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  1. Marquan is my dude…through some personal ties I've gotten decently close with him and our friend group is so excited. He’s gotta work on staying in shape a little bit better/ward off a nagging injury or two but he’s been getting better and better throughout camp. We’re all so hype to see him ball e this year.
  2. Lol I’m very glad we took Bryce over CJ but my brother in Christ Cam’s dad was a preacher and he lived in SIP you can do both and still be a good QB as well
  3. And here comes CashNewton pulling up to whatever the name of the stadium is still being a Panthers fan regardless of the situation being glad they didn’t leave lol
  4. I’m with the OP to the extent that he deserves a shot…at 2nd QB. No harm in getting him the 2nd most reps since Dalton is a vet and could probably use fewer reps on his arm anyways. What if he turns into a Matt Casell type and we can trade him down the road.
  5. As long as it’s not Chad Pennington weak I’m good lol!
  6. That’s fair…I’m also concerned about the durability aspect but I just think beyond that he really doesn’t have any flaws so I’m willing to roll the dice. I also just think he’s a cut above all the other QBs…I’m not dogging out CJ I just think even with CJ he put out bad tape that BY simply doesn’t have. I’d be thrilled with CJ as well make no mistake but I believe we’re making the correct choice.
  7. Reading the tea leaves it’s pretty clear you don’t want BY and that’s cool no fault in having a different opinion. But when multiple teams tried trading up for him, now other QBs are somewhat falling it’s apparent the general consensus is he’s the best despite his stature. I do think Stroud is gonna be a good NFL qb and given time AR15 as well but Bryce is just *different* imo.
  8. “Basically we get the consensus best qb in the draft while every one else has to settle for the rest” is more appropriate
  9. It’s Bryce guys and girls…do whatever you need to do to cope but he’s our guy barring a Godfather like offer and I for one am excited about it. I would have been thrilled with either but it’s Bryce.
  10. I think the uncoachable thing came from the Texans honestly. I wouldn’t be shocked if CJ was stand offish towards them due to his relationship with Watson/his agent.
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