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  1. I think they knew that at least one of them was worth it, if not more.
  2. No one "knows" anything, most likely. I'd wager a hefty sum that the organization hasn't decided on "The Guy" yet.
  3. He isn't a running QB so IDC about 40 time, honestly. Nor is he an elite athlete. I didn't get much out of watching any of this because I didn't question his arm talent or throwing ability. I am comfortable drafting him or Young from what I have seen so far.
  4. Where is the numerology guy to explain the significance of 11 reps?
  5. I personally prefer Young but I am to the point where as long as it is Young or Stroud I won't have any complaints. Either seem to be the safest bet options available. Levis or Richardson seems like freewheel gambling on one roll at the craps table with your entire life savings.
  6. Do yourself a favor and STOP LISTENING TO COLIN COWHERD. He is a buffoon. He's basically low rent Skip Bayless.
  7. Yeah, I mean....I really want Chark but I would be a little concerned about $10 mil unless it was a deal with an early out.
  8. Yeah, my issues with Downs are the lack of elite athleticism for a slot guy and the fact that he isn't an elite hands or route runner. So, in some ways he seems like a guy without a clear path to being an impact player. Somewhat of a project/developmental.
  9. Also, to be clear, I don't find Downs size concerning nor do I find Young's. If Downs was a DB, I might have an issue with it. If Young was a LB, I would have an issue with it. As long as you are good at what you do, you can be effective in the NFL.
  10. I am genuinely perplexed by the Huddle's obsession with Young's size but they pine after a 5-9, 170 lb WR that isn't an elite athlete. Are WR's immune from punishment in the NFL?
  11. Burns extension is probably going to be pretty tough after the news of that trade offer.
  12. Meyers had elite separation too. That's what excellent route running does for you. That's why I roll my eyes when people whine about the Thielen signing. You don't lose elite route running ability.
  13. Lol. They are absolutely not licensed to sell alcohol.
  14. I mean, really why would Thielen tell his business to some rando?
  15. Still some time left to make FA moves too. I don't think we are that close to being a final pre-draft roster.
  16. We will see. We have no idea what the complete vision is for offense or defense.
  17. Yeah, none of these guys hit my marks for someone that I would trade up to obtain. So, I agree that if the FO feels the way you do about it, do what needs to be done if the price is fair. I would just rather have more draft capital in general.
  18. Fair but we have to assume that won't happen this time and then see if it does. I don't want to sell the farm in one of these "win now" deals that we sprayed everywhere during the Rhule Reign.
  19. We also don't have to do it in one offseason. I think most fans are missing that. You don't make panic moves.
  20. I don't think any of those guys are worth a 3rd round pick or more to move up. I don't think there is ample reason to be impatient. We aren't in a Super Bowl window next season.
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