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  1. I don't think we need to worry about him leaving unless he doesn't show up for mandatory stuff. OTA's are voluntary.
  2. Yeah, if nothing else you have a very athletic special teams guy that can provide depth.
  3. He was often in position last season but couldn't locate the ball or make plays on the ball.
  4. Snow also seemed to know that his defense was deficient last year. He got killed for the "bend but don't break" defense but in a lot of ways the best we could do is slow them down. With the new group of pass rushers and other defensive additions, I expect we will see a much more aggressive defense this season.
  5. You know those little reactions don't mean anything, right? It doesn't make your taxes go up or deducts from your paycheck. Pie doesn't add inches to your dick or money to your wallet.
  6. I don't think you are gonna see Pride in that group in 2021.
  7. Bottom 10 to top 5 in one year is extremely unlikely. I would think perhaps in a couple ofnywars that might be true. Rome isn't built in a day.
  8. Well supposedly that was not a Hurney draft. I don't know that I believe that but that is what some here choose to believe. I would think you would have known about him since he was a guy that was talked about quite a bit before the season.
  9. Well Teddy threw for 3970 yds, 31 TD's and 4 IT'S in 2013 soooooo.....
  10. 1. Keep 2. Dependent on how the season went and how he played. 3. Bye Sam.
  11. Did you not follow our draft then?
  12. Why? He tested very well athletically at the combine and pro days. That is why we drafted him.
  13. He was a fifth rounder. If he ends up a 4th or 5th CB and a special teams stalwart, we did well.
  14. That isn't a new thing, although thrbusgae may be increasing. He was drafted with the thought he could be that guy. He just hasn't been. If we hadn't had TD and Luke, we'd live Shaq. He will always suffer from having two all time great LB's around him.
  15. Well the staff has basically already started talking about him at guard and he was taken at a position in the draft you would take a guard and not a starting left tackle. I think the writing is on the wall. Him being a day one starter at LT was always a bit of a pipe dream. Let's just hope he is a day one starter. At least then it isn't a disappointing pick.
  16. Brown may be able to be an NFL starter in the right situation and scheme. He still needs to get his weight down to a more reasonable range. It helps that he was on a very good OL and largely facing overmatched teams in college. He isn't going to have that situation in the NFL, unfortunately. I actually think Moore has a much better chance of making the team than Brown.
  17. Yeah and remember that was supposedly going to be his strength when we drafted him. He was supposed to be our next TD.
  18. Keep in mind you are talking to the Huddle's dumbest poster. Shaq has gotten grief in here since almost day one. He's a good player but he has never been a great player, yet somehow he is getting paid like a great player. This is basically an annual thread at this point. I do think he gets more grief because of the Bradberry decision, however.
  19. It was kind of obvious after last season it was over.
  20. If he can stay healthy, I think he stays in our two deep. He just can't seem to be able to stay on the field.
  21. Or better veterans. I am not so anti-veteran that I don't think we should use free agency. Eventually we will be a veteran team that can utilize key free agency signings to put us over the top. Obviously, that is a few years away.
  22. This is basically a make it or break it year for Donte. If he doesn't show a reason to keep him around, he isn't likely to see a new contract here.
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