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  1. Agreed. I am not against acquiring him, but it needs to be at a fairly reasonable price. Let's not forget that he is also in the last year of his rookie deal, so if you trade something like a 3rd or 4th round pick for him is that worth a one year rental player? You really need to be convinced on him to trade draft capital away, IMO. Given our overall needs as a team, it can't be a "hope this works out" kind of move when we give up draft picks. Those draft picks are critical for building this franchise back up.
  2. I am not missing the point, you are quite clearly missing my point. Trading any draft capital to get back into the first round to take Mac Jones isn't wise. Especially when you are talking about trading up in the 21-32 range. Why even bother wasting a draft pick if he is sliding like that and we didn't take him at 8? If he wasn't worthy of that pick, he probably isn't worthy of giving up a first, second, third, fourth or whatever it would cost to get back into the bottom of the first round. Especially since we have the #7 pick in the 2nd round. That's some Marty Hurney nonsense. We tried
  3. It isn't unique from the perspective of him being an experienced starting QB in the NFL that just hasn't played well or improved. Is some of that due to Adam Gase and the Jets? Absolutely. But at the same time, not every young QB is put in a situation to succeed and some still ultimately are able to rise about the poor circumstances. Darnold hasn't done that, so it definitely makes you wonder if he just doesn't have what it takes to be a successful player in the NFL or hasn't done what is required to be a success. A was still a three year player and two year starting QB at a football fact
  4. You can say what you want about Darnold but poo talking Sam Donaldson will get you jumped around these parts. Tread lightly, partner.
  5. There is no reason to trade for a 3 year NFL starting QB that you think is a "draft prospect." If you don't think he can beat out Teddy, he isn't worth obtaining.
  6. I disagree on the AFC East. It is much better now but historically(including Darnold's first two seasons) it has been regarded as one of the weakest divisions in the NFL. That is why that shade gets thrown at the Patriots a lot. I think the weapons at Minshew's disposal were better but I also think Darnold doesn't escape all blame from the Jets offensive struggles. Gase deserves the bulk of it but Darnold has also just generally struggled as an NFL QB. I'd rather have Minshew but I would take either.....provided the price is right.
  7. OL is more than just LT, so let's not forget we really have to build that unit from almost nothing. I am fine taking an elite LT at 8, it's the second hardest position to get an elite player after QB. I would rather spend our picks building that OL in the 2nd-3rd round than waste them trading up to get Jones. Plus, we would likely have to trade ahead of some of the 10-20 range teams, so that probably entails trading our 2022 1st. Jones just isn't worth trading away assets to acquire, IMo.
  8. We were actually 9th in the NFL in yards after the catch as a team.
  9. I wouldn't agree with that necessarily. Both franchises have certainly had talent issues but I wouldn't call the AFC East a strong division by any means. For the most part, over their careers, the AFC South has been a little better. Not this past season, but the prior two I would say the AFC South was better top to bottom. They were both put into situations that made them fail....but Minshee actually looked pretty good failing, whereas Darnold was "seeing ghosts." That doesn't mean I think Darnold is valueless but I have seen some stuff from him that makes me question how much he rea
  10. Darnold is the more talented guy, both played for dumpster fire franchises but Minshew's results have been far better. Better statistically almost across the board and if we want a QB that limits TO's but also puts the ball in the end zone, Minshew fits the bill more than Darnold. He actually has 31 career TD passes to just 11 Int's and is really a gungslinging type QB.
  11. I actually agree with this. I'd probably rather have Minshew than Darnold.
  12. Hard to say. I will be interested to see who is after Darnold. I suspect he won't get a ton of calls.
  13. The question is.....have they gotten any calls before he said that?
  14. This is very true. I am a bit nervous about our team being a good spot for a QB to develop, admittedly.
  15. Yeah, I want the new GM and the coaching staff to be making those kind of decisions.
  16. I have been concerned about Tepper and him potentially being a meddling/micromanaging owner. He definitely had shown some signs he could be that guy. Let's hope it just doesn't happen.
  17. I'd give up a couple of picks for him and try to get them to take Teddy. That is worth giving up a pick to get rid of that contract.
  18. I don't think Jacksonville is going to be very willing to give up Minshew considering how cheap his contract is. He's probably one of the best #2 QB's in the NFL.
  19. That is also going to require giving up draft capital to get Jones. If we want Jones, we'd be better off trading down rather than expending more draft capital on moving back into the late 1st to get him. The anticipated QB rush in the draft(which may not actually happen) probably necessitates that we take him at 8 if he is "our guy." That is the reality. I hope we haven't decided he is "the guy." But if he is, they are better off taking him at 8 than trying to get cute about it and trade up or down.
  20. Yeah, I get that there are some dumb teams in the league(we are for sure in that category) but the 49ers front office has been fairly good in recent years. Hard for me to envision them wanting Teddy as anything other than a "bridge" QB. But that situation doesn't make sense for where they are as a franchise. If anything they should be in a "win now" mode.
  21. I assume because they are not idiots. I am no fan of Garoppolo but he is very clearly a better QB than Teddy has been at any point of his NFL career. They can basically jettison Jimmy now if they simply want to shed his contract. The amount of dead money is miniscule even if they cut him prior to June 1st. We had a system that favored a QB like Teddy and it didn't produce TD's. That was largely Teddy's fault. So why take a step backwards if you are the 49ers? Listen, I hope they think like you and for some insane reason believe he is an upgrade. That would be fantastic for us.
  22. The 49ers do not want to replace Jimmy G with Teddy. They want a guy like Teddy because Jimmy G is injury prone. Why on earth would they want to downgrade their QB??
  23. Need I list all the college QB's with video game stats that didn't make it in the NFL? Mac Jones is not a top tier QB prospect. He is a low ceiling and relatively low floor guy. I wouldn't be against drafting him but, IMO, he's a 2nd round or later prospect. Taking him at 8 would be a fuging nightmare.
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