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  1. he's supposed to learn to be humble from the patriots incident but i think he's just saying that when i see him constantly drawing attention to himself at every chance he gets. these celebrations really make him look like an idiot. can he go one game without any type of excessive celebration? i have his jersey and i like him at the QB position and was happy he got resigned. but one thing I can never stand is his celebration. God chill the fug out with that poo. you can celebrate all you want when you start winning. until then, don't fuging do it. it makes you and the whole organization and its fanbase look like an idiot when we end up losing by large decifit.
  2. let him start at LT for now but we need a better one soon so we can move him to interior.
  3. we have deep threats, they just don't have enough time to run their routes before QB gets pressured.
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