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  1. The first two rounds are typically starter level players. After that it's mainly rotational or depth guys. Which, we need a ton of depth, as well.
  2. Historically, spending wildly in free agency has a very rough track record.
  3. I actually did want him. I said he was the best in that draft.
  4. Need this one. HATE Boston and their fuging fans.
  5. Building the way KC built would be music to my ears even without a Pat Mahomes at the end of that tunnel.
  6. IMO, most likely not. We will see what we are able to do but I don't see a winning season for a while.
  7. We have too bad of a roster to get it all in one offseason. It will be 2-4 more offseasons of building at a high success rate to get to being a "good" roster.
  8. But if you said that under Fitterer, your prediction success rate would have been insanely high.
  9. Same. He was not very polished his first two years. Very glad to have eaten my words and watched him become an All Pro caliber player.
  10. The fact that we richly reward a guy like DB while jettisoning Burns is a very good sign. We are prioritizing guys who actually love football.
  11. Trading down to the extent we did very, very rarely works out well. It's born of the notion that you are just smarter and better than anyone else in the league. That was very obviously not the case. Peak hubris from Rhule/Fitterer.
  12. Came here to say this. Love the player but not in the 2nd and definitely not in the position we are in as a franchise. I can justify it in the late second or early third as a BPA pick. All that said, if he stays healthy, it might be one of those "Look at all the teams that passed on this guy!" kind of picks. Trey Smith still haunts me.
  13. I want to make a Bryce joke at the "baby hook" but I won't.
  14. Absolutely none. It was one of the most arrogant and stupid things I have ever seen done in a draft.
  15. I was so furious at that draft at the time. I was definitely one of the few that didn't "get" the quantity versus quality strategy. It was so fuging insane.
  16. IMO, trading down should be reserved for not having strong feelings for the guys available at your pick.
  17. Yep. That was a Fitterer/Rhule thing. "We can get like 11 guys!!" Fast forward to almost none of them being on the roster.
  18. Actually I am going to approach a sports book to give me odds on a bet that the Panthers don't have a winning record before the 2030 season. If they give me very good odds, I'll probably put a couple of grand on it.
  19. I mean, it will likely be a failure in 2024 but you have to do something. We had the least talented roster in the NFL. Which, TBH, it is still probably the least talented but at least we tried to do something, for better or for worse. I would say our 2024 ceiling is probably 4-5 wins but you have to hope at the end of that there are at least glimpses of some sort of plan on the field. That's something we are several years removed from seeing.
  20. Yeah, if you haven't played some football at leasy through HS, that transition is going to be tough. People remember Gates and Jimmy Graham but those are still outliers.
  21. I saw a kid like this in AAU a few years ago. Like 6-5ish, 320, insanely good feet and hands. Had never played football, only basketball. Never had good influences around him that helped drive him towards success. So he didn’t get convinced to play football until basically senior year of HS. Obviously, just not enough time to transition. He would have been a BRUTE at DT.
  22. Technically he treated the Pats that way.
  23. Would have still had the #1 pick he led us to. Oh well.....the Bears will probably use it more wisely than we would
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