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  1. Donte screams to me a guy who's going to end up on the Bengals for some reason
  2. this was like from the third play in a game that Tennessee lost by fifty.
  3. I'm patient. I've far more liked more than dislike draft and FA moves the team has made under Ruhle. Yeah getting Darnold isn't exciting but they did literally everything they could to acquire a QB, including nearly pulling off the biggest trade of all time, but a poo load of factors worked against them.
  4. cannot believe this picture wasn't in the OP
  5. talking about all pros like that matters at all sorry he wasn't as good as Walter Jones or Joe Thomas.
  6. Gross was a much better tackle than Gamble was a corner.
  7. The people saying brown disappointed perplex me the most since people fell over themselves praising Chris Gamble, who was never better than fine. Like what the fug did anyone expect? It was either Aaron Donald or bust. I seriously think half the people on this site don't actually watch games and are just a CIA op to mildly annoy me.
  8. a better title for this would be "the rarity of players drafted in the 2 nd and 3rd round by the carolina panthers earning a second contract with the team." not saying that's good. just a more accurate reflection of hurney drafting in the 2nd and 3rd round.
  9. this is walterfootball so I think it's more connecting dots than any actual sourcing i think with Darnold coming off the situation in new york they're going to err on the side of having too many options, and hedging against injury.
  10. i think rolling the dice on him was fine. no one has any idea who's going to hit and grier had a good enough body of work that it was justified at where he was. you never know which guys are going to figure it out and which guys are, like grier apparently, just not good enough at seeing it. maybe not in the third but hurney always drafted players a round too early. if he could have drafted his first rounders the day before he would have.
  11. or he just understands the game is too fast kinda appreciate the self honesty to be honest a long time ago I drew John Isner in a statewide tournament in the 2nd round. I was much lower ranked than him and he was pretty well known for how good he was. He was doing national tournaments then. I was probably 12 or 13. I had a big serve, especially for someone my age, and I'd never seen someone my age hit it back harder than I put it in. But it was his serve that blew my mind. I'll never forget I went to chip his serve early in the match, and there was so much spin on it, it knocked
  12. you gotta wonder what that's like when players get up to the pros and realize that they just don't belong more power to him. hang out for a few years, live the life, get some stories, then fug off and figure out what you want to do.
  13. Jake Delhomme after the TD pass to Moose in the Super Bowl "I'm a bad motherfuger!"
  14. I think 50/50 is pretty generous. Just not sure he can hold up.
  15. oh i just watched it i'd throw money to get her off the stage
  16. CMC needs to get his nose out of her ass and into a playbook
  17. yeah i generally don't give much credence to impressions based on the rantings of the mentally ill. Also "back to the playoffs in 2018?" bitch they went in 2017
  18. This place was absolutely not optimistic this time last year
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