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Community Answers

  1. Only place he could move them is Raleigh.
  2. How is this any worse than Jamie and cersi?
  3. Is this something bs G. Smith 23/28 195 2
  4. Geno always was able. Just never was on the right team.
  5. Cesaers actually had a prop bet for smith. 249 1/2 yds 1.5 TDs +475 $5 gets me $28.75.
  6. Who is this Geno Smith you are talking about?
  7. Anyone following the drama in AEW? I stopped watching wrestling long time ago and don't plan to watch it. But just following the drama on Twitter and YouTube is pretty funny.
  8. Imagine that a business man trying to make money.
  9. Slow burner tonight. Hope there is more people than these 6 or 7.
  10. I likes the first episode hope they can build on it.
  11. Then his 4th company will come in and buy the property pennies on the dollars.
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