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  1. Maybe. I could see him wanting a big market for the extra money. We will have a chance to max him out. It looks like the Hornets have already signed his brother to play on the Summer League. (Similar to what the Bucks did with Giannis). The owners better start kissing his ass, because you know it’s a league controlled by the players.
  2. Oh wow, didn’t realize that. I was thinking Tua plus the picks, but yeah they should be able to pay up too.
  3. Eagles make sense being the NFC, but I feel like the Dolphins have the most ammunition to make it happen if they wish.
  4. It’s about doing everything in their power to prevent games being cancelled and money being lost. Vaccines help greatly reduce (not eliminate) the spread and recovery of getting infected. Is it possible to reduce the likelihood to 0? No, especially with the virus thriving on unvaccinated hosts. Will teams greatly reduce the chance of an outbreak by getting vaccinated? Yes and that’s the current name of the game.
  5. I think Harbaugh did better in the NFL personally. He took that Niners team on 3 great playoff runs and made their QBs look pretty great. He had an 8-8 record his last year, but it was known all year he was on his way out. Kind of hard to get players to buy in to a coach who is already on his way out. So he had his team in the NFC championship his first 3 years with a Super Bowl appearance in there and 500 his last year on his way out. I would love to see what he could do with a QB like Fields. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rhule/Fitts and think the team is trending in the right direction. Jim an
  6. The Finals happened to be the Heat vs the Lakers the first year Durant left. The Warriors didn’t make the playoffs. You can’t rewrite history. The Warriors missed the playoffs AGAIN this year without him. They had Thompson injured, but damn near every team had injuries. So Durant left and they missed the playoffs 2 years in a row. Injuries are how we got the Bucks vs Suns Finals this year. No excuses remember? Had they retained Durant they would have been right there with in it. They also paid Thompson while he was injured and he got injured again. You better hope Curry never decides to leave.
  7. He said from the beginning he wanted to do it his way. Giannis is wired differently and hasn’t been a fan of super teams. Again it’s his team now. Why couldn’t those brilliant Warrior owners convince Durant to stay? He didn’t want to. He wanted more credit so he left and so did their playoff streak…
  8. So the backpedaling is starting! Got it. We can even look at Toronto constantly getting knocked out of the playoffs early, Leonard joins them and wins a championship. Leonard leaves and Toronto is back at being bounced early. The players control the league. Durant left the Warriors and they miss the playoffs, he joined the Nets and they are an instant contender. You referenced the 90s and early 2000s teams to counter this, but that was before the players took over. Lebron changed the whole NBA in that sense. As for the Bucks, they are Giannis’s team. They rise and fall with him. If he chooses
  9. They (LA) won in spite of ownership. There you have it. It starts with the owners right? Also how did Cleveland win with Lebron? Was it the owner? How have they been since he left? It’s the same owner. The players control this league like it or not. Had Giannis chosen to leave Milwaukee they would never had won. The man is a beast and had 50 of their 105 points that last game. I was glad to see him do it the hard way.
  10. There is a reason Trae was 4-17 and 0-6 from 3 that game. He also missed the previous 2 games because of that injury. The best lineup is Ball, Rozier, Hayward, Middleton, and Giannis. I would think any rational Bucks fan would take that in a heartbeat. The NBA doesn’t really work that way. Do you think the Lakers won last year because of the team’s owner? It’s a player’s league and they jump around to form super teams. Lebron went down to Miami won a couple, back to Cleveland won another, and then to LA and won another. The Bucks are the exception to the rule because they have on
  11. Well said! I agree with most if not all of what you posted.
  12. Ball, Hayward, and Rozier. You can pretty much can replace anyone but Giannis and Middleton (maybe Jrue). They closed out an ATL team with an injured Trae Young…
  13. Drop like a rock??? He was projected to be the 3rd/4th QB drafted. The Niners preferred Lance which left the Lions as the next team at 7 needing a QB (and they just got Goff). He dropped to 11? You know around the area Mahomes and Watson were drafted. Dropping like a rock would be Rodgers going from potentially 1 to 24.
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