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  1. Oh yeah. I'm gonna get to Spartanburg as often as possible this year. Gonna be hard with work going on, so I'll be depending on you Zod.
  2. Awesome work PhillyB! Pied before reading. I know SCP said he was done for the season, but I really wish he would pull one more out for us. :/
  3. @CarolinaSunday as promised my friend... :) now if only Clemson would get off their asses...
  4. What's funny about this is that the rival high school of my old hs has a Cardinal as it's mascot. The Landrum Cardinals...
  5. I think it's more along the lines of a lack of access to social media.... :/
  6. @CarolinaSunday hopefully my alma mater (North Greenville University) will be posting theirs soon:
  7. Still supremely disappointed in Clemson... Watson and Cam are tight. You'd think that would be a no-brainer...
  8. Sorry guys... time to shun NCSU. I am very disappoint: F*ck NCSU...
  9. That's it. I'm gonna call out Duke, Clemson, and NCSU. If Ohio State even got involved, they need to also.
  10. Does anyone know where or how these are being made? And also, @CarolinaSunday... could you gather the images into the OP so any newcomers to this thread can see them all without sifting through pages?
  11. Seriously though... where are Clemson, Duke, and NCSU? (I bet NCSU is salty that we beat Russell Wilson, but Dook and Clemson have no excuse)
  12. Yep. Me and my Dad are part of that group. Football = bleed black and blue Basketball = bleed purple and teal Hockey = bleed black and red
  13. Yeah them and Tar Heel fans it seems. Strangely, it seemed most people retweeting the Gamecock version were really supportive.
  14. Except not :/ read the twitter comments and everyone wants to bicker about one thing or another. It doesn't ruin the magic around so many Carolina teams showing Panther support, but it sure takes the luster off :/
  15. This has made my f*cking day. There's just something about solidarity that gets to me. F*cking sand in my eye or something.... I love this so much. Here's to hoping Clemson, Duke, and the Wolfpack do the same.
  16. @Jeremy Igo and @RoaringRiot you're getting exposure in the panthers media. ;) Clicks and memberships baby! Clicks and memberships!
  17. I never want to see Kuechly's face like this in front of me... Through teh interwebz, it's okay. But I'd need a new pair of pants if Kuechly looked at me like that in person... El Confesor indeed...
  18. First, my reaction: I felt like I got an adrenaline shot when I read this: "No, they want that fucking trophy. And they're gonna have to smash some fucking skulls to do it." I never knew there was such thing as a predatory turtle. I knew they ate insects and stuff, but this is impressive. Don't let Rosemary Plorin see that. She'll have a coniption fit... It was, but you need to get on the ball bruh! We need your weekly addition for this of all weeks. And that damn helmet better be under lock and key!
  19. My phone is currently on Ultra Power Save mode atm, and therefore everything is black and white. I must say, all these pics look great in black and white. this one of Ginn stands out to me for some reason though. Mad props Igo :)
  20. Has our streak ended? In my area, they are all in Ingles. Haha. You can't go into Ingles without seeing a Starbucks over by the produce section haha Beast, I would actually be very interested to hear a die-hard Hawks fan''s perspective on the 12er bandwagon phenomenon. Seriously bro, make that thread for us. :) Goddam... all blacks in the Super Bowl would be fugging sweet!
  21. Lol I'm too tipsy for existential poo right now bro. I'll get back to you tomorrow...
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