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  1. What is missed out on this is what your volume does for those of us who are at home.. It is absolutely depressing to watch a Panther game and you can hear one of the coaches drop his surface tablet or Coach Rivera sneeze.. Ya'll mother fuggers GET UP AND GET LOUD!!!
  2. I love the Panthers and I really need those tickets and I"ll tell you why. I went to the Wild Card game last year.. My (ex)wife forbade me to go. I was to attend a consortium in Greensboro that whole day and dinner afterwards.. It was about Science, I had zero interest in going, I had already purchased tickets from a huddler. I told her I was going to this game, its the FUGGIN PANTHERS in the playoffs. She refused. She told me that if I did she would no longer be with me. I thought that was BS and I went to the game.. I even bought beers for several of you huddlers. I came home.. Argued. 2 weeks later my belongings are in the front yard.. I come home, put clothes in truck and went to an extended stay.. I have not been to a game since. I need a reprieve. P.S. Don't judge me.. I paid good money for those tickets and I'd never been up until that point and I've not been since.. Most of my money now goes back to her and she's moved on.. Me however, well, I'm an almost 40's dude with male pattern baldness.. :) GO PANTHERS!!
  3. This is dumb.. Why wouldn't the other team benefit from deflated balls?
  4. Why do you talk chit about almost everyone who starts a thread? The dude has some good thoughts.. Same tired ole chit. Anyway, Either way you spin it he is going to have to spend some money to retain the core players that will soon have their hands out so I think, I know he understands it.. I have faith!
  5. Instagram is blocked here at work.. Can somebody let me know what it says.
  6. Then your priorities are not only tragic but telling. If a man makes a decision that could potentially cost him money but he does it due strictly to his principles then I salute that man. Your line of thought sums up what is wrong with society today. This is a game, it's a game and when that becomes more important than a man stockpiling weapons, hanging with coke heads then beating said coke head with a toilet seat you have lost site of your moral compass. JR did something unpopular with the fans and for that, this mother fugger has my respect. He played his gut, he played his conscience and some of you clowns should give that a shot once in awhile.
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