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Community Answers

  1. Getting better every week.
  2. I think he will more than willing to walk away. He will use it as a example for when he wants a new stadium. He can always use it as a tax right off.
  3. Want to disappear go to cleveland.
  4. Money talks. Stupid on Clevelands part
  5. Yeah wanted to build up my holding before then. Right now I'm at average post split price of $150. Thinking $200 will be the actual post split price so that should give a profit of $3000. But planning to hold Amazon for a very long time. They are getting their fingers into everything. Would be a good breakup play down the road.
  6. Watson Part 5: There can only be one
  7. Wierdiest headline we could see in the Next hour. "panthers trade for Matt Ryan"
  8. Just my two cents he is coming here. If it was Atlanta it would have already been announced. If the Saints was his second option we would have been dropped.
  9. So decided to bite the bullet and by a few shares of Amazon. Beast of a company and wanted to get in Before the 20 -1 split.
  10. Can't make it work for Atlanta so he has to go to Carolina.
  11. Watson is just scouting the opposition before signing with the Panthers.
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