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  1. Pirlo THIS close to signing with NYCFC, which would give them Pirlo, Frank Lampard, and David Villa. They also just signed Andoni Iraola. Sure, they're all "old" but in MLS terms, they're stars. I feel lucky to be here, just like LA fans. With exception to Kaka in Orlando, most European guys who'll come here will only want to go to LA, NYC, and maybe Toronto. The rest of the league can suck it.
  2. It's on ESPN's front page, and yes, other teams do this in their own state. That's why we did this awesome thing. It happened here.
  3. Time to get rid of the NASCAR description. There is one ... ONE ... NASCAR thread on the entire first page.
  4. LeBron had an amazing Finals, but LOL at anyone sayinf the Cavs lost because Kyrie and Love were out. Had they played the Cavs might have swept. That's how much better they would've been with the trio. GS is not the Spurs. Curry is the star and the rest are just part of the machine. Some of you act like it was LeBron all by himself against the best team in the history of the NBA, haha. GS and the Cavs without Kyrie and Love were pretty evenly matched. GS played better ... thus they won.
  5. Greg should be old enough to ignore that stuff. OR just hop on Yahoo, lol. Cam's knockerball video is headline news!
  6. Just saw this asked on ESPN: Is LeBron James the best athlete in the world? I would make a thread on it but am too lazy. I bet that would be weeks of debate though. My answer? No, he's not. It's an impossible question. James couldn't do squat in a real triathalon for example. The triathlete couldn't hit a three with one second left though. So does that mean the question should be more about talent then? Again, there could be some archer who is more talented at his sport than James is at basketball, lol. Impossible question.
  7. And everyone on the Internet who thought they knew just went: HMM.
  8. Over on reddit, they have that photo, and three others. As for the Spoiler one, it came out three hours AFTER the same photo with the eyes "normal". So 99.9% chance it was Photoshopped as a joke. The other two photos over on reddit, however, look real to me. One ... meh who cares. The other ... meh, we all expect it.
  9. Don't read the books and know justa bit but pretty sure the Crow Crew will attack Jon and Olly will deliver the "kill shot". Stannis and his army gets rid of the entire Bolton line with either Roose or Ramsay escaping so we can have a big villain next season, then Stannis takes Winterfell for himself not giving an eff about Sansa or Jon. He and Littlefinger are in cahoots. Brienne gets killed, Davos gets killed, Arya nets her first kill, Dany frees the other dragons and rides off into the sunset alone, Tyrion and friends are left to fend for themselves, Cersei is shamed but The Mountain rescue
  10. Did LeBron win the game ... or did Curry lose the game?
  11. Yay, Jordan/LeBron debates incoming.
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