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  1. That last shot is fantastic.... Look at the intensity in Olson's eyes!
  2. Then go peddle your "real talk" on Twitter... Obviously nobody in this thread cares...
  3. Spamming the board is bant worthy gabby-talk
  4. Meanwhile, in NHL action, the Blues and the Oilers are tied at one a piece with 5:16 left in the second period
  5. Now, if he leaves and they promote Rob Ryan to HC the dumpster fire will melt steel
  6. Only 21...hell he might not have even stopped growing yet! I'm pulling for him
  7. Lol at Huddlers critiquing a future Hall of Famer on his playing weight....
  8. Yet another reason this board is the best damn board in the NFL.... No contest
  9. Classic adversity game. Opening Day, tough injury losses, high expectations, away game favorite.... There are a lot of leaders on this team. Locker room character goes a long way here.
  10. Regarding Norwood, I'm almost certain he makes the roster. No way the staff is making this kid make it or break it after one walk through practice and the 4th preseason game. They were obviously considering drafting him last year and now view the trade as being able to make good on that now that we're in a pinch.
  11. It's been two weeks since KB went down and you get the feeling some folks expected a #1 replacement to be in place for tomorrow's game already. It's ridiculous. I'll admit we are in a tight spot because of the setback, but I'll point out that the roster decision for WR suddenly became much more complex than how many and who gets a final roster spot. Seems to me that the prudent move was to ratchet up the competition by adding a sought after prospect and waiting to see what comes available this weekend. A trade would be nice if the one year rental makes sense, but unfortunately I think we would do well to wait and see what what is available without a trade.
  12. Dammit, I was really enjoying The Huddle until yesterday morning... Now it's approaching insufferable again.
  13. Bell is gone, so someone inherits the incessant bitching.... For the moment Ealy is in the lead... The fact that he had productive field time as a rookie keeps me from getting too terribly worried about him. Rivera works wonders with these D-Line guys. Hardy was a liability in parts of his game until Rivera coached him up. Ealy hasn't even taken a snap in his 2nd regular season.
  14. No Luke or TD after 6 plays (?) along with no CJ or Star prevents me from being concerned about the D
  15. Can't remember the last time there were so many intriguing storylines entering the stretch run for roster positions, cuts and practice squad designations. We have major decisions to make at RB, WR, FB and DE along with some promising UDFA's. The fact that these battles are involving quality players instead of the lesser of two evils is a welcome change. The Dolphin practice sessions and game couldn't come at a better timeand will provide lots to check out this week culminating in the home opener. Good times
  16. 1000+ replies on a pre-season gameday thread.... Impressive Huddle
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up putting in a significant chunk of time at WR2. The guy just seems motivated and willing to do whatever it takes. He's been regarded as a bust relative to his draft selection for years, but I think he just needed to fit in. I think we would've resigned him if money hadn't have been so tight.
  18. Considering that most believe Fozzy to be a more than serviceable RB, this is outstanding news
  19. Lightning in a bottle.... This kid has the drive and desire.... Hopefully he shocks everyone and makes a splash. We are due for an offensive player like that
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