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  1. If Young had a bigger frame and height, he would probably be the top pick no question. With Baker struggling to see clearly in the pocket and Kyler as well, the height thing worries me for a top pick. Stroud is one of the best pure passers, and Levis probably has the highest floor IMO. Richardson has the highest ceiling, but needs a ton of work still like Josh Allen did (I wouldn’t trust that with a top pick). I still think people are overlooking Cameron Ward. Great arm, speed and stays calm in the pocket. He broke records in the lower division and is looking the part in a power 5 conference. He throws a lot of passes too in a system similar to the one Mahomes ran in college.
  2. If we are drafting in the top 10 again because of our record Rhule will be gone.
  3. Yeah we are terrible at catering our offense/defense to our players strength. I mean Rhule wants to be a running team and we have one of the top running backs. You would think we could very easily incorporate some PA and rollouts to open up this offense and help Baker. We also have our tall physical corners playing soft zone, our LB playing FS, and our best pass rusher dropping back in coverage on 3rd and long. It’s a damn disaster…
  4. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34676323/kentucky-levis-backup-qb-unnoticed-transfer-top-nfl-draft-prospect A good write up on Levis.
  5. Corral is very much a question mark, but I say we draft one and let them battle it out. You have to have a QB to compete and a 3rd/4th isn't a high enough investment for us to pass on one this year. Even if he becomes our backup that is a cheap backup QB IMO.
  6. That's a hole in one! Also the punter lands on that poor blocker's back as well. Someone was icing his ass all day yesterday.
  7. Icky is awesome. Us fans like to overreact sometimes….
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