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  1. They should go after him now if he’d be open to it. Assuming all goes to plan with Bryce and he goes the burrow route, you’re trying to make a playoff run with him next season. The panthers don’t have a first in 2024 and even if Marshall or Mingo become what panthers fans hope he does, you still need someone else on the other side of the field. Right now the only notable 2024 fa wide receiver is Mike Evans and Tampa will never let him leave. Obviously players will be cut/available for trade but if they’re going to sign a FA anyway might as well do it now and give him an extra year with Bryce before the window (hopefully) opens. Panthers have 27 mil in cal space and obviously burns needs to be extended, probably this offseason, but the cap is fake and if it’s a possibility then the panthers should move. If Hopkins wants to ring chase then I get it and Vaya con dios. Go to Buffalo please.
  2. This season: something simple but cooked really well. like a very well cooked bone in chicken breast with sauteed broccolini over a bed of rice. nothing fancy, just solid. Rhule: those videos where a random white woman just tried to reinvent the wheel for the shock value
  3. They had seven bye weeks a year and all the other great afc teams were all in the north. They were always healthier than other teams because of this and then they’d get to the Super Bowl and bullshit would happen. imagine how they’d do if they were playing the ravens, Steelers, and bengals six times a year instead of the clown college the afc east was filled with during that time.
  4. brady invested his money in tons of scams throughout the years, be it a fitness equipment company, supplements, crypto, or god knows what else. obviously the tb12 brand was just a way for the patriots to pay him under the table (1,000 dollar medicine balls etc) but the dude absolutely has an eye for getting scammed or scamming. like he's trying to buy in to an nfl franchise and also holds a stake in an online betting company? I'd keep my players miles away from him.
  5. This idea isn’t brite, nfl gonna be a sports surge of people going elsewhere. just another in a torrent of bad decisions gotta think they’re getting twitchy
  6. /see mingo's eyes light up talking about steve smith okay, I love him
  7. Assuming we’re not including like Kevin green or Reggie white in this list, it’s between smith, like and peppers. Smith just never had the consistent production that Julius did. That wasn’t his fault of course. Part of me wishes we’d traded him to New England in 2010, just to see what kind of numbers he could have put up. luke was the best at his position from the second he took the field and is a first ballot hall of gamer.
  8. Some weird knee/ankle thing that was probably misdiagnosed and he never really recovered from. if you watch it you can kinda see him land awkwardly at one point during the celebration.
  9. Also Rosario got hurt during that celebration and was never the same again. Oops.
  10. which doesn't make any sense because simmons has really started putting it together the past 2 years.
  11. How good is Derrick Brown? Going by just simple counting stats, 2022 was by far his best year and he's shown steady improvement. And this is good; number go up. I'm sure there's a way to compare this to other DT in the NFL on a wide scale, but I'm lazy and everything is subscription now. According to these numbers from PFF, he's about top ten, he just doesn't get to the QB very much, or hasn't yet in his career. Brown has overcome a great deal of adversity in his career, most notably from his former coach Matt Rhule. Recall Rhule benched him because the team struggled against the run one game and blamed it on him. He admittedly had a rough transition to the NFL, but he didn't come into a great situation. Rhule was obviously a clown, and that 2020 was going to be in a lot of situations where teams were just running out the clock. And I can't find the article but he was jerked around at what technique he was going to play as well. But Brown was obviously better on the field this year. He made SEVERAL eye opening plays, and if nothing else showed that he's not taking anything off. Most interesting for me is that apparently Brown was mentioned in the trade negotiations with the Bears.. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10071041-nfl-rumors-bears-also-eyed-brian-burns-derrick-brown-in-panthers-trade-for-top-pick Now I don't know if that was in exchange for Moore, or as an add on, and make all the jokes you want about the Bears front office, but it's interesting that we (apparently) said no. And now we've picked up his fifth year option. Brown gets a lot of poo because he didn't immediately come into the NFL and dominate, with some people ludicrously stating unless someone is Aaron Donald you don't spend a first round pick on DT. Obviously we'd all spend a first on Fletcher Cox, Big Jeff, Vita Vea etc. But by his own admission he didn't play well when he got here. But he's playing well now, and has gotten better every year. And the new coaching staff apparently values him. So what say you? Is he fine? Just a space eater DT who'll walk after his fifth year and end up as a rotational dlineman in like Dallas? Is he good? Will he become the Shaq or Donte Jackson of the defensive line, where he's always kinda overpaid and just good enough not to get rid of? Or is he actually going to be elite? Did hurn dog do it one last time? Is he going to blow up with competent coaching behind him for the first time in his career?
  12. Oh wow he didn’t fug up and take Blaine gabbert what a bro
  13. I didn’t count Clausen or Edwards for obvious reasons.
  14. After cam newton was drafted in 2011, the panthers did not draft another offensive CONTRIBUTOR until kelvin benjamin in 2014. They also got trai turner in that draft. Before that you have to go back to 2008 and Stewart/Otah for starter caliber player. Highlights otherwise would be David gettis and Mike Goodson. 5 seasons of drafts and hurney nailed one offensive starter. And not just that; no one else was even backup quality. just incredible what cam did here with so little help. If you really wanna be horrified, imagine the panthers if hurney hadn’t fleeced the bears for Olsen.
  15. As far as playing the draft, hated trading up for Johnson. They got caught in a run on EDGE players but seems to me like they overpaid for physical traits. Sucks doubly for me because the steelers used the pick we sent them for Darnell Washington, though it seems like he might already be suffering from the small nagging injuries he'll never escape from. Mingo is a bold pick, but I wouldn't necessarily call it bad. He's more upside but there weren't a lot of wide receives in this draft. We have a weird collection of WR on the team right now. Honestly Zavala saved the draft grade if that matters. Just such a stupidly obvious pick and a good one. I dunno, we'll see. There's getting good players and there's playing the draft game. Fitterer is usually much better at the latter. Kinda feel like Johnson was desperation.
  16. another question is how was hurney allowed to keep working after 2010
  17. 2012 wasn't much better. you had the typical 1st round hit (granted, maybe best player in panthers history), then one game of Frank Alexander, one year of Josh Norman, and that's it. but 2011, not even backup quality players; just Cam Newton and training camp fodder. You couldn't randomly pick players that bad.
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