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  1. I didn’t see anything yesterday that says top 10 pick either. I agree that Michigan is a run first offense which is why I saw nothing yesterday that says top 10 pick. He didn’t seem to throw downfield much …not sure if that is on him or lack of decent receivers. I really don’t think he is even a first round pick from what I watched this year, but again it is more difficult to determine when they run the ball so much.
  2. I had a preference for Stroud over Young (although I would have been happy with either quarterback). But if this score is true for Stroud there is no way we take him and I doubt Houston does.
  3. As an Ohio State fan, I watch all of their games. I agree with you that he did struggle a bit in the first half. I think it was a bunch of factors. The first being that Iowa has a really good defense that no one wants to give credit for, at least against Ohio state. I think we may have been off a bit due to the bye week. The receivers struggled to get open (partially due to their dubs holding our receivers and tight ends- watch the no call on the potential touchdown and the other where they just grabbed our tight end). And CJ was just off a bit. The 79 yard pass seemed well placed to me. His yards were down because he did struggle the first half but when your average starting position is in the opponents side, that is part of the reason yards will be down. I’m not sure how his running game was carrying him. That was our worst running performance in I don’t know how long (running game saved us and CJ against Notre Dame). We couldn’t run at all. Receivers did adjust to a few balls that weren’t the best thrown balls, but CJ had many throws in the second half that were right where they needed to be. I do agree that he struggles under pressure sometimes. Our o line has kept him pretty clean until Iowa. As I mentioned before, he sometimes gets those deer in headlights look. My other knock would be that he hasn’t put the team on his back and willed us to a win(maybe somewhat against Utah last year) I do think Ryan Day and Kevin Wilson are two of the best offensive coaches, so maybe that has given Haskins, Fields, and Stroud a bit of an advantage over the years. But Stroud goes through his progressions much more than fields ever did Just my opinion, but while Stroud might not be the best qb in the country, I do think he is top 3. Penn State will be a good test for him.
  4. Curious what you didn’t like about his game against Iowa? Who are your top three?
  5. I am an Ohio state fan. I agree that Stroud is a much better Quarterback with better touch. Fields is a much better athlete. The thing that scares me about Stroud is when he gets hit or things aren’t going well, he gets a deer in headlights look. Completely disagree about the receivers. Harrison jr will be special. Smith-Njigba hasn’t really played this year but both Olave and Wilson bragged about how great he is. Egbuka is awesome as well and we are actually throwing to the tight end this year. Smith-njigba may have had the chance to be the first receiver selected but the injury and lack of film this year may hurt him. The o-line is nowhere near below average. They did struggle a bit with Iowa, but their online is solid.
  6. Did you go to McKinley? I went to Massillon. I moved down here in 2004. Went to training camp several years ago at Wofford and been hooked ever since.
  7. Jayce Horn with an interception on a deep throw.
  8. Nobody here at camp. Very small attendance.
  9. Several years after I graduated my high school played St X (all male high school that keuchly went to) in the playoffs and the student section chanted “We like girls.”
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