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  1. Only reason for the shutdown last year was we didn't have a vaccine. We have a vaccine now that curbs the death rate. No reason for a shutdown.
  2. Wv has even had huge increase as more people can work from home. Place selling Last summer $130k are selling at 240k this summer. It is getting stupid. Only places not increasing is in major cities.
  3. No vaccine was going to keep covid from being transmitted. It is to make it less deadly.
  4. Squirrel


    Think it is all to setup lady Loki and loki into our timeline.
  5. T investors are supposed to get 73%shares of the new company Warner Media/Discovery. But don't know exact per share. I'm holding long my T shares well into retirement. Reinvesting all my dividend back into buying shares.
  6. Metals in short demand too. Good time to be collecting scrap metal. Regular truck load will get you $100 to $200 a load.
  7. Chip shortage hurting new cars being built.
  8. Yeah, but after this Att will be more hands off and you will actually have entertainment executives in Control.
  9. AT&T is spinning off Warner Media with a Merger with Discovery channels. Discovery CEO will be new CEO. The streaming Wars just got a big competitor. Hopefully they will start creating more DC content.
  10. T paying off today with the spinoff of Warner media with Discovery. Hopefully this will be a good stock gain for investors.
  11. That should already happened. No true carolina fan should ever pull for a Atlanta team.
  12. They was trying to do that when the Twins was thinking of moving. They wanted to put a stadium in Kernersville at the time in between winston salem and Greensboro.
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