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  1. Same answer I always give, Steve Smith & Steve Smith. Just to watch the NFL burn.
  2. I would like one side to go "What that...!!!!" & the other to respond "...Bear doin!?!?!" Just to see Sir Purr lose it.
  3. I just think about Rosario dancing in Clerks 2.
  4. This. It's far easier to coach someone up to be a better receiver than it is to coach them up to be aggressive with an intelligent nasty streak. Barring an absolute miracle he'll never be an Olson, but he can be a fair to middling pressure release valve that can also plow the road.
  5. That's what I remember too. If his lack of production was due to the coach benching him over an argument, said coach needs to be fired.
  6. I think he's saying that because (per ESPN, I didn't see the game) he murdered Baylor.
  7. Whoa! I thought he was injured/covid risk during the season. The coach benched him that long over an argument?
  8. The base is there. Didn't have a great season last year. I think he's a potentially great backup for CMC.
  9. I cannot wait for y'all to see this one.
  10. I'm just gonna trust y'all, I know nothing about this man.
  11. Not gonna lie... I kinda want bewilderment.
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