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  1. I know I’ve got a ways to go in regards to an NFL talent evaluator because when I look at Wilson vs Lance I see they’ve both played not so great competition and Lance just looks way better as a prospect. I just can’t shake the feeling Wilson is going to be a bust when so so many people who do it for a living/are clearly better evaluators than me sing his praises. I guess time will tell.
  2. This is exactly what I want to happen in the draft as far as drafting Lance and accumulating picks. Play all the young players we can get away with and go all in for 2022 with Lance having his breakout. The cost of acquiring Watson is far too much at this point if the reports of what we’d have to give up are true. I’d love for it all to be a smokescreen and this be the plan all along.
  3. He wasn’t the best but he cared. Looks like we’re in the market for a starting safety now.
  4. A takeaway I got is the chances of drafting Mac Jones (if this report is true and most of it probably is) now shrinks to about 0% which I love. If we’re gonna swing for the fences and miss out on Watson Trey Lance seems to be the QB we target which I also love.
  5. Assuming this was more a Matt Rhule draft and not a Hurney draft ::ducks:: it feels good to know we’re in good hands. Even if you may not agree with how high YGM is in this redraft we picked some absolute studs this year between Brown Chinn and YGM with Pride being a decent bit behind but I stillI believe Pride is going to be a very solid NFL player for a long time. And even Roy had a few moments for a late round pick. IF Tepper allows Fitt and Rhule to do their jobs without too much interference on draft day I feel *really* good about this draft. I feel so good I’m honestly cool wit
  6. With a ton of holes to fill and only but some much money I don’t see a realistic pathway towards getting him to sign/he doesn’t really fit the MO that the staff seems to be going for. While CB is unequivocally a need unless he is signing for cheap.
  7. That’s why I’m cool with staying at 8 to see if a qb drops and if not trade back to address and plugs holes. We can figure out the quarterback situation after the draft and then go into next year with way more flexibility in regards to doing whatever it takes to get the right quarterback aka Sam Howell.
  8. That’s fair from the Panthers imo. And LMAO at the nerve of Detroit but you’ve gotta ask I suppose.
  9. I support this thread because I want us to draft Trey Lance. Not sure it has to do with tea in China...but it’s pro Trey Lance so it’s a good thread.
  10. I’ve been on team Trey Lance Szn from the jump....he’s my favorite quarterback in the entire draft and I hope the Panthers do what it takes to get him.
  11. It’s time to let it go guys.
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