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    I haven't seen the Democrats this mad since we took their slaves away.


  2. QB: C. Newton / D. Anderson / J. Webb RB : J. Stewart / C. Payne / B. Wegher FB: M. Tolbert TE: G. Olsen / E. Dickson / B. Sandland WR: K. Benjamin / D. Funchess / K. Garrett WR: T. Ginn / P. Brown LOT: M. Oher / D. Williams LOG: A. Norwell / A. Silatolu OC: R. Kalil / G. Gradkowski ROG: T. Turner / D. Yankey ROT: M. Remmers / D. Williams Yankey over Scott We resign Amini because he's cheap, experienced and knows the offense. Just needs to stay healthy. Byrd stays on the PS for another year, will have limited snaps in the preseason Garrett over Hill Dickson isn't safe. LDE: K. Ealy / M. Addison LDT: S. Lotulelei / P. Soliai / K. Love RDT: K. Short / V. Butler RDE: C. Johnson / R. Delaire / R. Cox OLB: T. Davis / D. Mayo ILB: L Kuechly / J. Cash OLB: S. Thompson / A. Klein LCB: R. McClain / D. Worley SS: T. Boston / D. Marlowe / J. Cash FS: K. Coleman / C. Jones RCB B. Benwikere / J. Bradberry NB: Z. Sanchez / C. Jones / B. Benwikere Ealy over to the left side We keep 5 DT's & 5 DE's. Our 4th quarter collapses are the reason why. Cash makes the team and replaces Ben Jacobs. Cox over Horton Miley, another year on the PS. McClain makes the roster. Young could end up on the PS again. Factor in the 3 special team players and I'm at 52, so that leaves one spot available. Could mean we rock 6 WR's, sign a cheap vet safety or tackle, but my guess atm will be a running back.
  3. So we shouldn't sign a vet CB because of losing a third round comp pick for next year? We all know as soon as our corners start getting burned, people are going to be calling for G-Man's head for not signing another corner. G-Man said in his presser that his job is to do what's best for the Carolina Panthers and that would be signing a vet corner. Because right now, all we have is Boykin, a corner coming back from a broken leg, 1 practice squad corner, 1 guy who's sole purpose was special teams, which he sucked at, McClain who's decent, but not great, and most likely a rookie. Yeah, I don't like the sound of that. We need to sign someone.
  4. I hope we bring in Cromartie on a 1 year deal and then grab Miller in the 4th. Cromartie and Bene on the edges, Miller & McClain as their backups, and Boykin as our nickle. Seems solid to me.
  5. I really do believe Norman will be traded. He's spending a lot of time marketing himself and we all know G-Man isn't going to give him the money he wants. Thank Norman for his services and then show him the door. Use that extra first round pick to draft Eli Apple, then pick Harlan Miller in the 3rd. Sign a team friendly deal for a vet corner for a year or two to educate the rookies. Hall and Cromartie are the only two decent vets left. I could see the vet signing and Bene be our starters, and the two rookies as rotational guys. Maybe let McClain and Trenton Robinson fight it out for the nickle spot. Go ahead and draft a SS too and just replenish that secondary with some youth. Build for the future, bro.
  6. I disagree. The Raiders have been slowly improving.
  7. How about a first round pick and late round pick? Like a 6th.
  8. I'm fine with letting Norman go for some draft picks. However, two first round picks are very unrealistic, but something like a 3rd and 6th round could happen. With two 3rd round picks, we could double dip at corner. Pick up Harlan Miller, which some are saying is Norman's clone, and then maybe grab Cyrus Jones from Alabama. He could be our nickel and PR. But, more than likely, Norman will be a Panther.
  9. I think we're drafting Norman's replacement regardless. Us drafting Harlan Miller is inevitable at this point.
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