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  1. He’s conkers deep in his Mrs whilst thinking about his soccer team. Who are also atrocious
  2. Glad I still have a team to pull for. As poo as it may be. Fire Rhule and I may just get excited again.
  3. I was replying to a post that implied they were. I sincerely hope they were not but if they were would they not know?
  4. Burns and Chinn (not the guy/gal who posts on here)are wondering why they should play hard for a team who was using them as a bargaining chip.
  5. If Cam did this at his peak….hoooooo boy. I just don’t get the pass being given by the media.
  6. I agree but it will still have an impact on valuation. We will probably trade DJ anyway seeing as we do dumb poo.
  7. DJ Moore laughing all the way to the bank.
  8. Calgary going to be so deflated after that first period and now this. Not too dissimilar to lightning game yesterday
  9. 15-3 shots. Half of those off sloppy turnovers. If it stays at 1 at the interval we have got away with one.
  10. Flames starting fast after a rough outing yesterday. We are half asleep. Keep it close and I think we win it in third
  11. Just got overrun in a five minute spell in the 3rd. Lightning looked really good
  12. Well it’s turned into a battering for Flames. See how they respond tomorrow
  13. Watching on ESPN+, good fast game….Flames will be tired tomorrow I hope. They look a really good team and by my untrained eye seem to play a similar game to us. can’t wait for Canes to be back after another long break
  14. Pretty much a perfect way to pick back up tonight. Hope there are not too many more lost games
  15. Took a while to warm up which is understandable after a long break but some things to like in that period. We clearly didn’t find our discipline over Christmas
  16. KK back on the wing tonight after being pretty good at C on 4th line, see if he has built confidence and it works
  17. I think it’s inevitable that the season is shortened to 72 games unless they change protocol rules. I’ve missed the hockey so much the last few weeks but this is tough on Habs.
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