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  1. The Hornets are so bad, Woj didn’t even tweet our pick! LOL
  2. Or trade back from 15 and try to to get TyTy
  3. If Knicks don’t take Duren, we do… and I would love Duren at 13 and Griffin at 15
  4. Hollywood Brown was traded for a 1st rounder...RA is 1 yr removed from a 1000 yds with Teddy B at QB... He has to be worth a 2nd or 3rd rounder
  5. Why would you think any GM would keep a coach around that he knew sucked? It just isn't gonna happen. And for me to believe upper mgmt went to Rhule and said hire these guys, and sit back and shut up, is just delusional. I am more of the belief Rhule is adjusting to how to coach in the NFL, which easy isnt for every good college coach, and has swallowed a little pride. But time will tell, and I think we both can agree we just want the PANTHERS to be relevant!
  6. Nobody wants to talk about the Defense that has been built. And nobody wants to talk about the fact he has had no QB or line play since he has been here. Also, until either CMC stays healthy or we move on, we have had no RB play. And not to mention we were blind-sided with the retirement of Kuechly. You can't build a playoff team from scratch in 1 or 2 years, it's just not gonna happen. This year will be a very telling year. We have a MUCH BETTER STAFF, top to bottom. We have made moves to shore up the OL. And if we are able to upgrade at QB, or get something we haven't seen outta Darnold, maybe some confidence can then be built in Rhule. If not, we fire him, and move on with a new coach and QB of that coaches desire.
  7. Darnold is gone after this year unless something crazy happens.. Rhule, I still think he is capable, especially with the staff he now has.
  8. So with all the negativity and poor playing out of RA, are we to believe that we can get 110% out of him if we A) Keep Darnold, who we know he doesn't believe in? or B)Trading for Baker, who he has also said he doesn't want to play with? In my opinion, he has to be moved, regardless of what we get for him! He can't be trusted to give 110%!
  9. If we stay at 6, we draft best OL available of the top 3... But I truly believe we will trade back and get Penning in the 1st, and a QB between, Ridder, Howell, or Corral..
  10. So I'm guessing no roster moves until we have a new coach? We have a few pieces we need to move and replace.
  11. I will place a small wager that whatever our plan is, that the Saints will jump in front of us and screw it up!
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