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  1. Hey at least we are still trying to improve this roster. We need any pass rush help we can get.
  2. Hunt and Moton will be the OL leaders. Love the energy Shaq and Jewell seem to have. We desperately need good LB play. I see Brooks as the CMC type hard work leader for us. He seems to live and breathe football.
  3. I'm just saying if you watched that video and took away from it Tepper is messing up again, you either weren't paying attention or were going to come away with that opinion no matter what. I don't care if people like him or not. I don't care for him right now. It was mainly a video about how Morgan operated the draft. Maybe they intentionally made it appear that way, but it was pretty clear they either wanted us to think this is Morgan's baby or it really is. Again not watching the video I think you are just wanting to argue or shoot the poo for a minute.
  4. You didn't watch the video? Did you really just get into an argument about a video you didn't watch? I'm not even mad, I'm impressed.
  5. Right. Morgan stated he wanted his boss to feel that he did a good job at his first draft. That's a normal mindset...
  6. Lol if seeing the owner of a team's face upsets you that match then I probably wouldn't watch much content by said team. If you are looking to be upset the have at it (I'm guessing this is the case). It showed an owner that has mad bad decisions appear to be letting someone who knows more about football make the decisions. He didn't even appear to know who Wallace was. This simply a "behind the scenes" feel good video about how the draft happened. You had to know the owner's face was going to appear.... I mean he was sitting in the War Room... This thread shows the same people always upset being upset. That is your point. I see plenty of comments from people actually getting decent info from this. Like the Wallace decisions and Dan's connections to other former players like Latupu who also ranked Wallace high, Tilis getting excited about having that 5th year for XL, seeing how Tilis worked the trades while Morgan had his guys ranked with Canales, noticing how they seemed set on getting a solid NB etc... Plenty to take away aside from "Oh no I saw Tepper and Tepper bad!!!"
  7. You are missing the point. Yes Tepper has been a bad owner. Good job pointing that out as everyone on here knows this. This blueprint video shows nothing wrong being done by him. If you are watching this video (yes put out by his organization) and walked away from it freaking out about him sitting in a War Room (like most owners do) while his GM tells him what they are doing you are literally trying to find something to get mad about. Obviously it came from his team and they aren't going to make him look bad and it really did not make him look bad. It was a video focusing on Morgan running his first draft working with Tilis and Canales clearly had previous input. We can theorize whatever we want happened behing closed doors, but this video looks normal as designed.
  8. Win record is legit. Crying over him being normal is just meaningless whining. Sitting in a War Room while the GM and staff work the draft would be considered normal behavior. Finding this 30 seconds he was on this video and freaking out is just overreaction and takes away from when he is legit meddling.
  9. She inquired with Morgan about trading up if the guy "we both like" falls. It was more of seeing what his game plan was. I mean we did trade up, one spot at minimal cost. I swear a Tepper could sneeze and people on here would have a meltdown.
  10. Parts of it I am sure. I like seeing the conversations in the War Room during the draft.
  11. I think it’s just showing behind the scenes of their preparation and how/why they drafted the way they did. People are looking too much into this little promo video.
  12. I really don't see how anyone can see this video as a negative. Yes it has to get through Panthers PR since they are the ones releasing it so I'm sure it only highlighted good things. You can tell this was Morgan's baby with previous input from Canales with his "he was the one we really liked" "he is one of us" comments. Morgan is literally explaining to Tepper the players they like and where they can get them. Tepper is the owner and will be in the War Room, but through the eyes of the video (yes that's a big disclaimer) it was Morgan's draft with Tillis helping him move around to get his guys. That's the way it should be. He brought the scouts in for the later round players.
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