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  1. Can't stand it. Really miss the White/White. Would even like the White/Blue better than the White/Black. I love the Black/Silver uniform combination and hate that we go black/black for every single home game. If I had to rank my favorite uniform combos it would be: 1- Black/Silver 2-White/White 3- Black/Black 4-Blue/White 5-Blue/Silver 6-Blue/Black 7-White/Blue 8-White/Black 9-Black/White ***NOW LETS TALK ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE THIS IS!!!!!!!
  2. Not saying I am some sort of NFL GM type talent evaluator but never during any of his drafts was I like “ hell yeah that’s a stud.” I was usually like “who?” or “this early?” Which I usually didn’t do until like Day 3 with Hurney.
  3. The team’s media and fair weather fans turned him into a star when he wasn’t. Both have a really bad habit of doing that with this team.
  4. The line's problem hasn't been run blocking, it has been pass protection. The same line made D'Onta Foreman and Mike Davis look good. Miles Sanders is just a bum. If this isn't average then idk what is.
  5. Chuba is not a bad football player. He just isn't a good one either. Very average.
  6. If I had to guess its scouting and draft related. Probably to have key people present for Top 30 visits.
  7. I would love Jonathan Brooks or Audric Estime. I also wouldn't be mad with a guy like Shipley.
  8. I mean this whole thing is going to crash down in Jets fashion. Whether Rodgers gets injured again, can't play anymore, or whatever else pops up. I really feel like the NFL was trying to set them up for a cinderella story last year until AR's achilles tear. All the exposure, pumping up the Jets even after the injury, and then all the reports of Rodgers coming back the last few weeks just felt like a storyline they wanted to happen really bad but it didn't pan out.
  9. I would add RB in there. They did bring in Jonathan Brooks for a Top 30 and their are rumors they like Will Shipley's versatility.
  10. Because those guys just as easily turn out to be John Ross and Jacoby Ford. Catching is just as important as separating.
  11. Take it for what you will, but I was reading something a week or so ago that said Keon Coleman has performed and measured very similar to Puka Nacua last year. Perhaps this is true or not, but he just seems too similar to Dewayne Jarrett and Devin Funchess for me...
  12. I think you will be able to tell through their Top 30 visits. Right now it is just Brendan Rice and Malachi Corley. I imagine this gets longer (Legette, Franklin, Coleman, etc) over the next week or so. Both of the confirmed guys are solid route runners. Brendan Rice has some size over Corley though. (6'3" to 5'11")
  13. I think it's Tampa or Atlanta. People forget how bad Morris was a HC. He wasn't a great interim either. The Rams defensive looked like garbage at times last season. He went and plucked his friend to be his DC (who hasn't really hit on much) and McVay's like 10th straight assistant to be his OC. Yeah they got Cousins but he's coming off an achilles and can't win a damn thing when it matters. They got a few guys yeah, but I just don't think Atlanta is going to do much. Bowles will keep the defense above average in Tampa, if Baker can do just 75% of what he did last year they have the division. Pre-Draft Thoughts: Tampa: 8-9- Todd Bowles' cycle of .500 seasons with 1st round playoff exits continue. Atlanta: 6-11- Very underwhelming compared to expectations. Carolina: 6-11- Meh we can be competitive in most games. New Orleans: 4-13- The old band finally collapses and they go full rebuild for the fist time in 20 or so years.
  14. We literally have the same depth chart except for Bootle. I have Jamison over him.
  15. Adrian Martinez is going to run all over these UFL teams.
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