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  1. D J Chark chark chark chark chark chark chark
  2. then we should put him out of his misery before he moves in
  3. I don’t believe for a damn second they’d have taken brown.
  4. not even sure wtf I’m gonna do with myself if the panthers actually have an offensive line.
  5. WaPo just did a writeup on this Dov guy and he's just some rando living in Israel with no nfl connections at all
  6. it's unfortunately not, because as we've seen, owners, agents, players are all receptive to media opinions/inputs. it's a poo state of affairs to be sure
  7. i agree also I'd prefer to not have a known woman beater like frank clark on the team I cheer for
  8. This is a bad year to be a very serviceable back in free agency.
  9. Same but sam still wants to be a starter. Same with brissett. Dalton knows what he is at this point.
  10. oooooo my bad yeah I've never watched a football player move or act less like a football player than Ian Thomas its not that he's bad (he is), it's that he doesn't look like he has any idea what he's doing at any moment
  11. Yeah but their stadium is like 200 miles away so
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