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  1. i love people with no medical experience making tenuous assumptions based on, uh, the fact his dad sucked in every practical lab in med school and had to go into psychiatry its fun to think of what these same fans would be saying with any other profession "well his dad was a cardiologist so obviously he knows how to stay calm." "well his dad was a neurologist so oviously he keeps his brain waves at a low level and isn't at risk of seizure, which is good (obviously)." "well his dad is a surgeon so he knows how to overcome his lack of confidence over height." "well his dad was a pediatrician so that's why he looks like a child, but kids don't get injured easily and have limitless potential so-"
  2. Replacement level qb and John Fox coaching is so aspirational right now I can barely envision it.
  3. Charlotte's technically braves country, at least we can count on them to be competitive urine and you are out. Hold on, wait, i'm getting an update...
  4. i will never forget his multiple end of game drives where the panthers were down like 14 points or so and there was just NO urgency at all. like he either didn't care, or didn't understand the situation, or was happy to just keep checking it down and walking back to the line. unreal.
  5. i know you mean well, and i'm sure this will come across as a bleeding heart liberal whatever and I'm not trying to target you, but don't use the word crazy. words in mental health mean a lot, not just for patient interactions but how we frame conversations. you wouldn't say "Lunger" for someone with tuberculosis. Same with "drug addict." an addict is someone we don't have to care about, or who did it to themselves, or has fuged up over and over again. small pet peeve of mine that i lecture students about and i always try to implement in the way I practice medicine.
  6. trying to get a Tim Flock joke in here about the monkey he used to ride with and connect it to Bryce, but I'm not awake yet.
  7. lol I went to south meck I think the football team just like lifted each other and threw rocks.
  8. when tepper came in and brought in rhule i was very excited because he said all the right things about embracing a lot of the new elements of sports science, like really intense diets, tracking movements, heat maps, etc. Bringing a lot of the stuff in that like soccer and nba has been doing for a while. All those were very optimistic early signs. Of course all we got was a turf that feeds on cruciate ligaments, projectile gin and sodas and a new superstar in the Greenville hotwife scene.
  9. I’ve sourced those pull blocks and those are the cheapest fuging thing you can buy. They literally disintegrate. Also you shouldn’t be using those for shrugs or rows BUT I DIGRESS those are eleiko plates. Those are the nicest plates in the world. Why do you buy play dough pull blocks
  10. A magical city center that actually gets QUIETER on the weekends.
  11. ahh look they even have little bryce in there after he takes his first sack this season.
  12. In his own words, their consultants told him it made more sense just to renovate. he’s not doing this out of the kindness of his heart; he’s doing it because some dead eyed ghoul from Deloitte told him to.
  13. This deal is absolutely fugingt trash and I hope the voters tell him to blow it out his ass. 421 million of the reported 570 comes over the next twenty years for anticipated “capital improvements,” which will probably be Jason aldean concerts and an in building mri machine for all the turf related acl tears. and he guarantees not to move the team for 15 years, so obviously he’s not paying anything out over the last five of the 20. Move the fuging team. Do it. Let San Antonio deal with this clown.
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