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  1. tied for 28th in attendance in 2020 23rd in 2019 obviously things were a little weird this year http://www.espn.com/nba/attendance/_/year/2019
  2. I spoke specifically about how public funding never plays out, not the "economic benefits" of stadiums in general, of which are generally concentrated into a few mega wealthy owners and a pittance of low wage jobs. buts lets play. lets pretend you're actually arguing in good faith and aren't just upset because i overturned your apple cart of comforting truths that you roll around in your head while imaging that some day your meaningless middle management job will turn into something you're not embarrassed to tell your dad about. of the hundreds of studies you claim exist, im assuming you mean this https://www.charlottecentercity.org/call-to-action-support-the-carolina-panthers-and-bank-of-america-stadium-improvements/ which is the only thing i can find for 600 million dollars. This is of course from 2013, and referring to a stadium that was NOT publicly funded. im assuming its this because you quoted it directly. i guess you were so eager to finally find one of the "hundreds of studies" that you didn't bother looking at the date. and of course, this doesn't even imply what you think it does, since it's not claiming "revenue"; it's claiming "economic impact." what is economic impact? sounds to me like a buzzword created by marketing types to try to fleece the government out of free money, and sway ignorant, low information voters/information consumers like yourself. which, clearly, it did. also lmao this fluff piece talks about 5,000 jobs. assuming this correct, how many a. are full time (none) b. pay a living wage (few) c. have benefits (lmao) And who is the charlotte center city organization? essentially its a trade organization of private businesses that lobby the city government to build things. IE people that want the public to pay for things that will benefit them economically. so to recap, of the "hundreds of studies" you claim to exist supporting the idea that public funding for sports stadiums pays out in the end, which of course would be what you were doing if you had any reading comprehension, you 1. picked an article from 2013 2. that's about a privately funded stadium 3. that doesn't even refute what i said 4. that was begging for government money from a private group if this was the best thing you can find about those hundreds of articles im assuming you've read, or else you wouldn't have referenced them, you don't need to respond. just go back to dreaming about one day finishing that mba so you can follow the path of michael scott or whatever pitiful example you model your life after
  3. There have been innumerable studies on the effects of cities subsidizing stadium construction and across the economic spectrum, from fresh to saltwater economics, it never pans out. it's always a waste of money. when you're having to justify it with 4th and 5th degree effects you should probably just stop posting. like lmao gas station revenue? get the fug out
  4. how did you read that post and come to any of those conclusions like what are you trying to say
  5. remember when the voters of charlotte told george shinn to go fug himself instead of paying for a new stadium, the referendum failed and he left town, then the city council voted to build a new stadium anyway lol lmao
  6. Every move the Texans have made, from the draft to coaching hires, suggests they're burning poo down.
  7. they still sent me a birthday email until like four years ago which is more than i can say about almost all of my friends
  8. he could have rented it for the day. like his spartan armor.
  9. if he's really "evaluating his future," then pay him to think about it for a year while rehabbing it
  10. excuse me, we're going 8-9 now please correct your post and don't make this mistake again. thank you and god bless.
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