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  1. Well, it is clear he was just chasing money and not a ring. Don't tell @SizzleBuzz that his hero is money hungry.
  2. That is a very expensive backup. I'd be pumped to get rid of that contract
  3. My answer to all the people bitching about the Watson threads....where is the content you are providing? You have other Panther or NFL issues to discuss? Let's see the threads, in that case.
  4. I mean....it's the football "dead period." Post Superb Owl and pre-free agency. There is rarely ever any real NFL news. This is actually one of the most action packed pre-free agency periods I can recall with all these QB moves and potential QB moves.
  5. Great article, but I do notice that he doesn't discuss some of the scheme issues and mechanical issues that lead to some of those stats. Most of the scouting info specifically mentions that because it does stand out when you see his inaccurate throws. I definitely like the stats based breakdown though. Excellent stuff. It doesn't make me change my personal opinion of him. He is easily the most talented QB with the highest ceiling of the top 4 guys. But he also has the biggest leap to make to being NFL ready. If we take him at 8, I will be the first preaching patience. My bigg
  6. Part of the problem is that electronic discussions lack the depth of an actual face to face discussion. You are less likely to say crazy poo behind the veil of relative anonymity and you are less likely to be compassionate to a screen name ratherthan a person. Serious discussions about real issues are always best when they are face to face.
  7. I have heard multiple people say he has a second round grade(The Draft Network analysts being one source). But I would be surprised if he doesn't get taken in the top 10. The QB desperation is so great he will get drafted ahead of his grade.
  8. Is it just me or is every one of @Carolina Panthers image links broken when they post? Can't tell if it is a me glitch or there is some other problem.
  9. This is the same shade tbrown at Mac Jones, although his(Jones) placement is more consistent even with both throwing to a lot of wide open guys. My point being that the narrative of him being an inaccurate passer is simply not true. He definitely has some mechanical issues to work on but those are fixable.
  10. If I were him, I would take this tag and bank on the fact the cap is gonna go up in 2022.
  11. I don't think the new deals take effect until 2022 or 2023, so we will likely still be light on the cap next offseason, as well. I am assuming 100% capacity in the fall and even then I would believe it probably simply rises back up to the level it was before this year. I am also okay with the cap being lower next year, because the Saints will remain in cap hell.
  12. I'd like to have him but we can't trade for Watson or likely keep our #8 pick if we want him. Plus he will be looking for a big deal after this year.
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