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  1. Yeah, don’t need a Passion Fruit IPA but only light beer and seltzer?
  2. Bryce said he ‘wants’ to earn it. Have to let him do that.
  3. There is also an awful lot of hand wringing over people voicing their opinions of a fourth round pick.
  4. Hard to get behind this one. Seems like a guy you take for his upside. But if you couldn’t dominate in your sixth season in the Pac12, how much more can you expect?
  5. That’s not really true. I don’t want him overly involved but he knows more than the average Huddler. He was a minority owner with the Steelers for years and had to have picked up a little bit from that experience. Now he’s on the Panthers for four years and been involved with all the stuff. He definitely knows more than us. It always gets me that people still say that about Jerry Jones when he’s been running the Cowboys for 30 years or whatever it is he’s a Football guy at this point he might not necessarily be great at it but he has an idea of what he’s doing because he’s got a lot of experience.
  6. I mean, if you’re confident, you should just have the attitude that you’re going to beat Bryce out.
  7. Never thought about adding toppings to a BoBerry Biscuit.
  8. Falcons getting finessed with Sweet Caroline playing intro to their pick.
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