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  1. The absolute worst signing Gettleman ever made. We're lucky we didn't extend KB like he wanted to, otherwise we'd be paying him, too.
  2. Brees is 2018 Cam at this point. Can't throw more than 15 yards. He is absolutely washed up and done.
  3. 2017 was a really solid team that just had difficulty against one team, the Saints. If Devin Funchess catches that gimme touchdown, I think we could have gone all the way that year. Great balanced rushing attack, above-average defense, and a very very good Cam Newton. The first half of 2018 as well, before Cam got hurt, looked particularly good. If Gettleman hadn't blown it on the line front, there's no reason we couldn't have had sustained success from 2017 on.
  4. Heinicke is having the game of a lifetime
  5. Hey, it takes a lot of skill to throw a 3 yard slant on a 4th and 8.
  6. Best touchdown of the year, holy poo
  7. Any quarterback can look good for one game... but he's playing lights-out with a vastly inferior supporting cast to what we had last year. Love that he's getting some time to prove himself. He's their leading RUSHER right now as well!
  8. Rivera is coaching an excellent game right now. Washington is right in the fight for a game they have no business winning.
  9. Lmao I love that you think that's to blame for that game. Yes, he missed a 25-yarder in the 1st quarter. That's pretty bad. Kickers should make that. He also made a 58-yarder before halftime, which you don't normally expect kickers to make. So it balanced out. Obviously you want both, but that's not the reason we lost The reason we lost was simple: Funchess dropped a gimme touchdown with 11 seconds left.
  10. I love seeing the "Slye only misses long field goals thing" after Gano literally hit a 63-yard game winner a few years back. Slye is terrible beyond 50. Gano has been magic anywhere the last three years.
  11. It’s almost like Graham Gano is a great kicker or something. Wow, I’m shocked. Who could have seen this coming?
  12. I don’t care how much he’s paid. Why the hell does that matter? His job is to make field goals. He is incapable of doing that. Find someone else.
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