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  1. Yeah and that's a great example of what I mean. People look at these FA and draft moves on paper and assume it is all fixed. I don't see that. We didn't get a pile of All-Pro/Pro Bowl caliber, experienced vets nor a pile of blue chip prospects(save Ekwonu). We got some some guys that might work out or they might not. That's another reason why these stupid "competitions" were so angering. If you knew largely what the lineup was going to be(and supposedly they did) why the fug are you not getting the maximum amount of reps as a UNIT to get their chemistry dialed in and figure out the strengths and weaknesses as a unit. You have all fuging season to adjust personnel if someone isn't cutting it. You have limited amounts of reps to get a unit ready for the season. It's insanely shortsighted.
  2. I hope Bozeman can be that dude or maybe Mays plays well early. I just know Elflein is probably gonna get schooled most of the year if we attempt that. I don't have this faith that some do that we are suddenly an elite IOL and that will make up for a weak player or two. I view our IOL as almost all questionable so any mistakes are more likely to get magnified than covered. Would love to be wrong but I don't have a good feeling about that unit.
  3. Well he hasn't looked average so far this offseason/preseason. I suspect he will be a glaring weakness any time he suits up in 2022.
  4. Yeah, I can't sign off on that "most collective talent" comment. We have had some insanely talented OL in the history of this franchise. Outside of Moton and maybe(HOPEFULLY) Ickey, none of these guys would make a top 10-15 in our history. Frankly, I think top 25 is a big stretch.
  5. I just don't have that faith in the OL. It's easily the biggest concern on that side of the ball for me. Would like better TE options but I don't know that Ebron is that guy. The good version of him can be but that isn't even remotely consistent. Plus he is a massive liability in the run game. I will say a vet min deal wouldn't upset me.
  6. I honestly don't think TE is even close to our biggest concern on offense. It's a low ceiling gamble on player with high risk. Our OL is far, far more concerning. Possibly QB, as well.
  7. I am not really sure the personnel changes will have a dramatic impact on that, TBH. If he is as bad as some(myself included) think, any improvements will matter little. If he isn't as bad as some think, it could make us a more competitive team. I think it's a valid concern either way. Even if he is fired, it would be nice to have a better roster for the next guy.
  8. Washed. Doesn't really fit with what we seem to be doing with the roster.
  9. It's easy to say play him without having actually seen him play. I do hope we find a way to get him some reps there in the preseason to evaluate how thin we are at C. I think I would lean FA at the moment.
  10. Bozeman was supposed to be our starter(in theory) but now dinged up. Elflein looks like garbage(again). Is this our biggest area of concern heading into the season at the moment? Should we consider dumpster diving to shore up the position? What say ye?
  11. Appears to be Dude. Regular season may reveal a Dud. TBD.
  12. Yeah, sadly he just cannot be counted on to play a full season and perhaps not even half a season. But we are better suited to "replace" him in the lineup than we were. Ultimately the biggest flaw in Rhule's plan of having a "run first" team is that our franchise RB isn't capable of staying healthy. The second biggest flaw is that we aren't sure we have the OL to dominate in the run game. The latter issue MAY be somewhat solved. The former is unlikely. We will just have to see what happens in 2022.
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much the same as the BB being a douche quote. That is something that is expected. CMC's ability shouldn't really ever be questioned. His ability to stay healthy, however.......definitely. He never stopped being the best dual threat RB in the NFL. He just stopped being healthy enough to play on Sundays.
  14. That isn't especially new news, though. Situation normal.
  15. So..... Horn looks like a top 10 pick. Baker might be A Dude. Darnold proved he is who we thought he was. Might have some playmakers at WR. OL could be suspect. DL could be suspect. Secondary might be nasty. We will fight any MFer out there. Anything else from the Pats practices I am forgetting?
  16. You are crying about Mr. Scot filling this thread and literally almost none of your posts have been anything but complaining or whining. Oh The Irony.
  17. It would be very disappointing to have him end up a bust as a 2nd rounder, so I obviously hope he pans out.
  18. I think the fact that they kept pairing him with Baker was the giveaway. That's another element that is so fuging absurd about all these fake competitions. It's pretty obvious what the score is, so I have no idea what the benefit is of this charade.
  19. Yeah, the game has changed. All those two a days in the 100 degree heat.
  20. I am not sure how there is really any other answer than this.
  21. They need to stop bringing that fuging cart out. They are killing us with this poo.
  22. Yeah, to me that is the thing. It's where we likely are versus the rest of the league. It's easy to say we have improved over where we might have been in 2020 and 2021 but that was a very low bar to hit.
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