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  1. I was a fan. The talent was there, but the drive wasn’t. It’s honestly hard to blame him with how shitty this team has been.
  2. Not to be a downer, but I’m going Saints for the division this year and us taking next year. For the record, I was never optimistic about Rhule
  3. You really believe what you just typed? You don’t know these owners. Cmon man
  4. It’s kinda sad that Horn would be considered on this list with how much he’s actually played and how long he has been here. I would put Ricky Manning JR over him at this moment
  5. It’s the same old responses as before. People think “pro-tankers” expect players and coaches to fail on purpose. We know tanking is done at the FO level. JR got us Cam by tanking and Tepper tried to tank for Bryce. I guess you can’t understand.
  6. Please explain in nuanced detail why limping into the playoffs with a shitty QB and mediocre coach would put this team in a good position for the future as opposed to drafting high and therefore starting afresh with a better coaching staff.
  7. I’m starting to realize that this fan base is built on moral victories. Good thread, OP
  8. Yeah, it really shows much you should value people’s opinions around here
  9. Of the greatest endings to our games ever. It was that last little bit of Delhomme magic that had me feeling like we were gonna win it all that year. Then the Arizona game
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