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  1. I don't like the decision to lay down in the game. It definitely isn't good for the notoriously streaky Mrazek and I don't like falling from first to potentially fourth overall. I hope they can get fired up in the playoffs after losing two straight to Nashville. Definitely don't like going in cold.
  2. Prior to his arrival(his record with them is 43-21), their previous winning season was in 2003. So.....you are just flat out wrong.
  3. There have been even more signs that Darnold just doesn't have "it."
  4. McVay has created the push to find the next young offensive genius. It's an oversimplification of why McVay has been successful. Brady isn't Sean McVay. Most of these "young offensive geniuses" aren't.
  5. Not sure I would say that Brady isn't a QB whisperer if he couldn't turn a backup(Teddy) and a bust into something they haven't been. Is Sean McVay a bum because he couldn't get more out of Jared Goff? There are ample reasons to avoid hiring Brady as a head coach, but not being able to rehabilitate broken players shouldn't be one of them.
  6. If that was the "real life" results, it would probably be one of the greatest draft classes in NFL history
  7. The only non-scrub loss was Okung and he wasn't healthy enough to move the bar this season even if we did bring him back(which we rightly didn't). The point being that the hope was that we upgraded over the guys we played(Miller, Scott, Reed, Schofield, Daley, Little, etc). I don't expect that Erving/Elflein are going to be much of an upgrade, nor does really their performances up to this point in the NFL indicate that(similar to last year's non-Okung signings). Everything about them indicates they are journeyman depth guys and not NFL starters(hence why they have been jettisoned by mult
  8. Yeah, I honestly was hoping for the first time in forever that we were going to take the OL seriously and make some needed moves. Needless to say, I was disappointed in what we ended up doing and the way we ended up doing it. I just hope these FO guys prove to be geniuses and make our skepticism look completely foolish. I'd rather look foolish and enjoy success than be right and watch the team look like dogshit.
  9. They were definitely better than I expected but I attribute that to a couple of things, the addition of Okung and also the Brady offense which revolved around getting rid of the ball quickly(Teddy actually deserves credit for this to, whether we want to give him credit or not). Still, even "better" was in the 16 to 26 range, depending on what metric you are grading them by. I am very skeptical of this version of our OL because I wasn't a big fan of our new free agents(basically backups, IMO...which we admittedly needed too) and I thought our attempts to upgrade in the draft were rath
  10. Don't forget about Scott. I am not sure he doesn't ultimately beat out our new free agents.
  11. I am not saying it doesn't happen but I don't think every team is doing that anymore. Remember, the NFL was a lot more wild west only 20-25 years ago than it is now. Every single aspect of these guys lives gets broadcast everywhere. Harder for them to cover up shenanigans and keep it away from the media.
  12. Still expect Christensen to ultimately be a guard.
  13. Horn sort of has to have an immediate impact as a #8 pick. I don't mean that as in being an All Pro player(although that would be great). He just needs to be able to start the whole season and not be a problem. I am trying to lower my year one expectations for him because traditionally CB's struggle for a couple of seasons before the light comes on. If he is simply average in the first year and shows flashes of being great, that will be a great start.
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