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  1. Fine but you can build a championship caliber team that is just one piece away and improve that position. I would rather have Kansas City's sustained success level than what we did with our franchise QB.
  2. But why is Alex Smith considered a bad thing? If Darnold is Alex Smith our ceiling is pretty high. If Darnold is just steady, we are a very good team.
  3. I don't want to imagine this because of all those commercials that warn about a 4 hour boner.
  4. I am pumped about the 2-0 start but we saw how some of the early season proclamations worked out last year. The Huddle was rife with "TEDDY IS THE GOAT" threads. I like the way we look, outside the OL. Just need to see in sustained for a full season.
  5. Nothing yet. Some things tracking that way but all of my expectations were for mid to end of season, not 2 games in.
  6. I mean, I like these fitness chicks and their giant asses, as an ass man. But it takes lots of gym work and time to get there
  7. They aren't even necessary if you do the gym work to get there. It isn't like tits, implants aren't necessary to get a big ass.
  8. A boomer saying boomer things about a publication that specifically is trying to revive the boomer era sports journalism.
  9. Checked. Available but not Prime. 3-4 weeks delivery.
  10. It's the NFL. Every week should be a worry. I am pleased with the results so far. We just need to keep working on our flaws and stay healthy.
  11. As many bad breaks as we have had as Panthers fans, it sure is nice to get some of these go our way for a change.
  12. We are two games into a 17 game season. Let's just see what we have on the team before panic trading as if we are two weeks from the NFC Championship game.
  13. Nah, he had a clean look at it. He didn't do anything wrong but whiff.
  14. Just was talking to two bartenders asking about CMC because they had him on fantasy. Was telling them not to expect a lot because we had a bottom 5 OL. Next play he scores. You're welcome.
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