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  1. I might be in the minority here but if we can get Ryan Poles I want him. He’s been apart of Mahomes and the Chiefs ascension he’s young and I think it’s a benefit to have an entirely different perspective on things since he’s never worked with any one in the Panthers FO to my knowledge.
  2. I’m a UNC fan so I’m definitely not a supporter of South Carolina football but the few times I’d randomly catch a little bit of a South Carolina game Shi Smith ALWAYS came up with some kind of ridiculous catch. In the perfect world Marshall replaces Robby and Smith replaces David Moore next year and we roll with the big 3 of DJ Marshall and Smith.
  3. Me seeing “Big Snacc” and Aaron Donald’s name in the same sentence (clearly I know he’s likely not going to be close to Donald but still)
  4. This pleases me. I know some of y’all are going to complain but we need a running back to take some stress off of CMC.
  5. For a 4th and 5th tomorrow and a 4th next year not too shabby.
  6. Isaiah Mcduffie, Tony Fields, Garrett Wallow and Derrick Barnes.
  7. The NFL is becoming more wide open and spaced out 2 down linebackers...which Moses is because he’s bad in space...are low on the pecking order. I don’t want to spend a day 2 pick on him when we can get a similar player in the 6th.
  8. Steve McNair was one of my favorite players of all time I’m a *little* younger so I don’t remember us passing over him smh. The first draft I kinda remember is the Julius Peppers draft and that’s mainly because my brother and him were friends/I’ve always been a big UNC fan.
  9. Ehh you can split hairs about every player that way. Behind every player on that list I’m sure there was another player we could have drafted that was better than they were. He was a good rb for us and it was a good pick imo.
  10. We have a new coach and GM. If this were Marty I could see it but we were clamoring for a new gm for the longest time we’ve finally got one from a successful organization now some are calling it a bust after ONE round??? I’m at least willing to see how most of the draft plays out before I automatically write Fitt off but if you wanna only look at the negatives it’s your prerogative.
  11. I get that. I was at the Denver game in person with a mask on going out sad and have been disappointed like the rest of us over the years. But it’s Fitt and Rhules first draft together. Every one wanted Hurney up out of here ASAP we at least need to give the new guy a chance before we just assume he’s going to be an abject failure like Marty so often was. I’m personally willing to wait before I make any declarations of this guy is trash or that guy is trash but to each their own. I hope we have a great day 2 in the draft!
  12. Man some of y’all can find any way to make something negative. It’s literally been ONE round of the draft jeez at least wait until it’s over to declare the Panthers incompetent.
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