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  1. Or NCSU baseball . It’s hilarious how all the high and mighty vaccinated people act like they can’t still get and spread covid. If you think covid is such a big threat, you should be against sports being played rather players are vaccinated or not. Hypocrites still gotta be entertained I suppose.
  2. I remember many years ago Mixon gave one of the most hilarious memorable quotes I’ve ever heard as Cam was lining up to snap the ball. “Newton cusps his hands beneath kalil’s posterior” I could not stop laughing when I heard that.
  3. On a side note, can anyone recommend some videos/articles that teach you more about crypto? I know the basics but I want to learn more about it and how to buy and sell from places other then Robinhood and Coinbase.
  4. I wanted to buy doge back in January but had some other things come up so I didn’t have any extra cash. I put a few hundred in when it was at .20 cents a coin but damn I wish I did that back in January lol.
  5. Lmao bleacher report had him ranked as the 11th best player in the draft
  6. Loads of talent left. One of JOK/Moehrig/Cosmi/Jenkins/TMJ/Moore and I’ll be thrilled
  7. Stats don’t mean much. I want to see him avoid mistakes, make clutch plays and lead the offense. He’s only 23 and under contract for 2022, if he does those things I’ll be very encouraged about moving forward with him.
  8. I’d give up a 3rd for him. I’d rather us gamble on him then expect anything different out of Bridgewater. In hindsight I would’ve counter offered what Indy gave up for Wentz. I think he does very well outside of Philly.
  9. I don’t know how anyone could be against trading for Wilson assuming the price is right.
  10. I lost a few IQ points reading this. Are you 14?
  11. Nah. Let these guys get a taste of the playoffs this year and spend big on a big man this offseason. Keep our young assets until we’re ready to push for a championship
  12. I’d keep Monk. He’s had a problem with inconsistency in the past but lately he’s starting to show he can perform on a high level regularly. If Rozier keeps it up he’s gonna get a massive payday in 2022 and Monk could be a cheaper, younger option to replace him.
  13. Agreed. If the big 4 QBs are gone give me whoever’s left out of Parsons/Sewell/Chase/Slater
  14. That was the first game I’ve watched this season, I normally just watch highlights because I can never find the games on TV. It reminded why I stopped watching NBA basketball, I just get way too frustrated watching these guys play absolute poo defense. I mean who coached these kids growing up? Terrible footwork and just lazy efforts. Their off the ball skills and mechanics are poo, it’s so obvious most of them just grew up being superior athletes and relied on that all the way to the NBA. Still, I enjoy watching Melo, PJ, Bridges, Rozier and Hayward. Much more entertaining then any o
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