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  1. I don’t think they will. It's a lot of bluster and not much substance. Plus it sounds like this wealthy idiot is going to get his way, unfortunately. I still watch the games but it's mainly just fodder for bitching and discussion with my buddies. I don't actually care that much anymore. It's just fun to sometimes put on that angry fan hat in a discussion.
  2. I have been to a number of these cities that have lost teams. The overwhelmingly majority don't follow those teams anymore, they hate their fuging guts. The sentiment is completely understandable. That has literally happened to Charlotte already.
  3. 100%. That dumb motherfuger has plenty of money to accomplish this and ample ability to finance it if he just doesn't want to write the check. CLT shouldn't pay a dime for this.
  4. People forget the 9 year playoff drought. I have been through the great, the good and the bad times as a Canes fan. Doesn't matter where you are in the state, if you fuging stink, you are gonna suck wind when it comes to fan support. The reason Charlotte is a dramatically worse sports city is both of those professional teams are fuging awful and have been for a while. Raleigh looks better because the Canes are currently experiencing one of the best eras in team history.
  5. Once he learns the position at 30, he might be our best player.
  6. Definitely not them. I would think that I just basically become a casual NFL fan.
  7. Yeah, we are a much worse franchise than most realize. It's largely because we were very rarely bad but most often mediocre. That allowed us to have a fairly good overall winning percentage as a franchise for most of our history. But....then Cam's arm was shot and it's been a descent into old school Browns/Bengals/Bucs territory. Sadly, there is no real indication of any future ability to pull out of this nosedive. If ya'll think it's bad now, wait until you see a few more of this type of poo. We haven't hit rock bottom yet.
  8. 100%. fug Florida. Glad they ousted the Rags but I have no love for them either.
  9. I was nervous about this transition but the Chatty signing and deal put me more at ease.
  10. The Pats are a little different because they technically represent a very broad geographical area that is densely populated and mostly within relatively easy driving distance to the stadium. They were also(as you describe) not much of a draw for the majority of their history. Winning does that for you.
  11. I am not a proponent of them leaving but in that scenario, it might be worthwhile.
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