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  1. Not sure but I do know that Von Miller can suck every pecker on the planet at once.
  2. https://twitter.com/NebraskaRivals/status/1598362881942224896?s=20&t=qxnNBOQJnzk9xTI_86EsZg
  3. He is such a fuging buffoon. And he keeps going from outlet to outlet trying to sell this stupid poo.
  4. Yeah, I think Burfict broke him. That fuger is really who should be in jail.
  5. Yeah, if I was involved I would want to learn everything possible. Even before I started out, I would probably immerse myself in every shred of information and human resource possible.
  6. Current version me would not meddle. I could see myself trusting the wrong person to run it. I could not see myself falling for Matt Rhule. That I can assure you. Seen too many of that type before. I know what that is.
  7. I would like to think I wouldn't because I have a pretty solid handle on my limitations and I have managed people before. I know how bad micromanagement can screw things up.
  8. I'm not sure if you are trying to be ironic or not but.....
  9. You do realize you are an insane person, right?
  10. Yeah, I hope he is involved enough to have some opinions and I hope he is smart enough to trust the people he hired.....to a point(looking you, Matt Rhule).
  11. Yeah but you also know that Hartman isn't an NFL caliber player. I get having college allegiances, I do. But you cannot let their college abilities cloud your NFL judgement.
  12. Yeah, hard to say. I do think the details of that deal becoming publicly available was like chumming the water for his agent.
  13. If any of that is true and Tepper is making decisions on first round draft picks(or really any major personnel move) this franchise is fuged until he is gone. That is Dan Snyder/Jerry Jones level of meddling and it doesn't have a successful track record in the NFL.
  14. These threads are perpetually ruined by college fan homers. The people trashing him are largely hyping their own trash SEC QB's. I am not sold on Levis either but the shade being thrown by Richardson or Rattler fans is laughable. Ya'll need to take your dumb college fan hats off when it comes to the Panthers. None of us give a fug about taking a bunch of overrated or bad college players to pollute our roster from your schools. Hook us up with some studs and that is great but we don't need any more Ben Boulware's, Elijah Hood's or whatever version of a not-NFL-caliber player that will get hyped in here to the nth degree by people that don't understand the NFL at all.
  15. I just shake my head at the Richardson people. I genuinely believe they have never seen him play.
  16. I disagree. We are at the point where we need better quality players, not just more players. Trading back is fine if you have a stacked roster and don't need a first round salary on the books or you have the luxury of trading into a future 1st round. Otherwise, trading back to load up on 4th-7th rounders is fuging absurd. We have a decent core now but we really need top tier players, not depth guys. Get some studs and/or potential starters in the 1st-3rd rounds with these higher picks. That is what will help us improve as a team.
  17. It depends on what the free agent market looks like in 2023. If there are a lot if top tier pass rushers available, Fitt might be concerned about the market going nuts. Also keep in mind that the cap is about to start jumping up. Those could be reasons why he might be trying to get a deal done now, to lock him in at a lower range deal. I would say withhold judgement until the details are available.
  18. I am still on the fence about Wilks. I think with a very good OC and if he has a little bit of a hands off role with the offense, he could be the guy. I am also concerned about having yet another defensive and conservative coach.
  19. Hence why I said that tanking on the field is a rare phenomenon. That's a front office thing. Now there have obviously some recent cases of tanking that were publicly discussed but that is still typically a FO thing, like the Dolphins draft deadline firesale a few years ago. In our case, you have an interim head coach that WANTS the job. Why would he willingly lose out?
  20. Lol. When did I mention the Browns? You literally are inventing arguments in your own head. Picking top 5 is not a guaranteed path to success. Hence why you see so many repeat franchises.
  21. Drafting a diva at QB is recoverable. Signing a diva QB to one of the largest contracts in the NFL is the problem. Especially when you knew he was a diva.
  22. Well @Catsfan69 is largely just trolling and fuging around. Some of these people though....
  23. I mean......we can't look at an entire career that has been a disaster and still believe this is suddenly gonna change. That's extremely rare.
  24. You assume that having a top 3 pick instantly means all our ills are cured. That literally isn't how that works at all. Ask any number of teams that whiffed on those picks.
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