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  1. Which it is EXTREMELY difficult to just line up and be better than the other team in the NFL. That is the core of college football but it doesn't work at the NFL level.
  2. Frank probably has more to prove than anyone else. Young is a rookie, rookie struggles happen. Our other young guys have some excuses. Frank isn't a rookie head coach. He's been in the league a long time. He doesn't get a lot of excuses.
  3. I'd oddly like to see more throws out of bounds if things break down. Don't try to extend these plays like Russell or McNabb or even Cam. You aren't those dudes. Make the read, extend a little and then throw it away or make a safe throw.
  4. I think it's a scheme fit thing, TBH.
  5. Nah, we aren't bad enough defensively for that. The issue will be watching our offense get shut down by their mediocre defense. That is what is gonna really hurt.
  6. Well they also don't want to foot the bill for developmental football. They have it for free currently in college. Why would they change that?
  7. In fairness, I think he probably has to improve a lot to be at Hurney's level at this rate.
  8. I have noticed that, as well. He tends to stare down his WR's too. Arguably the most talented prospect but he isn't the shiny gem that some seem to believe.
  9. I don't think it is just Ikey. All of our younger lineman have struggled. It doesn't help that we have a line built to bruise but we keep putting them in difficult passing situations for 80% of the game. Doesn't mean that we shouldn't be concerned but maybe running the ball more than 10 times a game might help them out some.
  10. My God it has been wonderful watching that douche fall flat on his face.
  11. It will be so crazy to see a team whiff on two top 5 draft picks in one year.
  12. Fair post but do you also want to trot out a young QB in a DOA offense?
  13. Don't forget had we traded Burns and not moved up for Bryce we could be sitting on an insane pile of picks to build.
  14. I don't think I can blame it on him. This scheme is horrible.
  15. Well, I hope they keep this up. I am a Bryce guy but when you aren't ready to go, you aren't ready to go.
  16. Dalton is better at this point in his career than Bryce fellas. Ya'll need to accept that. I certainly hope our staff is smart enough to see it too.
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