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  1. Only better scenarios I can think of is a Herschel Walker level trade for Cmac, or Fitty pulls a Draft Day type trade.
  2. I prefer to see him as Chris Farley with cybernetic enhancements.
  3. That's the most lineman looking lineman I've seen in a while.
  4. LOL! I always find measurements funny because I'm 5'7" with a 75" reach & 9.5" hands.
  5. Honestly, if it becomes known that the Texans/DW were trying to milk him for more & what crashed the deal was his refusal, I'd gain respect for him as an owner.
  6. Weirdly enough, I love Welcome to the Jungle whenever it pops up in a video game.
  7. I just got back from an advanced showing. Holy poo! This is worth every ounce of hype.
  8. Wait... Millionaires get hotties?
  9. I've just been enjoying the chaos. Hopefully he doesn't endure a life changing injury or death behind this line, & is good enough to let us build said line over the next few years while instilling some fug it energy.
  10. Get a make-up artist to make Cam look like a white guy, then swear he's a heretofore unknown named Sam Leibniz. This season is gonna be a tragic joke anyway, might as well lean into it.
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