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  1. In the first 3 rounds, we really need to address: OL (G/C; both badly) and MLB. Prob not realistic but I would for this to happen. 1st rd Micah Parsons, MLB 2nd rd Wyatt Davis, G/T 3rd rd Alec Lindstrom, C
  2. Y'all Cam would have died behind this Oline performance. This was the worst Oline performance that I have ever seen. Brady for HC bwhahahaha, he did not adjust the game plan. If he did, it was all wrong.
  3. White and David are the best LB combo in the NFL hands down...... I miss Luke and TD........
  4. TB's D is clicking against the Pack after a rough start. A-aron bout threw 2 pick 6's in this game.
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