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  1. I’ve mentioned in previous threads that it is completely realistic the panthers go DB at 33. Would be stunned if they don’t take one with their first two picks.
  2. God I hope the panthers take Penix just to watch this board implode. absolutely do not draft Bo fuging Nix, even for the lols
  3. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh I dunno about that star of that draft was obviously chinn. brown looked like he belonged, but there were no lights coming on. off the top of my head I was kinda worried about him until about a quarter through 2022, when he started blowing through double teams and tossing people to the ground. sometimes it takes players a while to realize they’re bigger and stronger than everyone in the pros too, ie shaq.
  4. I don’t know about that. He def had some growing pains. Hell, first play of his career he was offsides. he definitely belonged physically though. That was why I liked the pick originally; he was just throwing people around in the SEC.
  5. I take that back Luvu was a bad move imo, but I guess Morgan doesn’t think Luvu will be worth it the next time the panthers are competitive.
  6. seriously panthers fans should try to make something out of the horror show this team has become and examine the systems that permit a moron like david tepper to make enough fake fun bucks to buy the team and run it into the ground. "Well he made a lot of money so....." to quote Dorothy Parker, "If you want to know what God thinks about money, look who he gave it to."
  7. listen tepper worked very hard moving numbers around a spreadsheet to get the money on paper to buy up deliquent debt for pennies on the dollar that the government cleared for massive profits and if you have a problem with this well then you're not an AMERICAN
  8. to say nothing about panthers winning the nfc south, at best you loaned a bookie 250 bucks for 8 months. get your poo together
  9. he wouldn't accept a trade here, or he'd hold out. he doesn't want to try to catch hospital balls from the kid from My Girls that died from bees
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