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  1. Can we just once have an unpredictable wild success story at QB? Even if Sam can do what Jake did in his first few years, I’ll be happy.
  2. I'm not gonna bash Darnold, but Rhule's words mean nothing to me.
  3. Yeah I guess a trade is not really the same as free agency. I kinda put all offseason moves into one category except the draft.
  4. Too bad the current regime was too stupid to use Grier as our new “Clausen”
  5. His opportunity should have been last year, but the Panthers fuged that up. He doesn’t even look like an NFL player next to CMC.
  6. People who like this name must also like plain hotdogs and hamburgers with no toppings
  7. This is not surprising. The Falcons have a near perfect opportunity to start over with a young QB at no extra cost. The kind of opportunity that slipped straight through our fingers.
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