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  1. Better qb play helps the oline as well as the wrs. Terrace is gonna be really good if Sam doesn’t kill him with hospital balls before then.
  2. Both trading a second and then signing him to his 5th year options didn’t have to happen. One could’ve happened without the other. The chances of him bombing were higher than him being good. My dumbass knew that. The fact professionals didn’t is astounding. I agree we should’ve never made the trade, but when we did we should’ve drafted fields and let them compete without picking up darnolds 5th year option. Shore up the qb position as best as possible. They did go for Stafford so I’ll give them that. But yea agree to disagree. Should’ve just been a flyer on Darnold and bringing in others to compete. Can’t believe we gave up 3 picks for this dude. Unreal.
  3. I said it from the beginning. Go look at those threads. There were several of us.
  4. Brady needs to continue to get meaningful snaps this year. We need to see where he’s at and if he can maybe be a future starter. If Brady could get starts at LT or guard and look decent I’d make a FA lineman splash and draft a qb in the first round. Use that 3rd on an interior olineman and go from there. We are not fixing this oline in one off-season. If rhule sticks with Darnold he’s gonna be done here quick.
  5. Naw you don’t pick it up. If Darnold balled out this year we would be looking at extending him this coming off-season either way. Yeah you might have to deal with others bidding on him but he more than likely would’ve stayed here. He had a higher chance of continuing to be a bust then actually succeeding but this staff has been delusional about qbs since day 1 so whatever.
  6. I think he stays on the team but hopefully we bring someone else in like Malik or another vet qb. We already picked up his 5th year at 18 million which lol we are a dumb org.
  7. Cam still stood strong in the pocket and delivered during horrible stretches of oline play. He didn’t act scared, he made it work more often then not. Also Cam made the olines better than they were because he was an escape artist and hard to bring down. Ask those guys who played with Cam. They will all tell you he made life easier for them. He helped those guys make pro bowls. again nobody here is saying the oline doesn’t need an upgrade but you cannot overlook that Darnold is the absolute worst qb in the league in clean pockets over the past 4 years. Stop ignoring the obvious. Dude does not have what it takes. 2 sacks Sunday were on the oline. Nowhere for Darnold to go to. That happens to qbs on sundays every single Sunday even with some of the top olines in the league. Otherwise the line was fine You guys are expecting perfection that is never going to come. It’s not Darnold it’s the oline. It’s not Darnold it’s Brady. Darnold just sucks. Deal with it.
  8. Not really, I gave two examples. You guys live in a fantasy world where we can build up this oline to perfection in one off-season. “If only everything was absolutely perfect for Sam he would be good!” We will have to invest 3 1st round picks in the oline over the next three years and then you’ll have to hope those guys pan out. Every single fanbase except like 4 teams bitch about having the worst oline in the league. The talent just isn’t there. However! There are guys talented enough and strong enough to make plays and not get happy feet in the pocket. I named two. There are many more if you watch teams besides the panthers.
  9. This would be smart. Trade him to a playoff cb needy team like GB.
  10. Cam and RW had/have notoriously bad lines and still stand strong in the pocket and deliver. There are other good qbs who can do this. So while yes the oline needs an upgrade because we should always be striving for that I think we need to just call this what it is. The dude can’t handle it and gets happy feet in clean pockets. He can’t process correctly and is inaccurate. He’s had the worst completion percentage in clean pockets of any qb in the league over the past 4 years. No oline is gonna be perfect. Need to find a guy who can deal with it while still upgrading oline talent as best we can.
  11. That second year they went 10-5? 23 tds 16 int. He threw for more tds his first year there. Like I don’t get what you’re trying to do here. Most of the time people are just who they are when you start getting into their 4th and 5th years. I’m fine with Darnold staying here as long as we have a drafted qb behind him or Darnold can back up whoever we trade for. Even IF he somehow gets better next year it’s still not good enough. actually jay cutler is a perfect example. Very talented, very turnover prone regardless of team changes. He’s just who he was the entire time.
  12. It was in direct response to p55 saying even the great ones having growing pains in their first year in new systems. Then he named Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath lol
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