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  1. im not ready to say he's the guy for next year, but holy poo the difference between him and Rhule is astounding also I liked how in the post game clip they showed on Fox during his post game speech, he was like "we're winning on the road" and the whole team was "yes sir."
  2. just in time for his former boss Harbaugh to come back into the NFL hmmm hmmm
  3. glad someone like Tepper finally caught a break.
  4. probably would have been easier to have "success" at Colorado, especially with USC and UCLA joining the big 10. Easier conference, recruiting territories don't really matter anymore, a winning record gets him a statue built. Plus he's already resurrected one program that was destroyed by rampant sexual abuse scandals. Rhule's bullshit church youth group thing will go over well at Nebraska though, that might buy him some time.
  5. “How does a tight end not have production at UGA?” because if you actually want to compete in the god damn SEC (his will be done) you fuging play defense and run the damn ball. hes out there to crash down on dudes (no homo), lead block, murder linebackers, and occasionally bail out Stetson Bennett who yes is a damn good dog but is destined to be running a StateFarm in Macon. you wanna play air raid in the SEC? That’s fine. You’ll give up 50 points to the worst alabama team in ten years and win because of the refs, you’ll get dragged by Georgia, then you give up the most points to an unranked team for a top 25 team in a century. I swear to god like six people on this board actually watch college football. And no UNC and NC state dont count.
  6. unfortunately that dude is gonna be a mid to late first rounder he's going to get to the combine and just blow scouts away
  7. I mean its obviously pickles (as long as we're not counting people like tony pike) but I really dont think Baker is healthy. The biggest criticism of him coming out was he didn't have the "natural" big arm. He had to really get in to everything to make those big throws. That's not necessarily a bad thing (brees) but when you get beat to poo like he was last year, where he hurt almost literally everything BUT his throwing arm, that's going to have some bad effects. early in the year, before everything had fallen apart, he just didn't look healthy. Now it looks like he has the yips which is even worse. I just think we bought a broken QB.
  8. Rodgers has not shut up about it for like 2 years. This isn't a guy who just did it once. I'm sorry you can't handle your drugs. Perhaps you would enjoy some half-caff coffee.
  9. shaq hit his ceiling years ago. at this point I'm just wondering what his floor is.
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