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  1. So this is actually only a mock of rounds 1 and 2....
  2. It pisses me off so bad because of how bad our offense played, a legendary performance like Kony's will be forgotten. Ugh....
  3. Was really hoping to see something from our first playoff win since 2003
  4. I pretty much interpret this as the kid grew up loving the Panthers and the Carolina's and would love to go home and see dad win one with his old team. Does this surprise you really?
  5. How about we get off Shula's nuts, he's actually calling an awesome game.
  7. Are you guys stupid? We are the panthers and this is literally the theme of our franchise. Give the fans some hope and then completely piss all over it.
  8. I love Luke! Anybody who has intercepted a pass of Drew PEES can live in my house! @yoohoo24
  9. Last year I called 7-9, which was pretty much right... this year.... I like the pass protection Cam is getting and I think that's going to be so significant towards his health and passing so.... 9-7, wild card.
  10. Tolbert did nothing to impress in the slightest. Any one of our running backs could have caught that pass and strolled into the endzone. Colemen on the other hand, is really showing to be an awesome addition and he excited me. Thought Fozzy had a pretty good game. Dline had a better showing which was nice. A lot to improve on offense.
  11. I feel like if your not allowed to be even a little disappointed or concerned based off of preseason performances, you shouldn't be allowed to be excited or optimistic based off of them as well. It's a two way road. I think it will mean something come Friday night and I hope we perform well. No it doesn't mean everything, but a nice showing would do well for some team confidence, especially for the boys on offense (the defensive line needs to show up also).
  12. If anybody wants to slide a blade across my wrist, your welcome to do it now.
  13. Looked like Oher tackled him at the end of the play. Loved it! That flood of dolphins players that came in lol. If that's the worst that happens, not bad. You had to know something was going to happen.
  14. Remember that time Bersin killed the guy who killed geno smith? Awesome
  15. Remember we have the deepest and best d line in the league!!!! So some would suggest. Lol. Even our dline starters got gashed last year
  16. I wouldn't mind if you never posted again. hiddle is back in full form baby
  17. I honestly wouldn't mind to have chud back. I still remember how awesome that offense was that year.
  18. Really hope this is a good year for Josh, I like him a lot.
  19. You are not very familiar with how the HOF process works. Rice is absolutely right, there is a very long line ahead of Steve.
  20. Ppl say they aren't worried about our dline at all, but We got gashed quite a bit last year on the ground. Dwan is only on the decline and frankly, CJ is as well. So we need Short and Star to get healthy asap. I am excited about what Mario might be bringing this year, but Frank and Kony need to up their play also.
  21. Will KG get in? Tough call, Idk that he will. Would hope so. If I had to guess, I'd say Luke will be.
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