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  1. He also has a career winning record, five playoff appearances (way more important than winning seasons), and no full season record worse than 6-10 (when he was fired here we were 5-7). The last season was the first time Washington hasn't had an outright losing season since 2016. I get some of y'all have tunnel vision, but a team can do a lot worse than him as HC.
  2. Like most everyone else here, I was calling for Eddy Piniero’s head after the Atlanta game - but sticking with him has been the right choice. Piniero is now 2nd in the league in both field goals made (31) and field goal accuracy (93.9%) and 7th in field goals attempted (33). Since the Atlanta game, he’s 17/17 in field goals and has made three field goals in each of the the last four games. Making a kneejerk move based off of a single bad game would have likely led to a downgrade in kicker quality.
  3. It's been five years since we have had anything resembling a decent season. I'm all in.
  4. First thing we would have done is try to draft someone as good as him
  5. The first thing we’d do after trading him is try to draft someone as good as him
  6. Yeah, the first thing we’d be looking at with one of those two picks for Burns is… a player as good as Burns.
  7. If we hadn’t gotten rid of Gano for Slye, this wouldn’t have happened.
  9. No, we don't. Bridgewater's time here was the single most boring quarterback play I've ever seen from this team. We had a chance to tie or win almost every game and he couldn't get a single game-tying/winning drive. 3rd and 10? Slant for 2 yards. 4th and 8? Slant for 2 yards. No thanks
  10. I've followed the Panthers for almost my entire life. I've literally never cared less about the team than right now. I've watched two games this year and I've regretted wasting my time on both - I didn't even watch the game this week. Even in the abysmal 2010 season it felt like there were some elements that weren't awful or something coming at the end of the tunnel. The Matt Rhule era has just been three of years of complete and total mediocrity, getting worse every season. Bridgewater was the most miserable QB experience I'd seen us have until Darnold, and now Baker is somehow even worse. We're wasting so much talent. This entire team is just soul-crushing to watch. Every single Rhule year has been a miserable viewing experience with little to no redeeming qualities, no spark, no excitement, nothing to look forward to. Rhule has to go and I won't be watching another game until he does. Why would I waste my time watching a disaster that isn't going anywhere but down?
  11. Well I don’t know him personally, but he went 4-0 today while our kicker seems to change in a yearly basis. How’s Joey Slye doing?
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