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  1. I mean, technically our 8-2 loss was pretty much our best game so far. Minus a certain historic turnstile.
  2. Yep. Great finish. Honestly got robbed of a couple.
  3. About fuging time. Jesus fuging Christ.
  4. 5 on 3 with some fresh ice. I like it.
  5. He's been good but you can't get beat that easily on the glove side. That should have been a pretty easy save compared to some he has seen tonight.
  6. Time to get even for that last game against them. fug the Flyers.
  7. Given what Tepper has said, 0% this happens. I would rather sit Young too. There is no benefit to feeding him to the lions week after week. If we dramatically change our offense(we won't) then maybe I would feel differently. I just think this is all very futile.
  8. I am not so much interested in construction of the roster until the GM and HC situations are figured out.
  9. I am watching early on, if we start shitting the bed we gotta stick with what works. I could possibly propel us to the Cup.
  10. I think it's more that we couldn't find a partner at the right price.
  11. There was no team in the NFL that was going to give us a first round pick for him. People here really have zero clue when it comes to the NFL RB market. The MVP thing is absolutely laughable. It's been 11 years since a RB won the MVP and for very good reasons. They are secondary or tertiary elements of modern NFL offenses. It's amazing how many Huddlers are still in the "three yards and a cloud of dust" era.
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