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  1. That may be true, time will tell where our D ends up this year. That being said, they did the same to a good Tampa defense last week. WFT has the hot hand right now. I wouldn't be surprised if they go on a tear and make that last playoff spot. They were a playoff team last year. They have a solid O-line and when Ron was here we had a couple of seasons where we won a bunch of games in a row late in the season. WFT has playmakers, they're better than you think, despite current record. They have found themselves with Taylor and they're playing with confidence. Give them some credit.
  2. I agree.. I think Heinicke has figured it out. Just look! He passes every eye test. How about that side armed pass for 5 yards when Chinn was all over him? He made big time plays in big time situations... That's what great QB's do. I'm not calling Heinicke great just yet, but just look at the fire and passion he plays with. Provided he stays healthy, I expect we'll be seeing Taylor for a good while longer as the WFT starting QB.
  3. There should be a "Lemon Law" in the NFL. That way the league could be held liable. Panthers certainly got duped, lol.
  4. Both alive and dead, lol. Lets hope Ron thinks this way!
  5. I never said the same, but it is the Panthers current O-line. A lot of those guys have been in the rotation throughout the year. Whether through injury, or by accident, Panthers, at least for this game seemed to have found the right combination. Cardinals have a pretty stout defensive front. We'll see how they hold up and cross our fingers that they can stay healthy, because currently we do not have a lot of depth on the O-line.
  6. I'm sure not celebrating like we just won the super bowl... I'm just celebrating what I saw today. Which is a team that seems to have found some inspiration, played like it and now seems to have some swag, which was greatly lacking on the offensive side of the ball. It does not matter if we played a depleted Cardinals team. The Panthers took advantage of every opportunity and scored 34 points against a top 5 defense. Say what you want, but this team today pulled the guts out of the Cardinals early and never let up. That same Colt McCoy lead team took it to a good 49er's team at San Francisco last week, so what does that say? You take it one game at a time, and you'd be a fool to not see the difference in this team today.... what will it lead to: Well, I feel much better about this team now than I did a week or two ago and that is enough. Now we have a big game coming up against the WFT, which is a very interesting match up, for obvious reasons, and they just beat Tampa. This is the NFL, one week at at time, but at least this week we feel much better about the rest of the season. After todays win, the Panthers are the 7th seed currently if the playoffs started today. Panthers still relevant, far from perfect, but still in it and can improve!
  7. It was sooo apparent... I just hope it can carry them, time will tell.
  8. I agree, but those simple 5-8 yard runs help make 3rd downs more manageable, which we have to credit the O-line. Cardinals defense is no joke and I think the Panthers O-line did a great job today. And you're spot on when you say we do not need a QB to sabotage the game. If Cam can come in and manage the game without turnovers, and our run game dictates the flow of the game, the Panthers have a shot. That being said, the O-line did great today. We need them to stay healthy and continue to play inspired.
  9. I wouldn't say completely... coaches knew PJ was starting his second NFL game. And with Cam... obvious. They didn't open it up per se, they just called plays based on the skill set of PJ, CMC and Cam.
  10. absolutely! I didn't think he played that bad. It just felt like he was an easy target for the home team officials.
  11. Daley got absolutely shafted on more than one holding call. Was straight BS... watch the replays, serious.
  12. OMG... they looked the best they have looked ALL season, serious! Maybe Arizona just was not on their game today, whatever... I saw hustle and fight! A few too many penalties, but, a lot of home town cooking on some of those calls without a doubt.
  13. Yes... And I meant to give a nod to PJ as well... He did just enough!!
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