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  1. For Denver to win they would have to do every single thing exactly right, and then would need the Panthers to lapse. If both teams played 100% perfect football, the Panthers win.
  2. The whole "it's a reverse of the 2014 Superbowl" is ridiculous, yeah its top offense v top defense again but we're the same style team as the one that stomped the life out of the Broncos then
  3. You know why they got all that crazy luck over the last few weeks? Because they were supposed to get here, it was always gonna be here, it was always going to be against the Panthers. Because we're the ones who knock them off their perch, the only way to establish a new NFC order is to knock off the existing leaders, and its the only way we exercise ALL the ghosts of play off past. First Seattle, then Arizona, then most likely the Patriots, that's always how it was going to be
  4. Seattle fans seem to underestimate how close we actually came to beating them last January In the 4th quarter we had the ball and only down by one score, if Tolbert hadn't dropped an easy ball on 3rd down who knows what have happened. The pick six came when we were driving the ball fairly easily and 'only' down 14. There was no question that the better team won, but it was a dogfight for the most of it, they just had two more big plays than us (as per usual for our games). All this while we had a makeshift O-Line, a QB that still wasnt fully fit and we were without Star as well
  5. Only one way we'd shut those guys up and thats doing it ourselves, dont leave it for someone else
  6. I'd love to know how many of those runs for a first down came on third down, must be quite a few
  7. Artis Payne got 49 yards on 5 rushes (18 on 4 taking out the one long run and thats still solid numbers) along with a 7 yard reception. How on earth was he not getting more of the ball, especially when Fozzy went down?
  8. I have a History degree and i still learn more from these posts than i did during most of my education!
  9. Magnificent, yet another bad team thinking they're hot stuff when they beat a cruddy team
  10. Remember when the Titans, Redskins and Cowboys were "rejuvinated"?
  11. That one of Cam at the crowd towards the end was fantastic, I just found my next desktop background!
  12. 3rd time in 3 games we're playing a team thinking its hot stuff after beating down a mediocre opponent, same again then fellas?
  13. Last time we were on Monday Night Football we saw a defense completely destroy a wounded QB along with its pathetic O-Line to the tune of 9 (iirc) sacks along with several turnovers. I sure hope we could throw that in Indys direction this time. You'd expect people like Allen and Short to feast on whatever they call that O-line
  14. Considering how we struck out on a lot of free agents last year, it's good to see that seemingly we've improved on that this year
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