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  1. YES!! After watching this and some of his film, this guy has great character, seems like a pro's pro! Would be a fantastic locker room presence and leader. Fitt and Rhule should take a serious look at this guy!
  2. 5 of those 7 picks seeing significant playing time, with one almost DROY! If we get the same percentage from this years class, the Panthers are going to be fun to watch!
  3. Thats only two less than our first round pick, so your point is??
  4. He only did 20 reps on the bench because he has freakishly long arms, that is NOT a disadvantage... they will make him stronger, thats easy.
  5. Thats because the guy has nearly a 7 foot wing span... He ran a 4.8 40 and was a basketball player. He was DPOY for the Big Ten! Go watch film of him, guy is a freak of nature! He will naturally get stronger. This is top 3 round talent and a real steal for the Panthers.
  6. Not just that... this guy should have went in the first 3 rounds! Super athletic, violent, high motor and could end up a starter!
  7. Then he will need to come in here ready to fight for a position on the team and PROVE that he is a playmaker first and foremost! Bottom line!
  8. Daniel Jeremiah... I remember him!! I'm from Boone...
  9. Ah!... Thank you! Looks like we really want to focus on matching size with those NFC South receivers! NICE!!
  10. He's 6' 3", a big corner! With his tackling skills I could see him being converted to safety.
  11. I'm calling it right now after watching film on this guy... Nixon will become a starter and a star for this team!! This guy has that different kind of motor, plays violently, hugely competitive and is just super athletic. His intangibles are through the roof! Cannot believe he was still available, this is the Panthers biggest steal IMO!
  12. That's like the New V8 Jeep Wrangler doing 0-60 in 4.5 seconds! lol
  13. Yeah, I agree that we should have focused a little more on adding depth at OL due to the injury bug potential. Darnold has to be protected to build confidence, bottom line!!
  14. Yeah, we are definitely STACKED! Should make for a very competitive pre-season! WOW, if Darnold is the real deal this team will be scary good!
  15. What happened to Omar Bayless? He impressed during a limited pre-season.
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