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  1. It’s probably, pretty difficult to decide where to throw the ball when no one is open.
  2. Agree. Haven’t made homemade bahn mi but there’s a place nearby called Viet Sub that makes great ones. They make these fresh crusty baguettes to serve them on. Delicious. Yeah, I just use shaved ribeye like you’d normally use for Philly steaks.
  3. I’m planning on making some gyros and onion rings. Let’s see what you’ve got.
  4. And they just gave Daniel Jones an extension.
  5. Are you using a custom live guide with those channels, not selected? Just spitballing.
  6. They can kiss that goodbye. Now, question is, does he retire. I know he sort of committed to two years but coming off an Achilles injury at his age will be tough.
  7. Is it me or are all of our handoffs half a tick off?
  8. Those first three had a large number of major collisions.
  9. Looks good! Are those brontosaurus ribs?
  10. I think Captain Morgan gave these up. So, I thought I’d start it for this week. I’m doing shrimp and chorizo nachos with a nice sativa. Let’s hear it folks, what are you having?. Pictures are encouraged.
  11. Yeah. He failed at his first opportunity, many do. He seemed improved in his second opportunity (albeit as interim), which is what you want. Unfortunately, he probably won’t get another shot, after pursuing this lawsuit but he likely knew that when he decided to pursue it.
  12. He had a very different coaching staff in Indianapolis. Here he built an All Star staff. You’d think it would be better but more independent thinking and less Reich influence, overall. Will be a while before we know if it works.
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