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  1. Hurney/Fitterer in the same room is so weird. Two totally different team building philosophies.
  2. So I went back and watched some of these; this was the result for what it's worth. Not totally accurate of course, but interesting during this down time. @Saints- L VS Chargers L @Raiders L VS Bengals L @Bears W VS Falcons L @Commanders L (OT) @ Broncos W VS Saints L VS Giants W BYE VS Chiefs L VS Bucs W (OT) @ Eagles L VS Cowboys W VS Cardinals L @Bucs W VS Falcons L
  3. Yeah this really isn’t a big deal, he was brought in by Fitterer which was the worst GM in our history. Staff changes are expected after going 2-15. Besides, all that hype was just hype. It’s not like the Cards just came off the SB and he was some type of guru.
  4. Offense MVP: Diontae Johnson (Guy is going to light it up for a new contract whether its here or somewhere else) Breakout: Terrace Marshall (Can totally see this guy waking up in the last year of his contract). Disappointment: Austin Corbett (Never played C in the NFL and there is no backup plan other than having Christensen snap the ball occasionally. Seems like the normal head-scratcher of the season like Nate Chandler playing T). Defense MVP: Derrick Brown (Speaks for itself) Breakout: Chau Smith-Wade (Guy is really underrated). Disappointment: DJ Wonnum (I think Clowney will be consistent, but this guy reminds me of Stephen Weatherly)
  5. 4-6 is probably accurate. I would probably bet on 6. There are some very winnable games, and I figure if they just run the football like they say they will and play mediocre defense it's attainable. I figure that there will be 4 wins against crap teams, 1 random upset, and some game we play spoiler on somebody's January hopes. AT Saints (L 19-14) Chargers (L 37-17) AT Raiders (W 16-13) Bengals (L 31-10) AT Bears (W 23-20) Falcons (L 28-23) AT Commanders (W 21-10) AT Broncos (L 17-14 OT) Ouch Saints (L 20-7) Giants (Germany) (L 26-17) BYE Chiefs (L 34-14) Bucs (L 22-20) AT Eagles (L 17-16) Almost a surprise Cowboys (W 29-20) WTF moment Cardinals (W 23-13) AT Bucs (W 21-6) Canales Revenge AT Falcons (L 27-19)
  6. Can revisit when/if Charlotte gets an MLB team. It has been discussed lately and I think Charlotte and Nashville are supposedly high on the list.
  7. While I think Legette will be better than our last two WRs we drafted, I think Brooks will be the one everyone looks back at as the best player we took in the draft. I have low expectations for him this year, let Chuba try to earn a contract for somebody else next year and see if Sanders can attempt to earn his. Let Brooks get used to the NFL speed and get healthy.
  8. He wouldn’t have done either. He would have signed Kerry Collins or Matt Hasselbeck in Free Agency and then drafted somebody else tbh. It was clear that Cam was better than the other two but everyone was scared to bet on him because Jamarcus Russell was still fresh on everyone’s mind. Guarantee he would have brought back Matt Moore or and signed some vet.
  9. I mean it works the other way too. Look at the people who skipped over Smith, Jenkins, Muhammad, Gamble, Kalil, etc. We have had more misses than hits but I promise other teams do the same thing.
  10. Wonder what they will talk about after Week 6 when Bryce loses his job.
  11. “With the 4th pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select- Quinn Ewers QB- Texas”
  12. Dan Morgan flipping over ever rock he can to not have the worst WR corps again
  13. I spent about 35-40 minutes skimming through each game. It’s painful. Don’t watch it if you’re optimistic at all. That being said though, they still have the offense running the same Frank spread BS and throwing 5 yards 40+ times per game. So not really all that realistic either from what we are hearing about the philosophy.
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