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  1. NFL is rotten with nepotism
  2. I don’t if Marshall is going through it (and again I doubt that’s the reason) but gait coaching itself is very real and established. All the big camps/training universities are doing it. And all the top soccer kids get it around the world. track and field has been doing it forever. Different gaits and foot strikes for sprinting v endurance etc
  3. This sounds stupid and I’m not sure I believe it but gait coaching is absolutely a thing and it’s becoming more and more popular at the youth level. It’s a huge deal in youth soccer for the real promising players. Basically different ways of running make you more likely to tear something. Sammy Watkins can’t stay healthy because he runs on the outside of his feet. it makes him very agile but his ligaments just can’t handle it. In this case though I think Rhule is lying to protect darnolds psyche or whatever. The real reason Marshall didn’t do anything is that the number three receiver and a rookie straight up wasn’t doing anything in this offense last year. I don’t care if it was Randy moss out there.
  4. Of course. They dropped a future third on corral that’s nothing. unles he somehow plays amazing and they still eat poo, but if we get amazing qb play we’re not drafting high. unless like the entire defense is on a different plane or something
  5. Guy on another forum did a huge predraft writeup on all the qbs. Don't worry about who he is or who he works for. He gave me permission to post this here, states next offseason he might make a patreon or something. He also added a Panthers specific addendum at the bottom. Full disclosure, he does not like Corral as a prospect so do with that you will.
  6. that is the most goddamn tennessee ass looking motherfuger i have ever seen
  7. That’s irrelevant and a stupid burn. Plenty enough reasons to hate darnold without gendered poo You just have to cut him at this point. No one is gonna trade for him.
  8. Also you don’t need to be a drunk to fight! everyone my age from Charlotte remembers when Colin Webb beat the poo out of Amon Suissi and it was completely earned for that guy.
  9. Stafford absolutely got into a fight at Bo’s in Athens, injured someone pretty badly, and was taken away by Athens PD and nothing ever came of it. The kids family probably got box seats. This was well known in Athens at the time. Brady Quinn drunkenly and intentionally crashed his car into a dorm where some girl was that broke up with him lmao school admin just came and quietly took him away.
  10. he's been very open about it and he apparently even started a student group at ole miss to help other students whove dealt with similar issues otoh, there's a reason it's called "recovery" and not "recovered." he will need a very stable situation, if he is indeed an alcoholic otoh he might just have partied too hard, like every college athlete did before social media, and scouts are just blowing it out of proportion because he doesn't come from the "right family" (white kid with a father who has nfl connections) and scouts love to poo on people that aren't in the system. "oh god he punched wayne gretsky's son" fuging good the kid probably deserved it.
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