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  1. Yep! One of my neighbors just broke a TV or a window.
  2. Well, I live up here & I was thinking of going to the grocery store tomorrow & recording myself asking the Pats fans if they saw the game last night, but I don't wanna catch them hands.
  3. Don't bring Hudson into this.
  4. LOL! That's all I hear echoing through the halls of my apartment now. Hell, I wasn't gonna go to the grocery store till Wednesday, but now I'm gonna go tomorrow so I can hear that poo.
  5. Oh I live in Burlington VT. A lot of them aren't neutral, they're bitter. I wish I had a mic that could pick up the neighbors' variations of "WTF!?!?!?! Why does Brady get every call!?!?!"
  6. A lot of the same people will point to Japan & how they haven't had nearly the problem we've had despite not shutting down like we did, totally ignoring the fact that in their culture the minute one feels sick, one puts on a mask.
  7. No. She has video with blurred out faces, while accusing multiple doctors of flat out murder while not naming names even though whistleblower laws would protect her if she had any solid evidence.
  8. He doesn't need any more. He provided as much evidence as she did. K. No, that's not it.
  9. Whelp! It's official. For the first time in 17 years I'm not gonna work. All shows have been cancelled. I mean I'm lucky as fug that I wound up in a position where this isn't going to ruin us or anything. But still... Fug.
  10. You're only supposed to listen to the Doctors when they say it's time to "end quarantine", not when they say "wear masks, gloves, avoid large groups, etc..."
  11. Oh yeah, I was thinking more about small businesses, low unit landlords & the like. (Albeit the big guys should be able to last more than a week.)
  12. I couldn't list all of the things my dad taught me that saved my ass if you gave me to the end of the month, but number one would be when I first started my business & he told me "You aren't ready to live off of of your business until you have enough saved to survive 3-6 months of rainy days without sweating." Granted, this thing as shown that not that many people did so, but still.
  13. Divorce, illness, lose your job, etc... It's surprising how quickly things can snowball.
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