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  1. Watch some Willis tape. Cannon. Pickett....eh....IDK about that. You mean QB and HC.
  2. I don't know that I want a desperate coach/GM trading for Deshaun Watson. Especially with a GM that traded what we did for Darnold.
  3. The turd in that specific punch bowl is that some of these owners are either really slow learners or too old to teach new tricks. I said early in his ownership he had some Snyder vibe and I am starting to think that more and more. It will be the post-Rhule hires that will confirm it, IMO.
  4. I think you don't go into a season starting him unless you didn't do a great job building that unit in the offseason, which we probably won't. The truth is, on a well built team, guys like Christensen and Brown are depth. That's what they should be for us too.
  5. Maybe not those QB's headed into a season. The Hill mistake is multiple years.
  6. Pretty much anyone in the NFL. Taysom Hill is basically PJ Walker.
  7. Agreed. This is the best matchup of the playoffs, IMO.
  8. Mahomes is Brett Favre with 90% less dum-dum mode.
  9. Don't waffle you bandwagon bitch.
  10. Yep. The Bills made our franchise but not dumb.
  11. What an insane division that was.
  12. The target is probably knocking on doors of disinterested athletes to validate his life.
  13. Yep. People forget them as a division rival.
  14. Not many. That's really tough.
  15. Man. What a win. The playoffs are great now. Even better, we get @TheBigKat Tear Moscow Mules. Very heavily salty.
  16. L O L Lick those Brady tears, poser.
  17. @TheBigKat Where you at, bitch?
  18. Just remember that we all know you are a needle dick bitch that quit on the team. Also....eat that, bitch.
  19. This is the worst. Rams literally intentionally losing.
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