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  1. Dude, you haven't even lost to us yet and you're already borderline postal. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Watch the game tomorrow in a padded room, ok?
  2. Oh we plan on winning may more, but I'm sure you would agree that one is better than none, and you guys have zilch, zero, nada. Until you can point to your trophy case and say "There it is, World Champions", you're nothing but also rans. You're just one of some 12 or 13 perennial losers remaining in the NFL.
  3. Be that as it may, that monkey will always be on your back until you win the Big One. After you get a Championship under your belt, you're better able to handle disappointing losses such as we experienced in last year's SB. Unfortunately for you guys, you have nothing in which to give you solace come Sunday night. Just dreams of what might have been.
  4. Got halfway through and felt nauseous. I don't like to be lectured and told I'm a racist.
  5. You're right. He should stop those weekly visits to the children's hospital. Very douchy.
  6. Thanks for the link, but the whole "Cam haters are racists" line doesn't work. If you haven't noticed, Russell Wilson is black and no one has an unkind thing to say about him. Why do you think that is? Well I'll tell you. It's because he doesn't act like a douche on the field.
  7. My post was meant to be somewhat humorous, but I imagine 20 years of Panther frustration has sucked any joy right out you.
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