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  1. Good experience on some pretty good staffs. The NBA is so player driven, can he get more out of our players? We have a good core if Melo is healthy. LET'S GO!
  2. The Patriots being interested in our WR scares me a little. Hopefully that ineptitude was on Belichick.
  3. Are we really going to hire someone with no coaching experience?
  4. Yes. It’s a crapshoot for us. Might as well get as much crap as we can and hope something sticks.
  5. So, two of our first three picks won’t contribute right away? Another year of sucking.
  6. Probably take that. If Bryce sucks again, we should be picking near the top in 2025. Two 2s could come in handy to move up for another QB, possibly.
  7. Local fans in NFL cities should let the owners vote as to whether their organizations will pay off the fans mortgages and if not they quit supporting the teams. I bet fans would be disappointed also.
  8. Yes! Hopefully that was just speak, about possibly bringing him back. We need someone to toughen the guys up and bring some energy.
  9. Lamelo done for the year. Probably the smart call but still feels bad. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/39826231/hornets-lamelo-ball-shut-season-due-ankle-injury
  10. I heard someone talking recently about a team (don't remember which, maybe Chiefs?) and how they prefer to use young, fast, inexpensive players on defense. Maybe they think Evero can make it work that way, especially if they are more of a scheme (3-4) fit. Granted, they have Chris Jones but we are at a very different place of team building. I am just assuming that Tepper told them to tear it down and build it back up, which we should have done years ago. We will see if it works.
  11. Might as well go ahead and rip the bandaid all of the way off and trade Horn for a 6th.
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