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  1. If you guys really just want someone that will draft UGA players my DMs are open
  2. Fitterer has put on so much goddamn weight since he got here how many nights a week is he posting up at buffalo wild wings
  3. https://twitter.com/joshkleinrules/status/1706265195222302768?s=46&t=JBd6ZXmGQ3LmWL-ineTnAA most penalized team in the league.
  4. you haven't even SEEN all the ways Reich can have four slow recievers all run crossing routes
  5. They literally didn’t have this problem last season. coaches can install plays for loud environments. It’s not like the stadium being loud is a shock.
  6. False starts and illegal shifts are the definition of coaching problems
  7. I’m not exaggerating. incredibly conservative route running no credible deep threats absolutely no respect from opposing safeties rookie qb who has nothing open this is absolutely terrible.
  8. Yep. I keep expecting peppers to jump a smoke route for six.
  9. “….but NOT a season ending injury.” /narrator voice
  10. Oh absolutely. Collins was the QB on a team that made it to the NFC Championship game and made a pro bowl (after SEVERAL people dropped out and he just happened to be in hawaii on vacation.) He had his jaw broken in the preseason, really let his drinking get out of control, and had to get his life together before surfacing with the Giants and playing in a superbowl. Then Kerry hung around and was productive for another 10 years. So he could clearly play. And Collins taking time to deal with his demons isn't the reason the Panthers fell apart after 1997 - it contributed, but there was a lot going on. Everette Brown had no position in the NFL. He was drafted in part to give the team leverage in negotiations with Peppers. They overpaid for him and the pick became Mike Iupati. It created a huge hole in talent that would take years to dig out of, and I would argue they never did. Obviously that was during the height of Hurney setting draft picks on fire, but even just one more first rounder during that period sure would have been helpful 7 years later in the Super Bowl. Could not play, drafted for stupid reasons, final nail in the coffin of the Fox era, set the team back SUBSTANTIALLY, nearly led to Hurney trading the Cam newton pick for Jimmy Clausen (thank you Arizona).....i mean that pick had it all. If you want to go back a step further you say it was Jeff Otah, since that was the first "trading future first rounders" domino to fall. And also Jeff Otah may or may not have just decided he didn't want to play football anymore and fake some soft tissue injuries while collecting a paycheck. Which hey, I get it. But he could very clearly play when he was motivated, so i don't think he belongs here.
  11. whats a bust? just a player that doens't perform for any reason, or a player that doesn't have the skills to justify the pick or what was given up for him? Combination of lack of talent, cost to acquire the player, and downstream impact, it's Everette Brown and it's not close.
  12. https://twitter.com/philabcoulter/status/1701394064103387626?s=46&t=JBd6ZXmGQ3LmWL-ineTnAA
  13. Yeah the east response is that poise doesn’t put points on the board. Mary Antoinette looked poised walking up the steps.
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