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  1. Without a doubt as any college player does. It will help when our OL plays better and he is avoiding one defender vs 2-3. He typically scrambles to look for the pass though which isn’t relevant to rushing yards. That was my point.
  2. He is talking about “extending plays” I’m not sure why you are flexing on rushing yards….
  3. The problem with DJax is he has always been a streaky CB that relied on his speed to cover up his mistakes. If his injury hampered his speed at all (which I’m thinking it did) he is going to have to change his game style quite a bit. He will need to become a more technically sound CB.
  4. Yeah as long as a RB doesn’t get hot that stat line isn’t too far off JJ’s average. I really wish we had Woods and Horn playing to see how good they can be.
  5. Miles had a couple yards short of 100 total in week 1 when BC was playing. He isn’t a rb than can make something out of nothing, but if we get our OL playing better he will look better. The OL play can fix like 80-90% of our offense. We still have some WRs running sloppy routes but outside of that it’s OL play. Corbett will help but will probably be rusty for a game or two. That BC injury hurts a lot more than I thought it would.
  6. I like this one and I would probably count that as a win for us.
  7. You implied he didn’t elevate them to look much better. Well we can see the team without him and it went from one of the top offenses to one of the worst.
  8. Let them poo. Let them poo their hearts out to show how much of haters they are.
  9. He also hurt his knee week 1 and couldn’t finish that game. 0-2 so far…
  10. Maybe he will finish a game and not get hurt again.
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