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  1. He didn’t have his legs set. The freaking commentators are talking about how his form led to that bad throw. His QB coach is immediately in his ear telling him about it. That was 100% on Sam.
  2. Was that a drop? I guess Bradberry did drop it and recover….
  3. I think he slipped because he tried to jump up and continue to run.
  4. Logan Ryan was credited with a PD on that play. I don’t know why you think it hit Robbie directly in the hands.
  5. Surrounded by three people while the damn TE is wide open? Let’s throw into triple coverage and not look off the target. Logan Ryan was there as the ball was arriving because Sam was staring him down.
  6. It’s bad when Daniel Jones is looking better than our QB…
  7. It actually does not. Overthrowing and underthrowing targets is just him being out of sync or not having his feet set. All the sites I see are high on his arm stating he can make all the throws. Learning the read the whole field would be his weakness. That’s concerning because of what we have in Darnold.
  8. If height is his only weakness these QBs make your argument invalid. He is the same height as Baker with more weight on him. Taller than Brees, Russ, Murray, one inch shorter than Lamar with 10 more pounds, and one inch shorter than Aaron Rodgers. So it’s a dumb argument.
  9. Plus Russ Wilson and Drew Brees….
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