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  1. Lmao at people getting mad about the camp fodder being brought in not being good enough
  2. That draft was lowkey outstanding minus him let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill we hit on alot of really solid/good players. But lesson learned rhule no more drafting long snappers my guy you can shake a tree and one will fall down to you
  3. I’m not a Rhule fan it’s just super old watching our own fans bash him/the team religiously. The contrarian in me now has to defend Matt Rhule/the team. I hope he turns it around. I really doubt he does but I hope he does the hatred he’s getting is od imho but I get it at the same time.
  4. I remain high on him if he straightens his off the field stuff out I legitimately think he can be an impactful wr
  5. I’m not a millionaire but I’ve done decent for myself. I have friends/family that live in those areas and are really great people. Just because I go see them in the “hood” it doesn’t mean them nor I are troublemakers. I’ll never be too good to visit people I’ve know forever in the hood. I’m so glad I’m not your friend lol.
  6. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe he doesn’t love the pressure of being a starter…he’ll still make millions every year for at least a decade if not more. If I’m a backup qb and content to be one I’m making sure my agent calls all the teams with a good stable healthy starting qb so I can just run scout team all week and help the starting qb on game day.
  7. No more trading draft picks. Live with Sam on the roster knowing he’s gonna come in, put his head down and work without causing any issue in the locker room when he inevitably loses the starting qb spot. I know we’re eager to rid ourselves of the poo stain that is Darnold but unless a few significant qb injuries happen we should probably steel ourselves for the likelihood of him as the number 2. He might as well get used to it that’s where he’ll likely remain the rest of his NFL career.
  8. Mad af we wouldn’t take him off their hands lmao
  9. I wasn’t sure positively was allowed on this board anymore kudos to you. Even though I dislike both Rhule and baker I’ll be rooting like a MF week one and a bunch of other games in person for a W.
  10. Ahh big Ol tough frank acting internet tough lol. Tell you what when I’m one of the Panthers fans being outnumbered by Steelers/Eagles/whatever fan base tbh fans at BOA I hope to see you there with me still supporting the Panthers. The nerve of you to speak to me like that when I’m one of the few who actually still go to games when we’re trash. Be better Frankw but if you actually go to games and not just complain on message boards about the Panthers I’ll buy you a beer on me.
  11. I know a bunch of us hate Robby but man it’s so lame watching us fans single out a player and slander him when our entire team was trash by and large last year. I know we need to vent and have an outlet but Robby has become a whipping boy unfairly imo. The entire team underachieved he’s just the only one with the balls to speak out. With the lack if access the panthers have given since Rhule took over you’d think fans would like that but I guess not.
  12. Jobs like this don’t choose their ceo overnight I’ve got a feeling this is part of the reason he left the Panthers. Heck of a promotion.
  13. There’s a lot we can complain about but even the most doom and gloom posters gotta recognize that our scouting department is pretty darn good. I know I’m not allowed to talk about positive things in regards to this staff but you really can see what they’re attempting to do. Draft athletes and coach them up….so far it’s lowkey working at least defensively.
  14. Lmao some of y’all are so miserable but I still love my fellow Panther fans
  15. I get it and I’m in no way shaming those who choose to not watch the likely upcoming train wreck of a season just pointing out what I’ll do.
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