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  1. Let's list them all. How about "Lake Norman"
  2. Barno with a LB number... (I know that doesn't really mean anything)
  3. Icky should spend his entire career here. Someone who wants to be here. Says something
  4. Outside of Horn and Christensen (in a very limited capacity), I think it's bust city personally
  5. Holy moly, this is a trip down memory lane
  6. We played a good deal of Wide 9 in Rhule's first year. Didn't really watch much this past season, but Barno may be able to eat in that scheme.
  7. That's my question as well. I wonder how he performed while dropped into coverage...
  8. Icky's top tier intelligence will help him quite a bit here, I imagine.
  9. Would really like Tariq Woolen.
  10. Missed this. But yeah, this
  11. Lael Collins going from a sure fire first round pick to being undrafted, due to his alleged involvement in a death/murder that news of broke the day of the draft.
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