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  1. This thread is a bit premature. We don’t know the true balance of power between our last head coach and him…either one could have been the reason x or y player was selected. Now that Reich has come out and said Fitt is in control of the roster NOW we can actually judge. Also Perryman wasn’t a bad signing imo he balled out in Vegas.
  2. Of the remaining candidates he’s low key in my personal top 3 and always has been. Coached under Andy reid and rumors are he had more input than bienemny and made Daniel Jones look like an above average qb count me in.
  3. Man I’m trying to keep up but I just got a new management position so I can’t be as tuned in as usual. I’ll check in and this thread will have 10 extra pages of a big fat nothing burger lol
  4. There's a better than average chance that these are Head coach but really offensive coordinator hires in the event they don’t get another HC offer/Wilks is hired. Shrewd move but huddles gonna huddle.
  5. That would be a terrible trade. Let him go to Indy Miami New York etc I’m all the way out on him. It’s time to find out qb of the future.
  6. Man idk what team shows up for us though. If it’s the good one we’re winning by more than a TD if it’s the Steelers version of us we’re losing.
  7. Don’t y’all fall for it it’s still Thomas Edward Patrick Brady III the greatest qb of our generation going against CJ Henderson and Keith Taylor we are and should be the underdogs.
  8. It’s interesting to know where his heads at but nothing ever comes of him liking whatever player so the information is essentially useless imo
  9. Every year before the draft we’ve heard Tepper likes X qb etc Ellis is a good reporter but I don’t take any report about liking players this far from the draft seriously. I know it’s the huddle and people are gonna work themselves up over it for literally no reason but this report is so incredibly irrelevant currently. Let’s just focus on winning out.
  10. The chiefs use Skyy Moore a lot of the similar ways we use shenault and a stiff breeze knocks him over. DJ should have at least 5-7 touches manufactured for him per game.
  11. Maybe we we manufactured touches for him like we did shenault he’d have more of an impact.
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