shows by our insane historical inconsistencies. And stop giving those two positions second contracts. The positional value is just not there. Build this team the proper way please.
  5. Yeah they are not in a good cap situation and I’m sure the dead cap hit would be RIDICULOUS since he just signed that deal. But if you’re trading away your franchise qb you’re in rebuilding mode. So you basically just wipe this next season away and cut everything you possibly can and get your cap in order for the future while you build through the draft/plus any rookie contract players you acquire.
  6. Lots of Texans fans think if he doesn’t get traded he’s gonna sit except the last 6 games of the year to accrue a season.
  7. It depends. There is a balance of how far you’re willing to go. And I hope we have that line. As far as first rounders I don’t really care if it’s 3/4. When you start talking young defensive players like Burns, Chinn or brown there needs to be a line that we don’t cross.
  8. Yeah I mentioned that in my other post. And he’s more than good. He’s a top 5 qb with the potential to be the very best in the league. Deshaun also has that clutch gene.
  9. Also deshaun might be vying for best qb in the entire league year in and year out with Patrick Mahomes in the not so distant future. That’s why people are so hyped about acquiring him. Watch his games, he is on the precipice of being the best in the league and he’s 25 fuging years old. I get why it’s so tempting.
  10. No way the panthers just put this out. You don’t do that when you’re trying to make a deal. and deshaun could block this trade. He’s already said he won’t go to a team that mortgages their future to get him because that’ll leave him in the same situation he’s been in on the Texans. I honestly think he’s either going to sit out the season, or go for less than what people think because deshaun WILL have a say in this trade. He has some power. Let’s say he accepts that trade of Burns/Chinn and 3/4 first round picks. You just hope to rebuild with 2nd-7th round players around him
  11. He’s not gonna come here but his trade may have implications on Watson/the draft. Also it’s fun to talk about scenarios.
  12. Also now that I think about it after their first round loss in the playoffs Carrol acted kind of more sad/heartbroken then what you’d expect. He may have known this was the last year to try to win it all with the group they have. The jamaal trade was a huge move to make. They went all in.
  13. That makes sense. I have no idea about that team right now but they are not scared of big moves.
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