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  1. Super Bowl victories are so hard to come by. That's why the NE dynasty was so impressive. I think Tomlin is the only active head coach with more than one Super Bowl victory (as head coach) outside of Bill.
  2. They need to just trrade his ass away and eat most of the salary. It's what he did with Teddy. Seattle seems like an ideal spot for him to step in a compete right away.
  3. It would take a healthy CMC, solid OL play (possible with the talent there), and the big one for me is Corral showing some promise. That plus YGM or another young defender stepping up and we could be a playoff team. I still think we are a year or two away even if Corral shows some potential. I'm just happy we finally have a potential franchise LT and some talent/competition for Darnold in the QB room.
  4. Yep. Give Corral a chance to play this season to see if there is anything there. That will let us decided if we draft one from the next draft class or not. I could give two shits about Rhule getting an extra win or two with Baker/Jimmy. I want us to get some stability at the QB position.
  5. Seriously! He always looks good in practice. He just can't read real defenses...
  6. Come running to Snyder's defense! Don't be so damn predictable...
  7. That doesn't mean moving on from Jimmy is the wrong move. Lance is an unknown in which no team knows more about him than the Niners. You have a strange notation that if a team makes one mistake they are destined to make mistakes over and over again. I mean the Patriots made a mistake in not signing Brady what he thought he was worth right? We made one in trading for Sam so I guess trading for Jimmy would be us continuing to make mistakes as well...
  8. Our OL looks SO much better than last year. I’ll give credit where credit it due. Their top goal was to address the OL and they absolutely did. That in itself should make us more competitive as they gel and develop throughout the season. I’m hoping another WR like Shi or Rambo steps up and gets some playing time as well. We seem to have a decent roster while thin at a few spots. Next year will be a big offseason. Aside from the QB situation there isn’t too many weaknesses. LB and DT could still get filled in as teams make cuts this year.
  9. They wanted to roll with Jimmy that year and after another year of letting them down they became eager to move on. It’s really not hard to follow. It obviously was the wrong move in hindsight just like Mitch to the bears. It doesn’t mean they are smart just they realized their mistake. They weren’t going to get any better with Jimmy at QB. We did it with Teddy and Sam. Teams chose the wrong QB all the time. Hell even the Jets did it with Sam and we traded for him. That turned out great… You on the other hand are wanting their mistake on our team.
  10. He better wear some sleeves to cover that up!! So unprofessional…
  11. Why a team would trade away 3 first rounds picks to replace their good 29 year old QB and why he is STILL available in late May? Yeah it’s not confusing, it’s because he is overpaid for a below average QB. No team is eager to trade away assets and take on his full contract. Similar to Baker right now. He is heading to his 3rd team by age 30 IF a team actually trades for him. Teddy 2.0
  12. If you think he is good that’s your opinion. I’ve seen him when his running game isn’t going and they need to use his arm and it’s gets bad. Check those stats for the postseason and watch what happens to them. It’s easy to dink and dunk when you have a great defense and the running game is going great. When they needed his arm he isn’t able to get the job done. It’s very similar to Teddy with the Vikings. I’d rather roll with Corral and if he isn’t the answer then draft one next year. If you want to try to trade for or sign another team’s cast off for the 3rd year in a row, then hopefully 3rd times a charm. I just don’t see it… QBR has Tannehill and Wentz in the top 10 over him. These guys are behind great running offenses. When the games on the line they have proven they can’t get it done.
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