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  1. I absolutely love it already. Feels fresh and it's written and shot so much like BB. They've opened the door for so many possibilities
  2. He was a writer on SNL for about 4 years
  3. Now that the app is up and running I can share without tech issues. To the left is this time last year. The work was put in last September until now. And the one on the far right is taken at a really good camera angle. (I did not pose for either of these. I hate taking pictures)
  4. Yea I've gotten the "I want to enjoy life" as if you can't eating healthy and exercising. Mostly from people that think it's a chore to eat better. I don't understand that line of thinking at all. I was miserable before I got in shape. Never been happier.
  5. Meh. I can't add the pic. Didn't want to anyway lol
  6. So I don't normally do this, but biscuit said I should. I can't find my original post, but anyway I started out at 181 and I'm only like 5'7-8. I've always worked out 5 days a week, but I've been running a lot more and I'm training for a mini triathlon. I started counting calories last fall and now I just eat better. But anyway my mother sneaked a picture of me, because I hate pictures
  7. We ain't gon get poo in Salisbury. Hardly ever do
  8. Reached my goal of getting down to 155 about a 1-1-1/2 months ago. 26 pounds, I didn't really change any of my workouts because that's been the most consistent for the past year plus. The MyFitnessPal app is really awesome, helped out big time monitoring what I ate.
  9. First of all, eff you and your metabolism Jase.... (I kid, but really, eff you.) I'm down 10 more pounds since I started eating better. Most everyone notices but me, I still feel like I need to drop about 10 more. Came off rather quickly, because I was already working out a lot, that was never my problem.
  10. I'll start eating right one of these days. Working out is fine.
  11. Breaking Bad isnt over yet, so there's plenty of time for college studies on it. It was the first show my TV Appreciation professor showed us sophomore year. That's how I became addicted. I haven't finished the Wire yet, but I will one day. Having seen both shows I don't think they should even be compared. I dont think you can't diminish either one because both are brilliant. The writing, the use of color and lighting, it's all great.
  12. Found it so ridiculously hilarious that I saved it to reference for later.
  13. I was going to leave you a message, but you can't receive any new ones.So here goes

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      -Perry Fewell: This is very intriguing to me especially considering that Marc Ross should be a guy we look at as GM. Package deal maybe? Has the defensive pedigree, my only concern would be what kind of staff he builds to surround Cam with on offense.

      -Brad Seely: How can you argue with 22 years of coaching experience? This kinda smells like the John Harbaugh effect. Very well respected around the league and who doesn't want a top notch ST unit? Again the only question would...

    3. Dpantherman


      be what kind of staff he could put together for Cam.

      -Ray Horton: Anytime you mention the Steelers organization when it comes to talent evaluation and coaching, my eyes are ears are open. He's done well with the Cardinals in one year, he's intriguing. I can honestly say I know very little about it.

      -Bill O' Brien: I'm assuming this is a look WAY into the future. Less than zero percent chance he doesn't a few years at Penn State before jumping back...

    4. Dpantherman


      back into the NFL.

      thanks for playing along, can't wait to hear back! Take your time.

      And sorry for taking up so much space!!

  14. I start watching what I eat and get tired of it and starting eating whatever I want ...one of these days I'll get it together.
  15. Oh trust I have some extra motivation keeping me in those classes (most days)
  16. Classes are full of women, guys come and go, but its really for anyone. Its a really good workout
  17. I take Mondays- Spin Class, Tues- Mix of 'Body comabt' Cardio, abs, squats, lunges, Wednesday- Cardio & Abs and Body Pump, Thursday- all cardio. I usually like group exercises so I take classes at the Y. Lots of fun, and im doing really good. If I ate right, I'd be a fuging G.
  18. took long enough

  19. are you on facebook?

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      yeah man... want me to send you an request?

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