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  1. I sent Kungfoodude a PM since he is first to commit. I will let you know if he doesn't want them. I have one other interested that I am sending PM with.
  2. Yea, I figure this is a great opportunity for some Panthers fan that wanted a PSL but not at the Panthers price since I want to sell since moving 4 hours away. I have had these seats for about 15 years. I love them. Only a few seats over from section 513 which are more expensive seats. Its right by the ramp so easy exit.
  3. Its where the lockbox location for Bank of America is located for invoices.
  4. I know this is a long shot but I am moving this summer and trying to sell my PSLs before I have to renew them. The seats are section 512 row 15 seats 15 and 16. They are at the 15-16 yard line. Selling them for $250 each ($500 total) plus the transfer fee of $400. The season ticket invoice is for $1,780.36. If you have thought about getting tickets but cost of PSL was too expensive this is your chance to get 2 sideline PSLs w/ transfer fee for $900 total.
  5. Patriots OLine were more beat up. They only had two starters for that game and that includes Solder which was his first game back and playing less than 100% and out of position. Pats only had one healthy guy playing his position. Keuchly has more TDs than your wide receivers in the post season. Broncos may have the best defense but the Panthers have the best team.
  6. Not to mention the Patriots were 3-4 their last 7 games going into the AFC Championship game. Had multiple injuries especially to the O Line yet still barely got by them. Panthers beat the second and third best teams going into the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. The Broncos barely got by two injury riddled teams. Their paths to Super Bowl much different.
  7. The funny thing about Bronco fans is they will be saying next week what Panther fans have been saying leading up to Super Bowl "Peyton is done..." "Cam cannot be stopped" "Our defense can't stop a power running team" Bronco fans are delusional right now and late to the party.
  8. I think the Texans beating the Bengals proved as a reminder to the Panthers to not take anyone lightly so you can throw that trap game theory out the window. I find it comical Redskin fans trash talking and running their mouth. They beat the Rams, Eagles and Saints. Teams all below .500. They are also 0-4 on the road. I guess they want to trash talk now since they will not be able to come 4PM Sunday and beyond.
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