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  1. I’d rather pick in the top two or three and give up a higher pick to the Browns. Baker has been bad. If Sam is decent we might win a couple more games.
  2. The ‘league parity’ thing sort of seems to be backfiring this year. There aren’t many very good teams. There is like, one good game per week.
  3. I left the restaurant and we were up by 9 with 6 minutes to go. Back at the condo and we lost by 4. Just as expected.
  4. Yeah, that doesn't sweeten the deal in my opinion He wants out, probably because he wants a contract. This is year three and he wasn't a 1st round pick, so we'd only have him this year and next and he'd probably be unhappy because I can't imagine Fitt giving him a contract after what we just went through with CMC plus Foreman looks very serviceable.
  5. This. Future picks are less valuable. We need something this year. At least a 3rd.
  6. I like how he's handling things. My concern is that Tepper see's him as a token candidate and he will not get enough say if he gets another year. I don't want another Rhule situation (as far as power) but he needs normal coach authority if he's going to build the team to his vision. I just don't know if keeping a defensive coach as head coach is the right thing if we are going to draft a QB (or develop Corral).
  7. I agree. Assuming of course that it’s a reasonable deal. I loved CMC but knew that deal was a mistake the day we signed it.
  8. He’s been better than I expected and I’m fine keeping him as our backup.
  9. No. But that’s only because I have to choose right now. I could still be swayed.
  10. Hell no, drop his ass is Dahlonega or some other bum ass town.
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