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  1. Deforestation at it's finest.
  2. I have brought this up in a couple of threads. I've heard Gettleman, Rivera and Cam mention Hill, when being asked about missing KB. Glad to know it wasn't my imagination.
  3. I take your point as he will not reach for a corner in the draft (especially early), which I agree with. I do wonder if this will give him more hesitation in trading up. Keeping our 5th and 7th round picks give him more opportunities to take a flyer on a late round corner.
  4. I get too excited to even think about KB, Funch, Shepherd, Olsen and H Henry all on the field at the same time.
  5. When they played Seattle in the Super Bowl, yes it was the # 1 offense against the #1 defense but on the other side Seattle was the 9th best offense and Denver was the #22 defense. We have the #6 defense against their #19 offense.
  6. I would prefer to play the Patriots. If we were to lose, I would rather pull for the Broncos. Since, we will win, I am pulling for the Patriots.
  7. I hate when they figure us out. I guess they don't want to let Cam put up astronomical numbers like last week, 161 passing yards and 3 rushing yards. Yep, just don't let Cam explode, the rest of our team sucks.
  8. I really like Joe Webb but nobody is scared of him returning kicks.
  9. This sucks so bad. It's like, they will actually have to lose a game after having a big lead before they stop changing philosophy.
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