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  1. I'm just sad man... I really thought (and he still may be) Horn would be an impact player like Deon Sanders was, I see that potential in him, he had been working his ass off... just breaks my heart.
  2. Yeah, I get that... it will always impact the game. We NEED CMC for a WHOLE season.... we NEED Horn to develop into the playmaker we know he looks like. I swear, we just need the Ju Ju Gods to smile upon this team during this long ass season. I hate to be negative, we're 3-0 and I love this team, but we're young and need things to go our way. I'm knee jerking for sure... but it breaks my heart to see Horn go down week 3, totally breaks my heart. I wanted to see him with a pick 6 this game.
  3. Fugging everything!! we're week three out of a 17 game schedule... not little injuries, but HUGE KEY injuries! This is part of the reason the NFL sucks anymore, just having hope. You cannot truly have hope in your team anymore, they could have the most talent on paper compared to every team in the league, but where does that get you when NO ONE can stay healthy in this BS league... YES, injuries have always happened in the NFL, I get it. It's just funny how for years when I was a Dallas Cowboys fan (forgive me), before Carolina got a franchise, the key players on the team that won multiple super bowls stayed on the field. Todays game is nothing but a huge gamble on how many of your playmakers stay healthy. Three games in and all of a sudden... how do we look now? Yes... We're 3-0, I get it... but dammnit, we need some luck!
  4. Either way, isn't that just the Panthers luck? How is Patrick Surtain JR doing right now? He's actually looking like a real playmaker... unfortunately, the NFL sometimes just comes down to luck... Denver with their great defense picked Surtain and the Panthers picked Horn... now here we are, our pick out for a while. This team is so snake bitten and I don't know why.
  5. We have no "dogs" on this team other than CMC... No Smitty is saving this team, playmakers STEP up, and we haven't seen this on this team in a long time.
  6. That's what I am saying!!! We have a team built on CMC being a safety net, THAT's IT!! We will never be a good team until a QB can hit our WR's down the field consistently for big plays! So far, Darnold is not showing he can do that no matter who the "dog" ends up being.
  7. What the Panthers need is our WR's step the F&%K up, get separation, and become the PLAYMAKERS we've all been saying they are!!! So far I haven't seen ONE "Smitty" in the bunch... We also need Darnold to get the damn ball to them, and most of all our crap O-line to step up and allow it!!
  8. OHHHH no, CMC is hurt... what will we EVER do? We are now seeing what this team is made of... The Texans QB making his first start, lol... they're not a good team. BUT, as soon as we saw CMC go down, the team just freaking folded, no identity. Now we'll see who Darnold is, and we will see what these coaches do in the second half, I am curious. Funny how we want respect, lol.
  9. Yep, 7-7 at halftime against a team we should be killing... EXPOSED suddenly
  10. Which kind of sums up how good our offense is... Darnold's safety net is CMC, case in point.
  11. I REALLY hope it's not serious with CMC... we need him healthy for a whole season! For a WHOLE season!
  12. Same thing all the time with these Panthers... "Oh, CMC hurt" so what is new? suddenly we have the best weapon in the NFL that cannot stay healthy. CMC is looking like Carson Wentz. When healthy a difference maker, but seems CMC can't stay healthy... I hate to say it, and I hope I'm wrong, but he is 50% of our offense and we need him.
  13. Consistency, finishing drives and ball play calling. I know Darnold is still building chemistry with his receivers, but Brady has to find a way to be confident that Darnold can connect with all those receivers. We have too much talent on offense to have only scored 19 points against the Jets. Yes, it is a win, and I'll take it, but we were up 16-0 (should have been 24-0) and was rolling in the first half. The second half was a loss, luckily the defense just held on. Panthers have to play for 4 quarters! Consistency!
  14. I agree... the way Olsen was a factor. Would be huge in the red zone. I think Arnold is a good, could be great TE, Darnold has to build that chemistry. Play calling will help!
  15. All you have to do is look at the game played this past Thursday night, Dallas against Tampa. They both looked like top 5 NFL teams. I watched that game and the one thing I noticed is how both offenses and QB's distributed the ball to ALL their playmakers. Both Dallas and Tampa Bay looked like great teams... BALANCED! That's what it takes to win in the NFL. Still PLENTY of time for the Panthers but Brady HAS to get the ball to other players!
  16. Jeez!!! does no one understand what I am talking about? serious? YES, CMC is the man! And YES we should FEED the man, he makes sooo much money. YES, he is our superstar, but, how many games do we win this year by being one dimensional? How many games do we win if, god forbid, we lose CMC to an injury, even for a few games here and there... have we seen this before? IDK, lol
  17. Fair enough, I give you that... I expected plenty of CMC, but I think you know what I am getting at. Tampa's defense and other elite defenses will key on CMC, then what? Hope that development comes quick!
  18. CMC didn't carry the team on his back? How many total yards did he have? How many total team yards? I'd say his back is a bit sore after this game.
  19. Doesn't take an NFL guru to see what went wrong in this game.
  20. Yeah, they sure didn't seem like a confident bunch in the second half. We were dominating the first half, I just don't get it.
  21. YES! CMC is our star, and yes you feed your star, but... Joe Brady has THREE stud wide receivers, and a good TE. I know this is only the first game of the season, but honestly, Panthers should have won this game 27-7 or 34-7 easily. This coaching staff looked terrible in the second half, Rhule got outcoached by Robert Saleh, plain and simple. We have great weapons outside of CMC, so why in the F&*k did the coaching staff not find ways to get the ball to our WR's in the second half? The coaches should have emphasized the importance of the opening drive to start the second half, instead we come out and look completely flat. Credit to the Jets defense, they're pretty good, BUT... their weakness is their corners and we should have been taking more shots down the field. A win is a win, I get it, wins are hard to come by in the NFL. Panthers were up 16-0 at halftime, had all the momentum, then got outplayed and outcoached in the second half by a freshman team (an NFL freshman team, but freshman team nonetheless). Sam Darnold looked lights out in the first half, but the second half the whole offense looked stagnated just by play calls. I realize that Darnold is still developing chemistry with these receivers, and figured we would get a heavy dose of CMC this first game. Here's the thing... we'll be no better than we were last year if we don not find other playmakers on this team, and play CONSISTENTLY. I'll take this win, ugly as it was, but Rhule and Brady really need to show me more. The second half of todays game they looked like college coaches.
  22. Funny how that happens huh? No one, well anyone that knew me, would have ever thought I WOULD NOT be a Cowboys fan during that time. I've been football crazy since I was about 5 years old, no lie. My mother said she would catch me watching football instead of cartoons on Saturday. Have ALWAYS been passionate about football, at that time, especially the Dallas Cowboys (no idea how I became a Cowboys fan)... that being said, it's funny how our psyche would much rather have our own territorial army to root for. So much so that you would just give up a team you had been so passionate for since you were, well... old enough to remember, lol. I was a Panthers fan from day one! I remember their first pre-season, first game ever against Jacksonville in the HOF game... I was in Germany watching on the Armed Forces Network!!
  23. Lol, me too... was a hardcore Cowboys fan before Carolina got a franchise... funny thing is, after the 1996 Super Bowl vs Steelers I never cared for them again, some of my family still thinks I'm a Cowboys fan, lol. To be fair, that's when the Cowboys were still "Americas" team and was a good franchise, of course that waned the longer Jerry Jones was owner. Heck, I was a fan even during the Tex Schramm/Tom Landry years, the TRUE Americas team! (It's D-day in DALLAS!) lol
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