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  1. Further proof we must ban CRITICAL GASE THEORY
  2. Our merciful GEQBUS will be far more nice to the Texans than LOSER LEASTERBY. GEQBUS has given both teams in the first two games a free ball just for fun to see what they could do and they did NOTHING with it because his power is TOO GREAT.
  3. Bask in the glory of UNDEFEATED Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold. Many HATERS and LOSERS doubted the GEQBUS but they have been proven WRONG. Are you tired of winning yet? Get on the GEQBUS train or get left behind.
  4. Gano has been as good as it better than Butker. And it’s worth noting that the training camp and preseason Butker had weren’t great. Regardless, we could have kept either and got a top-five kicker and instead we kept neither and have lost a slew of games as a result.
  5. I think I remember you. Are you the one who insisted a cheap bad kicker is better than an expensive good one?
  6. People were legitimately saying a kicker that was worse than Gano is fine as long as they are cheaper, as if a kicker contract is a problem.
  7. Not me! I warned people that cutting a kicker this good for some random practice squad player was an awful idea. kickers are one of the easiest positions to get right and to mess up. We could have had Gano or Butker - but top-five league kickers. Instead, we have neither and it’s entirely on management.
  8. In hindsight, getting rid of a top five kicker for Joey Slye was a bad idea
  9. This is FAKE NEWS. GEQBUS is the GREATEST quarterback of all time.
  10. We should never have cut Gano. When you have a top-five kicker, you don't just give that up - the downside is too great.
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