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  1. 2015 NFC Championship, easily. The feeling throughout the entire game was so beautiful.
  2. I mean yeah he looked good, definitely much better than Corral. But yup against 3rd and 4th stringers.
  3. I mean, in all honesty…who the hell wants to go to a preseason game?
  4. Yeah, because we’re definitely the only team in the NFL where their fans get into fights. This team is DOOOOOOMED.
  5. Who’ll step up and take over JJ Jansen’s backup role.
  6. Putting DJ Hackett with Smitty and Moose is going to be so nice.
  7. This should’ve been the exciting news they were hinting at a month or two ago, instead of the lame ass broadcasting partnership or whatever tf it was lol.
  8. Agree, seems like all he has is speed which is definitely dangerous to opposing teams. He needs to put it all together now.
  9. Something crazy I found out today…I was born on the same day as my birthday
  10. Y’all not on @TheSpecialJuan’s level.
  11. Schedule makers clearly thought Baker was going to end up in Carolina.
  12. Yeah, plus him wearing that oversized jersey makes him look much suckier too lol. Rooting for him though, maybe all those missed opportunities helps him improve.
  13. Probably just Baker and Garropolo
  14. Well there it is guys, stats and measurables predicts the clear future, that’s all that’s needed. time for all of us to be angry GRRRRRR WOOF WOOF meow WOOF GRRRR
  15. If Howell is there at 144, do you take him? (I don’t think he lasts until then).
  16. But can I knew to know him though?
  17. Lol such an insult of a trade offer
  18. Willis, Ridder, Howell and Corral are all still available. I find it hard to believe that they’ll all be gone by the middle of the second round. I believe that’s where Fitterer will trade up.
  19. Eagles are supposedly also trying to trade up to select Kayvon Thibodeaux. I really hope we just get a stud LT or trade down.
  20. I don’t know who we’re taking but I predict multiple sites dropping “Way Too Early 2023 Mock Draft” articles by early next week.
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