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  1. based on what we've seen this season i cannot imagine that
  2. might stand around him while he thinks of the rabbits.
  3. clausen at least had gross and kalil this panthers offense, based on performance, is worse across the board.
  4. if the panthers don't push downfield they're doing nothing on offense today. Giants just sitting on the short stuff.
  5. real talk; it makes a lot of sense not now, but in the offseason...
  6. yeah this injury to wilson, combined with him wanting out, combined with the rams and ascendency of the cardinals.....that sound you hear is the window closing in seattle
  7. Who is the player that rallies them, tells them to CTFD, tells them they're going to go out there and control the clock/get a turnover? On defense I think it might actually be Donte Jackson, as bizarre as that might be. Chinn will probably grow into that role. And of course we have Gilmore coming in who's had tons of success and been in shitty positions. But on offense? When they just needed 1 drive to ice that game, who was the person in the huddle that knew what was going on? I don't think that player exists on offense right now. It's the problem with being so young. i think it's one of the reasons that when things have started going pear shape the last two weeks they just don't stop. Obviously there's some talent deficits on the offensive line, the playcalling is mind numbing, etc. But they're just too damn young. in the offseason, on top of fixing the offensive line with all means at their disposal, this team really needs like a 32 year old blocking tight end that can just stumble out for a reliable six yards every time.
  8. im very down on this team until proven otherwise eagles was a very bad loss
  9. What makes you think the NFL would have stepped in when they haven't yet?
  10. after the season, maybe right now? absolutely not and not watson. the panthers could have made that move already and chose not to
  11. he's double teamed every play and chinn was all over the field today what are you talking about
  12. I thought the same thing. why create two unexperienced positions?
  13. More good than bad today. Overall terrible oline performance, but he was promising. one less spot to fill next season
  14. best thing that coul dhappen today, from a personnel standpoint, is Brady becoming a ten year starter today
  15. if gilmore just wanted a big new contract why would he have agreed to this trade and to play out the remainder of his deal? Obviously we can't ask him exactly what he's thinking but a whole lot of signs are pointing to money not being his biggest motivator.
  16. guys jackson is probably gone after this year, if they plan on keeping gilmore.
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