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  1. No joke? I believe it because he was lights out in every game except against Seattle's defense in 2005, but I had never heard that before.
  2. Remember the GB game in '08 (I think it was '08?) when he got tackled at the one yard line twice in the same game?
  3. Fun Fact: Of the top 10 best receiving yardage performances in playoff history, three of them belong to Carolina Panthers. Steve Smith had 404 yards in the 2003 playoffs (4th all-time) and 335 yards in 2005 (10th all-time; 3rd all-time for those who didn't play in the Super Bowl). Additionally, Muhsin Muhammad had 352 yards in 2003, good for 9th on the all-time list. No other team has more than two entries in the top 25. Steve Smith is also the only player to appear twice in the top 12. And if you add every player's two best playoff yardage performances together, he finishes just ahead of 2nd place Jerry Rice by 13 yards and 3rd place Larry Fitzgerald by 34 yards. Despite his limited number of playoff appearances, Steve Smith still sits pretty at 13th all-time on the playoff receiving list, behind only Reggie Wayne and Anquan Boldin for active players. ---------- http://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/rec_yds_single_season_playoffs.htm PFR link if anyone's interested.
  4. How the hell are you getting decent internet in rural Laos? I had trouble finding it even in places like Bangkok, let alone the rural areas of SE Asia.
  5. The way the Huddle treats them, you'd expect Greg and Kelvin to break 1,000, Brown and Funchess to break 800, Ginn to break 600, Hill to break 500, and Armanti Edwards and David Gettis to combine for 2,500. What do you mean yall are giving up on Gary Barnidge already?
  6. I dunno what happened to my post, but it's not letting me edit it either. This new mobile app is dicks right now lol.
  7. My general top 10 rankings... Rodgers Brady Manning Brees Rivers Romo Wilson Roethlisberger Luck Ryan/Cam I think this year Cam makes himself a near consensus top 10.
  8. What did you old farts expect when hearing One Direction or Katy Perry for the first time anyways? "Gee, can't wait to hear what this new boy band aimed at 12-16 year old girls sounds like!!" The music on top 40 pop stations is music that sells to people who listen to top 40 pop stations. I'm not totally sure what yall 'nothing pre-1990' guys were expecting.
  9. People who think music is dead are stuck in the past and need to stop with their assumption that top 40 pop radio is the only music that exists today. I bet yall weren't sitting there in the 80's jamming to like Paula Abdul or something, right? Same way that not everyone who listens to modern music is listening to Miley Cyrus and the likes. Besides, in 30 years, that same music you're sh*tting on is gonna be the stuff that us youngins refer to as the good ol' days. "When I was your age, we had GOOD music like Maroon 5 and Soulja Boy." (God forbid...) Anyways, there's more music being made today than the few songs that get their hourly rounds on pop radio. And even yet, not all of those are awful by any means.
  10. IMO, he's already a top 5 receiver in the league. I mean, you can be rational and say all you want about "oh but it's only been one year!!" But in my opinion, he's already there. Megatron, Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, OBJ, and one of Julio Jones/AJ Green/Brandon Marshall (shoot me, he's still got it).
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