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  1. They are talking about his throwing motion how his elbow rises above his wrist. I mean it’s really reaching and insanely coachable/correctable. He looked like he already corrected it during his second pro day. If he falls and we grab it it’s a win in my books.
  2. I like that his name is Frankie. Reminds me of a mobster...
  3. For cheap I’m down! I’m referring to Richardson......
  4. Just let it happen. I heard he hates Puppies and is a loud chewer! Let’s all go tweet it!
  5. He had the top Stength of Schedule of of these QBs and lower recruiting rankings than Clemson and Alabama these past two years. Lawrence with Clemson against the ACC would make up a huge talent difference. I guess some people just don’t like Fields so they make up nonsense stars to discredit him.
  6. Texas Tech QBs were system babies too. Until Mahomes got drafted.
  7. “proven” would be the key work from my quote. They have stated that a QB isn’t out of the question and are attending Pro Days for these players. Sure you can call it smokescreens, but we haven’t been too secretive about much lately. Especially our need to get rid of Teddy.
  8. Lol I know right. He is a system baby, but he also underperformed. He is throwing every excuse out there, true or not.
  9. All in is ignoring options to upgrade the position. This is dangerous on a QB who has already had issues in the league, but I do see some potential. Taking a QB that falls to 8 and letting them compete with Darnold is not “all in”. It’s more of a BPA position. Unless you have a proven franchise player at that position you should always be open to upgrading the position.
  10. Yeah either way they get Fields or Wilson, but I could see them being higher on one than they other. If Mac is the one left standing at 8, I would be happy to trade down. Definitely not sold on him...
  11. That makes sense. They don’t want the Jets high on Fields.
  12. I keep hearing this as well. But why smokescreen when they already have the number 3 pick locked up knowing who is going one and two? It would be like the Jets smoke screening with Wilson.
  13. If they are “all in” on Darnold that’s a dangerous game. If a better option is available always pursue it, especially at the QB position. I just don’t see a future 2nd and a couple late round picks as being fully committed to that player.
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