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  1. It feels like any progress we made last year towards being even half decent is just gone. I’ve never been more demoralized in my entire time as a fan of this team. When’s the light at the end of the tunnel?
  2. That was actually a nice throw on the two pointer
  3. We have no weapons to throw to, what did we expect? This receiver corps is worse than 2014
  4. We gave up DJ Moore and a top ten pick for this?
  5. Same poo, different year. I’m just tired at this point of what truly is the longest stretch of just plain bad football this organization has really seen. Where’s the energy we had under Wilkes?
  6. When Cam Peoples is good, he's incredibly good. He actually has the all-time bowl record (319 yards in the 2020 Myrtle Beach Bowl). Definitely a team player with some health issues, but he's got a lot of natural talent. One area he really needs to work on is the receiving game, though. He's not an asset in that department whatsoever.
  7. Skill positions on offense are definitely the weak point and it’s gonna take a while to rebuild. Love the Miles Sanders signing, but wideout is gonna need to be a top priority. of course, none of this matters if QB is a bust. Gotta get that pick right.
  8. We only need a WR1, WR2, TE, and maybe WR3. Very doable.
  9. Nothing has indicated this front office is remotely competent since Tepper took over and at this point I expect nothing but failure
  10. We traded a young, prolific wide receiver and with a proven track record and a first to move up 8 spots in a mediocre draft. We got absolutely fleeced. We have no weapons on offense at this point, we arguably don’t even have a WR3. You are not going to find a DJ Moore quality receiver in free agency or in our draft spots. This the sort of move desperate franchises make, and it almost never pans out. It’s pretty typical of Tepper and yet another reason why I continue to lose interest in this franchise. With our luck we’ll pick Levi’s and end up sending the bears a top-three draft pick on top of top ten.
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