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  1. yus, now i can stop staring at a flashlight while trying to read on this site.
  2. Lol, don't want trash from nawlens after teddy treadwaters
  3. He def can't pull a rivers. He was on a solid team and couldn't get it done. There is no where for him to go.
  4. He stated this was his last game at the dome Vague, but sounds like retirement
  5. Could he get a sweet deal with the NFL for a manning type storybook ending?
  6. No bad calls for the saints to bitch about. It's been a good day.
  7. Man I'm so glad someone knows lines from this under rated movie lol
  8. Brees retires. How worried should we be about crab legs in this offense?
  9. You attempt to win this game, but the stadium explodes What do you do? What do you do?
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