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  1. All this moral grandstanding of posters saying that Rhule was a "good guy" and they wish him the best. GTFO. The guy was a complete tool that makes the people that work under him miserable with no success to show for it. fug Matt Rhule
  2. Carolina Panthers — only because no one cares Wtf kind of writing is this? Jesus, I’m down on this team right now, but come on.
  3. Yeah, but I can hope they lose for the team’s own good
  4. The original Browns franchise is now the Ravens. Maybe if the Panthers move and change their mascot, they will finally be legit
  5. So we then use valuable assets that could be used to bolster the rest of the roster. Another brilliant strategy
  6. Totally. We should just keep going after XFL stars and proven 1st round busts. It’s a great strategy
  7. We still have to play PIT, DET, and 2 more NFCS teams. A reverse “murderers row” for pro tankers. Sucks, man
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