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  1. I'm more of a Rosinski fan, but Mick was a hometown guy that was very likable. Not sure why there is so much hate for him.
  2. Ron continues to screw this franchise. From SB 50, winning against the Saints 2nd team, and the fuging debacle that was the WAS game last year. I would actually be worried to face him and the WFT in the playoffs. One way or another, he has our #
  3. If history repeats itself, we would be going to the SB just to lose it again and then not showing up again for another 12 years. No thanks.
  4. The guy in my avatar. If he had more staying power, I would say no, he was not just a guy. And some people are saying Moose, Hoover, Witherspoon, and such are JAGs? No, they were more than that.
  5. Billionaire Tep is too cheap for real grass. Figures
  6. Does Tepper actually pay for anything himself? I heard, when he was interviewing FO staff for the Panthers, he made the interviewee pay the tab. I'm seriously not a fan of this guy. The community should own the team like GB. (I know lots of teams tax their home cities for the stadiums. Doesn't make it right.)
  7. How many David Moores do we have on this team?
  8. 4:30 on a Sunday is prime, but 1:00 is fine too. Honestly, I don’t like night games because they run past 11:00PM.
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