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  1. yeah i could make it ten days i meant more his post concussion problems were pretty severe.
  2. Dan's turnaround is pretty impressive. He was in a pretty bad state when he retired from football. There were some sad stories floating around about him.
  3. scouts have been saying for years they didn't understand why Notre Dame didn't throw to him more often. Most likely because it's Notre Dame and you Have To Play The Right Way At Notre Dame and That Means NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL or whatever dumb bullshit when you get stuck in a role it's hard to break out of it.
  4. When Vick was just indicted for dog fighting, Horn was on the Falcons and went to defend him on the radio. They asked Joe Horn if he would be comfortable with Vick babysitting his then like 9 year old son and Joe said "of course." And now that son is a Panther.
  5. Panthers selected BYU OT Brady Christensen with the No. 70 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Christensen (6’6/302) started for three years at BYU after first serving a two-year LDS mission to New Zealand. Last fall, he posted the best grade of any tackle in the PFF grading era, topping Penei Sewell’s 2019 campaign, and became BYU’s first consensus first-team All-American since Dennis Pitta in 2019. In a tick over 1,400 career pass-pro snaps, Christensen allowed only three sacks and two hurries, showing good technical acumen, with strong hands and soft feet working in concert. Christ
  6. he's injured a lot, but luckily another qb on the roster knows a lot of good massage therapists.
  7. yeah thank god we avoided that blow up in 08
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