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  1. I want to think he can be. He looked great the second half of the Packers game. The problem is, he looked awful pretty much the entire rest of the season. Which is the real one?
  2. Statistically, he wasn't good at the deep ball in college.
  3. The worst QB in the league, and a few picks. Yikes.
  4. We don't draft talent, and what little we have gets sent off to other teams for scrap. We're a AAA club. This is embarrassing. This is unacceptable.
  5. Who’s ready to go 0-17?
  6. What happens when your GM has an ego
  7. It's all relative. Would 2013-2017 have been better if we went 9-7 but missed the playoffs in 2014? Not really, no. Would have been worse. Playoffs are all that matter.
  8. We made the playoffs 4/5 seasons from 2013 to 2017, and had a winning franchise record until Tepper took over. We only got accustomed to mediocrity after Tepper blew up the organization with his meddling
  9. Butker was cut because he looked worse than Gano in camp and the preseason, and Gano and Butker have had essentially indistinguishable stats since the draft. Exception was last year with the Giants, where Gano was pretty bad but also was struggling with injury. The problem wasn't picking Gano. The problem was picking Gano, and then cutting him a few years later in favor of Joey Slye, who is the worst kicker in team history. Piniero is actually a really good kicker too, just not quite as good as Butker or Gano have been. I think we'll be going with him for some time now because he's a top ten league kicker. Of all the positions to complain about, kicker is actually the one where we are in an OK spot now.
  10. If he hadn’t gotten injured in preseason in 2002, Foster could have been a special player for us. So much natural talent.
  11. He's marginally taller here than Mina Kimes. She insists she was wearing four inch heels, but still.
  12. Idk, DJ Moore was great and Curtis Samuel looked solid here. It’s the Fitterer picks that blow
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