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  1. Yup...awesome find by Voth...and nice post. Guess Greg was glad he ended up on same team as TD.
  2. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/chris-simms-kellen-mond-justin-fields-nfl-draft-quarterback-rankings Does not like the rankings. We’ve covered Chris Simms’ lists before. Say what you want about his football IQ (or lack thereof), but the man is VERY bad at making lists. If he were Santa Claus, the bullies would get PS5s and the nice, quiet kids a lump of toxic coal. When he goes to the grocery store for milk and eggs, he comes back with three bags of brown rice, one jackfruit, and squid ink. His weekend to-do list only has one item on it: “Burn my own house to the ground.” That’s ho
  3. https://nfldraft.theringer.com/mock-draft 8 MICAH PARSONS LINEBACKER PENN STATE YEAR JUNIOR AGE 21 HEIGHT 6'3" WEIGHT 245 SHADES OF: JAYLON SMITH Carolina Panthers 2019 STATS Based on 13 games played Tackles 109TKLS Tackles
  4. If he was drinking at their facility and it was known to others????
  5. Still unknown...was he drinking at the KC facility and who else knew?
  6. That is terrible news. I hope the young girl has not lost cognitive function as well. Very tragic for that family.
  7. I thought that NO had already restructured his contract. Thinking was to lessen retirement hit. https://www.nfl.com/news/saints-renegotiate-qb-drew-brees-contract-frees-up-cap-space-in-2021 As the world continues to wait for an update on Drew Brees, the Saints made an important move regarding the veteran's contract. New Orleans renegotiated Brees' contract to drop his base salary in 2021 to the minimum, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Friday, per an informed source. The club can now keep him on the roster past June 1 while drastically reducing his 20
  8. IIRC he was injured some last year. Hopefully the year off helped him with that. Looks like he kept in shape. I am hoping to see some good things from him with this coaching staff.
  9. Coaching career[edit] Rice University[edit] In 2014, Okam began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Rice University. In his 1st season working with the defensive line, Rice's defensive line broke the school record for most sacks in a season. Led by Zack Patt and Brian Nordstrom who finished 3rd and 4th respectively on Rice's single season sack list. Brian Nordstrom garnered 1st team All C-USA honors as well as finishing the season as the C-USA TFL leader. Patt set a school record 5 sacks and 3 FF in a game vs FIU and was National Player of the Week. Rice broke the record dur
  10. Where's our stat person? What are the stats on a player being cut/traded right after he unfollows the team? Gee as I type that...logic says
  11. For some reason I like the guy...he seems enthusiastic and a team player. But....it sure was painful to watch all those missed tackles.
  12. IIRC Bradbury did not want to be here.
  13. If you edit the OP it allows you to edit the title. FYI
  14. Hurts could use a vet there to help him out. Teddy?
  15. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article249318195.html
  16. I don't think Tepper could handle that.
  17. I suggest you get over whatever is up with you and Mr Scot. I appreciate him and a few other very knowledgeable football people who contribute here. [That's why I have stayed through all the crap]. He has time to search for info which is nice, especially during this offseason. I am getting tired of the endless Watson debates. Don't know what your issue is...you sound jealous. Instead of attacking another poster please consider making a positive contribution to the information/discussion here. We will all appreciate that.
  18. Yea...there was an intruder (young make eagle) and the male (dad) was away...Mom called for him for quite some time. He finally flew in and the young eagle intruder got the heck out of there. Was fun to watch.
  19. Chill. At least it is something different to read here.
  20. He also has some unknown legal issues I think.
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