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  1. It's still up on YouTube. Maybe he had to re-upload.
  2. I was. Why should he have to suffer. We chose this poo, he got drafted.
  3. LOL! Last time I watched ESPN I was getting my snow tire put on. (I live in northern Vermont.)
  4. Passes, recivers, blocks, routes, Jesus fug what don't they miss?
  5. I had just made things with my girlfriend (now wife) official, & she took me to a con she was attending for costume research. She had meetings with a bunch of people in our room, & I was sitting on the bed glued to the TV chewing on a towel to keep from screaming at the TV. I wound up being so into the game that almost everyone stayed, & then... X-Clown. That's when I realized 25-30 people were in our room cheering with me, & the immediately took us to the hotel bar & we got lit. The only downside was this was in Boston.
  6. They release the date? I might have to take the family over there.
  7. Well damn. Aggie Pride!
  8. Like others I don't think the lions will offer it, but if they do...
  9. Yeah, I was always skeptical of players with a ton of natural ability coaching, but Cam & Dion are changing my mind.
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