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  1. If you are PanthersUnited, you panick, that's just what you do. If you want to save 15%... I'll be here all week.
  2. The most dangerous team in the AFC, lmao. Now let us see the most dangerous team in the NFC fall tomorrow too.
  3. Yeah so Jackson going into motion and Norman presumably following him will suggest that. If Norman does not follow him then no it's not man coverage. Again it has nothing to do with Coleman dropping into the box! It's not that complicated. Also the defense can always play a mix of man and zone.
  4. You said Coleman dropping into the box means his assignment is running back hence man coverage? That couldn't be further from the truth dude. You diagnose man/zone by motioning players and seeing if a specific defender follows them. None of that occurred here. Just admit you got it wrong.
  5. What coverage disguise did he sell? The only "disguise" going on is Norman not playing the deep vertical! Unless Winston motioned any of the WRs before the snap, there is no way to know if it's man or zone. I'll like to know how you came to that conclusion because I don't see any motioning from your cut up
  6. Again, when I said Boston will be benched for Coleman before the beginning of the season, people were throwing pitchforks at me. Coleman understands what this defense is trying to do and is less susceptible to mistakes compared to Boston. Boston has a lot to learn as a FS.
  7. Here is an article that is closer to what this whole formation is about http://www.catscratchreader.com/2015/10/8/9477161/carolina-panthers-all-22-film-analysis-josh-norman-in-trap-coverage Also here is a video by Bucky Brooks diagnosing the play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whzHjy3Lkuw I like how they both talk Coleman's "versatility" or not! Once again, this play has nothing to do with Coleman. It just blows my mind how you came to that conclusion. Message the mods to unsticky this lol.
  8. You deserve to apologize to the huddle for selling them false info. It's ok to like to football and not be a football savant. Coleman dropping into the box for run support signaling man? You have no idea what you are talking about. I've already told you any safety worth his salt knows that's not a run play because 1. TE in slot, 2. Shotgun formation and 3. Jameis does not run read option I guess because u see a running back it must mean oh run play. Can u deny any of what I am saying? This is essentially some type of a cover two trap formation, hence Coleman bails back. This play has nothin
  9. was that why you couldn't attack the crux of my argument? Your post praising Coleman has nothing to do with Coleman lol. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!
  10. When an argument gets into name calling i usually bounce. It's obvious by the number of likes that people want to learn, unfortunately they have to swallow this false info you provided. Can't even recognize what is going on and I'm an arrogant prick? I had a lot of respect for u before this Deuces.
  11. Yes a running back will go on their route when they wait and there is no blitz. In this case he is covered by TD not Coleman. Coleman is helping old man Tilman over the top. Coleman moving towards the line doesn't suddenly make him a strong safety because this isn't a run play. Free safeties blitz too if you don't know.
  12. that's a shotgun formation, typical for pass plays unless for teams that run out of the read option, which I doubt Winston is doing. The only reason the RB is there is to help protect against a possible TD/Coleman blitz, the basics of forcing a quick release into trap coverage (Norman's waiting arms in this case). It's also an obvious pass play with the TE in the slot. So nothing in this suggests Coleman is coming to play the run disguising him as a strong safety.
  13. I don't know how this play says anything about Coleman. Any safety free or strong can drop and bail anytime out of the box to disguise coverage. Nothing to do with Coleman specifically. You're missing the main crux of this formation, which is the trap coverage set to Norman's side; offer Winston a safe throw to Myers then have Norman drive on the throw at the last minute. Essentially fake like you're rolling to a cover three and then drive on the ball in the flats. The key to this play is Norman Norman Norman and not Coleman as you posit. Not 100% but that looks like a cover three to me an
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