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  1. I looked it up for a laugh but after listening, it was just sad. He sounds mentally ill.
  2. Yep, and just wait until preseason. I’m sure half the huddle will be ready to jump off a cliff if our pick doesn’t light it up. I remember people calling Cam a bust after his first preseason. Then he shut them all up Week One against Arizona.
  3. What a choice… I guess the Cowboys? I’m so tired of Tom Brady, he’s tormented the NFL half my adult life, just be done already.
  4. Say what you will about winning a shitty division, but the team sneaking into the playoffs and winning the division in ‘14 was fun. I went to that playoff game in the fog where we beat the Cards and had a great time.
  5. The picture of Rhule that the Panther’s used to announce his firing has him framed against the stands from the game yesterday and the sea of red. Wonder if it was intentional?
  6. Clicked on this post so fast and then immediately got sad when I saw no source. If this is fake then ban him
  7. Whelp, I think I’ll just save my sanity and check out for the rest of the season. This is the lowest I remember being as a fan since inception. I could always find some reason for hope before, but Rhule has killed that completely for me.
  8. The only franchise in the Carolinas that has their poo together. Go Canes!
  9. Bring him home, let him bridge us through for a few seasons and develop a young QB behind him. Which is what should have happened to being with. Make it right Tepper!
  10. https://youtu.be/HBQ2mjkvYY8 Ish and Cody channeling their inner Lil B in the 4Q
  11. And then admit you were out coached by Joe Judge in the post game presser. Just keep that to yourself, embarrassing.
  12. He ain’t walking away from that sweet guaranteed contract he grifted Tepper out of.
  13. Dear Mr. Tepper. How about looking to Raleigh and see a billionaire owner that surrounded himself with knowledgable and experienced professionals and built a contender. Stop trying to outsmart the league and listen to the experts. This isn’t Wall Street, you can’t rob your way to a Lombardi.
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