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  1. Tulum new airport opening to international flights this spring. Going to make it a hot spot for tourist.
  2. Biggest mistake in Carolinas history. Was letting Beane and McDermott go .
  3. More like Comcast is fixing to break it off in Disney ass in Jan 2024. Comcast can force Disney to buy the rest of Hulu from Comcast and the price is around $9 billion in Jan 2024.
  4. Allegiant Airlines has the naming rights for the Raiders stadium in Vegas. Airlines still have arena naming rights.
  5. Other option is American Airlines.
  6. Truist HQ is in Winston Salem too. Would oy make sense for them yo take over the naming rights fir Panthers stadium. But Bojangles is expanding. They are opening 3 places in the suburbs of Chicago in the next year. So they might want the naming rights.
  7. Military tickets are decently priced for wdw. There is ways to save some money and get extra benefits. Renting Dvc points saves alot of money if you like staying in deluxe hotels. You also get after hours to ride.
  8. So going to start off small. Just front door lock , door camera and setup a wifi mesh system. What I working with. 2 story house with basement 2900 Sq ft total. Xfinity internet 1 gig. What I want to do in the future motion and voice command lights. Build routines for arriving and departing the house. So was originally leaning toward a Google ecosystem but seems like Google is switching things up right now and while matter is coming out just wanted a easy option right now. So decide on a Amazon Ecosystem. Right now I have gotten the following some of which might be overkill specifically the router. Router. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System Echo show 10 Ring door camera Ring security system Yale Assure lock 2 door lock Switchboard smart plugs 4 pack Still need Outdoor camera system did care for rings Some motion sensors Water leak sensors House came with Honeywell thermostat Installing most of them after work today. Worried about xfinity interaction with the Orbi router.
  9. If the Panthers take Young this franchise will be screwed for years. To small for the NFL. Give me Stroud
  10. Expect tonight to be crazy. Specially if this is correct. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/wwe-nears-deal-sale-endeavor-222155025.html
  11. I guess I'm the only one that doesn't like Cody Rhodes. Hopefully he doesn't win tonight.
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