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  1. Boston is both the dirtiest and luckiest team in the league.
  2. This surge will be so cathartic. Ending Boston, in Raleigh, with a surge to advance to Round 2. I want the Rangers. Let the revenge tour continue.
  3. If Domi gets a hatty...Raleigh might register on the Richter.
  4. Nice hands on that goal. Soft forehand into that silky backhand. Awesome goal.
  5. Canes need to put their PP struggles behind them and go up 2 - 0 here.
  7. Game was lost when they got 4 PPs in a row and did nothing. There was no way they were going to get another man advantage after that.
  8. This performance isn't even something you can be mad about. They're not getting outplayed. They're just shitting the bed. All you can do is shake your head and accept it.
  9. This team is UNBELIEVABLY bad on the road. Its dumbfounding.
  10. I'm done with him. Give me an AHL replacement or Lorentz.
  11. Svech playing the left. That feels...new for this series? Feels like I've seen him on the right for most of these games.
  12. I muted this dude last season. I would suggest you do as well and never look back.
  13. Just put Svech behind the net on every Power Play. Maybe the threat of a lacrosse goal will open things up. Watching him take the puck from above the circle and drive to the net only to lightly push it into the goalie's pads is infuriating.
  14. All he does is sit at the circle and play catch with himself.
  15. They can't even get a shot through. Everything is wide or blocked.
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