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  1. I don’t think Samuel would be as successful in a wr1 role. In my opinion, he was successful because he had two damn good receivers take pressure off him.
  2. DJ is better than Curtis.
  3. Commercial break when it’s Carolina’s turn to pick.
  4. He has improved his ball security. Good at deep balls. Also improved a lot in route running. Remember in college, most of his receptions came from screens, catches near the line of scrimmage.
  5. Only on the Huddle would posters suggest re-signing a soon to be 30 year old WR over a 23 year old WR that has been the one of the best receivers in the league, and is about to enter his prime.
  6. Tell Brady you can’t win when ignoring the tight end position.
  7. If he did all of that, you’d extend the goalposts.
  8. We’re going to the super bowl baby
  9. Good move. Mac Jones will be a perennial pro bowler. He has to be the pick, San Francisco.
  10. I want Watson. We can get him for cheap. If he’s suspended for 10 games or whatever idc. He has many years of prime qb play left.
  11. I’d take him for a 1st and a second. Nothing more.
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