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  1. Ran into Ken Lucas years ago (true story) at camp. I walked away with the impression he was hitting on me
  2. 6th round pick for a half year rental. No clue on what the long term plan is, but the team thinks that they can when this year and I'm here for it.
  3. From my perspective, from the opening Dallas drive at least, we were simply being manhandled. Not sure what adjustments can fix that
  4. Lol there is NO WAY I'd be anywhere gloating if the Panthers won the way Dallas did (or I'd be ready to rightly eat poo for it). You seem to lack some (self?) awareness.
  5. Is this dude really trying to say that a blown call that led to a Dallas touchdown was not a factor in the loss of a one score game??
  6. What can Mack do that Freeman can't? Or Hubbard for that matter?
  7. He's only under contract for 2021... Would have to be a late round pick/fringe player.
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