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  1. I don’t disagree. Amazing how this offense, since last year was supposed to be the best group and defense was supposed to be really bad. Huge credit to Phil Snow.
  2. The Falcons really had an amazing opportunity to grab a young QB with amazing potential to start a great fast rebuild…and they grabbed a TE in the top 5. LMAO.
  3. If this was a Rivera led team, I wouldn’t disagree. Rhule is about to beat some ass.
  4. To make the jobs of the other 10 starters much much easier.
  5. Whole lot different than our previous starting QB lol. Thank god. Can't wait to see Darnold light it up Sunday.
  6. Hi all, some of you may have seen me around from time to time and I wanted to ask you all a favor. I wrote an article previewing the key matchups for Sunday's game with final score prediction and was hoping y'all could check it out. I've been wanting to begin a career eventually in sports journalism but am doing it now whenever I can and have free time away from my full-time job. Hoping to get better the more and more I do it and build up some sample works. https://www.sportskeeda.com/nfl/jets-panthers-key-game-matchups-score-prediction?ref=homepage I didn't want to create a whole new thread just for this, didn't seem right to me. But anyways, there's the link. I appreciate whoever checks it out and any feedback.
  7. Let's head over to the defensive side now... Burns against Jets Derrick Brown against Jets Jeremy Chinn against Jets Hassan Reddick against Jets Experienced and fast defense against a rookie QB making his first career start
  8. CMC Chubba Brown That should easily be the RB group.
  9. Im surprised it took until the second page for someone to mention Shula.
  10. This dude is 6’5 260lbs…jesus lol.
  11. And with 5 seconds left we’re somehow only down by 2 points at their 22 yard line… Slye kicks it wide right.
  12. Will be watching Tommy Tremble the most. Also, I’m hoping that either Omar Bayless or Shi Smith has a great game.
  13. And in 4 years he’ll be 29. But you wanna know what’s even way crazier? In 5 years he’ll be 30. Woah.
  14. No no, since wearing black makes you look slimmer and all. You want that thing looking fat.
  15. Saw a number of Wizards fans and fans from his other previous teams calling this a good signing for us.
  16. I saw another tweet mention that we would get back Thomas Satoransky, Josh Hart and draft capital, instead of Lauri Markkanen. I would be good with either trade.
  17. Only 56. Traded the 57th for Mason Plumlee and the 37th pick.
  18. Said proposed to Hornets on ESPN.
  19. Yeah his YAC and breaking tackles abilities were very well known coming out of college, would’ve been disappointing if they didn’t translate to the NFL. Not only have they translated well, but he’s leading in those numbers...pay the man.
  20. If it doesn’t work out with @SBBlue, i’ll be interested.
  21. Wharton did start out his career in 2004 as a Guard but then played T from 2005-2007 before moving back to guard for the 2008 season. He wasn’t a bad tackle, he was just a better guard and the switch was possible after they drafted Jeff Otah to play on the right and were able to move Gross to the left side, and move Wharton from LT inside to Guard. So the guy you’re saying is being laughed at, turns out to actually be correct with his statement, that Wharton played T. Whether he’s the second best, that’s up for debate.
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