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  1. Geno is going to keep the team winning. If not Cam might get a call.
  2. Time to burn the blue uniforms. Every time we get our asses kicked
  3. Need to add Buc-ees and whataburger to the list.
  4. So what I was wanting the panthers to do 10 years ago and play 3-3-5 is finally happening.
  5. Squirrel


    not watching the PPV But Following on youtube. So far AllOut sounds like a history making ppv.
  6. Squirrel


    talking about wrestling anyone see the series Heels on Starz yet? 3 episodes out pretty decent so far
  7. Peacock will have Sunday night football
  8. Squirrel


    They screwed up the woman's wrestling at summerslam though. That was just trash.
  9. The ground. Is the boom. Earthquakes are wierd you can hear them coming. Had one in Alaska it was a rolling quake. Heard it coming and the ground actually lifted like something was rolling underneath it.
  10. Spiderman is all Sonys doing they don't want his character expanded beyond high school.
  11. Dang that is sad to hear. We met up for a Nascar race one time and I lost a bet and had to have her picture in my avatar. Was friends with her on Facebook but didn't know she passed away. Very sad to hear.
  12. Yeah good movie.
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