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  1. Given his performance in NO and the connections between brady and the saints offense, I think it was fine to think you might be striking gold with the signing. Clearly, that didn't work, and that's why Teddy cries himself to sleep every night.
  2. there are two ways to look at peter king saying this 1.) he's probably just bullshitting and trying to generate clicks. the guy mails in all his articles these days and has been coasting on his name for over a decade. 2.) he is one of the NFLs official mouth pieces. If he's saying something, then he's heard something or the NFL wants to start getting the idea out there.
  3. i love how king just randomly tosses in Robby Anderson, since as someone who only cares about the Jets and Giants thats a player he's heard of.
  4. Watson shitting the bed would be like the fourth best QB season in Panthers history.
  5. edit* close this thread, didn't realize it was being discussed elsewhere
  6. oh man he can buy so much child pornography or drugs thats about all he can buy
  7. does anyone else just always combine tre boston and charles godfrey into one player
  8. he's still a cap hit of 5.3 which I guess will be spread out across the next 2 seasons. Clears 880k of cap space. Really looks like this was just a contract v production move.
  9. Good guy, well liked, totally washed, bring him back as a coach or something
  10. ive said this a few times but his transition from season 1 to 2 was bizarre. he went from a rotational OLB to a pass rush DT. in 2021 he's going to play like WR or something
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